Humpday Hotness


And, in honor of the newest Black Dagger Brotherhood book release, I give you…my favorites!!!



15 thoughts on “Humpday Hotness

      1. I would LOVE that. I like that everyone had their own book… But honestly I don’t really care that much about the shadows. I’ll read it and love it I’m sure, but I want t the brothers!!! And it seems like even when it’s not their book almost all the guys had fairly decent parts per often-except Rhage. Vs in a lot of the books, JM, Qhuinn and Blah are too. Tohr gets a hefty chunk a lot, and so does Butch. Wrath of course cause he’s king and Z and Phury have decent parts. But Rhage gets lost and I hate that. I think he’d be one of my Dave’s if I didn’t forget he was there half the time cause he’s MIA in the story.


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