Story Spotlight: Be My Escape

Title: Be My Escape
Author: Sophie733
Fandom: The Mortal Instruments
Rating: M
AU/Canon/AH: AH
Complete? yes

Summary: COMPLETE: All Mundane. Clary Morgenstern lives under the reign of her father who is also a crime boss. When a threat is made against the organization, Valentine moves Jace to be Clary’s personal security. Jace, while cocky and annoying, is the only one Clary doesn’t have to hold back the truth about the “family business” when she talks. M for violence and crime, some language

My oh-so-humble thoughts
So…this fic is so cool. I love crime-y, mob-by stories and this one delivered. She didn’t hold back anything and while it’s not graphic with violence or smut or anything, the entire fic is “painted” extremely well.

Even when she’s describing violence (cause let’s face it, it’s a crime fic) she does it in a discreet kinda way. Like, it’s violent, but not-if that makes sense. Almost like a smut scene when you know it’s smut, but there’s no graphic descriptions anywhere so you can use your imagination. I’ve never seen a violent scene written like that and it was truly amazing.

It’s a short fic, only 17 chapters, but I was intrigued from the get go. It doesn’t drag and it does draw things out just for the sake of drawing them out. She’s done a masterful job and I wish she had more fics for me to read! But y’all should definitely go check her out-she’s also got an HP fic up that looks kinda neat. :) So go, read and leave her some love!

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