Fanart Friday: TB/SVM

Hey my darlings! Okay, so I found this whole series as I was searching for the LAST TB/SVM fanart post. And they really need to go together so yeah.

I found these on deviantart, of course, by a user called aecr. Click the name to go to their page. So, no credit under each individual pic cause…yeah, it’s here. *shrug* So let’s delve on in, shall we???

As you can probably tell, this is a sequential “retelling” of the beginning of Dead to the World. I personally LOVE the last one…makes my little fangirl heart flutter. *le sigh* So yeah, definitely go check them out. (No idea if it’s a he or a she, but whoever it is absolutely rocks!)

10 thoughts on “Fanart Friday: TB/SVM

      1. Whew! I can’t got too terribly long without a fresh fix! LOL I think I have every photo ever taken of him (well, maybe not ALL of them), but the fanart is always fantastic and new!

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