Story Spotlight: The Mystery of the Smile

Title: The Mystery of the Smile
Author: LizaCameron
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Rating: General Audiences
AU/Canon/AH: canon
Complete? yes

Summary: A series of conversations sparked by a smile. in Part 1, Emma and Mary Margaret talk about Hook.
In Part 2 it’s Killian and Charming’s turn.
In Part 3, Emma and Killian finally talk about his heart, hand and ill-fated dealings with Gold, post 4×11.
Captain Swan.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
Oh.My.God. This just…ah! Killed me with the feels. This gives me all the feels. It gives me Mommy/Daughter feels…and completely makes me not hate Mary Margaret (shocker at this point!). It gives me protective Daddy Charming feels and semi-nervous-but-mostly-amused Killian feels. And of course-the piece de resistance-Captain Swan feels.

It’s exceptional well written and her characters are totally, 100% perfect. She’s corrected the writer’s blatant mishandling of Mary Margaret (you have NO idea how much I hate her character at this moment in the show) and managed to preserve Charming and Killian’s friendship while still allowing Charming to be protective of Emma.

So, yeah. You *NEED* to go read this. It’s short-3 chapters/parts-and it’s pretty fluffy. Teensy bit of…not angst, but uncomfortableness I guess?…when the whole “Rumple had Killian’s heart” thing comes up. But otherwise it’s a nice, smooth ride. :)))

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