Author Spotlight: SueBee0619

Hey y’all! So I have a pretty awesome author for you to check out. Now, this girl is a slight anomaly for me. She mostly writes for Twilight. *gasp*

Buuuuuutttttt….she wrote a pretty fuckawesome one shot for OUAT which is how I found her through a Captain Swan facebook page. She’s pretty frickin’ cool and you should definitely check her out. I skimmed a few of her Twilight fics and even though I absolutely could not get into the story, her writing is just as awesome as her OUAT fic. *shrug* so, if you’re into that, DEFINITELY check her out.

And now, we hear from her. :)

Let’s start with an introduction. I’m Kelly, or as more people know me, Kelpie.
And you are?
Hiya! I’m Sue. SueBee is a nickname I’ve had since high school, so SueBee0619 was an easy screenname since my birthday is June 19. And Jo, who I beta for, started calling me The Betafairy, so there’s that too.

So, tell me a little about yourself.
I’m 41 and don’t feel it (or act it). I work in New York City in entertainment and live in Jersey with my dog, Izzy.

What do you do with yourself when you’re not writing?
I worked in theatre up until about a year ago (no, not as an actor), so I go see shows when I can. I play with my dog and read a lot. And occasionally am involved in a poker game with friends that started as a weekly thing about ten years ago. It’s spaced out way more now that we’re not all at the same theatre.

What are some things you never leave home without?
My iPhone, my Metrocard, and my headphones so I can drown out people during my commute.

What are some of your favorite books?
Ah… so many. A Prayer for Owen Meaney will always be way up there. I’ve recently gotten into The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher, which I love, and liked The Hollows series by Kim Harrison a lot too. For YA, I really loved the Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman was pretty special too, but I just adore him as a person. If you haven’t seen it, look up his graduation speech for the University of the Arts from a few years ago. It’s wonderful for anyone with a creative bone in his or her body.

Favorite TV shows and movies?
I’m really not a huge TV person, but obviously I watch (and obsess over) OUAT. I loved Transparent (on Amazon). I binge watched FNL last year and adore the relationship between Coach and Tami Taylor. I want to see several of the Best Picture nominees from this year and just haven’t gotten to for a variety of reasons. I absolutely love 80’s John Hughes style movies and will laugh every time at Christopher Guest’s films.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and had 3 famous people with you, who would you choose and why?
Hmmmm… David Cronenberg or Neil Gaiman simply to have someone fascinating to talk to. Sam Heughan or Colin O’Donaghue because have you seen those two????? Sam might win that slot though because his muscles would come in handy. And then someone who is useful in the wild and is willing to kill bugs for me.

What is 1 place you’d love to visit?
I’d love to go on safari in Africa.

Do you have any pet peeves?
I’m super noise sensitive, so gum cracking/popping is top of the list. In general, basic rudeness and not being considerate of other people.

What are some of your favorite foods? How ‘bout comfort foods?
I love food so it’s hard to narrow it down. My family (including me) fights over my cousin’s blue grape pie at Thanksgiving. A really good, traditional cassoulet or coq au vin is a beautiful thing as is anything involving bacon. For comfort food, when I’m sick it’s avgolomeno (Greek lemon chicken soup), otherwise it’s mac and cheese or French fries. And bacon.

What’s your favorite scent-one that says “home” to you?
Backstage in a theatre. A friend once said my face lights up when I enter an empty stage and it’s true. I just love it and feel completely at ease there.

What kind of music do you like? Any you absolutely can’t stand?
I’m really into Hozier right now. I’m not really into pop and I can’t handle most metal (the noise thing). I’d say I don’t like country, but I love Dolly Parton, so I can’t make that blanket statement.

Tell me one random thing about yourself.
I have absolutely no poker face, so it’s good that some people I interact with are online only. LOL

Just for some insight into you pick one. Feel free to tell why or not.
Chocolate or vanilla?  Vanilla
Silver or gold? Silver
Apple or PC? Apple
White wine or red wine? Depends on the season
Liquor or beer? Depends on my mood. I like a good whiskey on the rocks though.
Coffee or tea?  Coffee in the morning but I love tea as well
Sleep in or get up early? Sleep in. I’ve been a night owl since I was a baby.

Okay, now for the good stuff.
What are your preferred fandoms for writing/reading?
I read Twilight, OUAT, and Veronica Mars. I write Twi and OUAT.

What kind of environment do you write in?
Sitting on my bed with Izzy curled up next to me (or on me). Occasionally at work if I can sneak it in.

Ever write in your PJs?
Absolutely. Actually, I’d say most of the time.

How bout naked?
I don’t think so? I think there was probably at least underwear on. LOL

Where do you find inspiration for your stories? Do you pull your real life experiences into your writing?
Inspiration can come from a prompt, an article I’ve read, music, a photo, a late night conversation… pretty much anything. I’ll feel the spark of an idea and then I end up teasing it out to see if there’s something to work with. I absolutely pull my real life experiences into some of the things I write, whether it’s theatre, my neighborhood, random embarrassing moments I’ve had, or even just emotions I need to get out.

Do you write on a schedule?
I’m pretty new to this writing thing, so no. I write when I’m inspired. I get an idea and then I mull and mull and mull until I have a pretty solid thought of where I want to go. And then I write in one big burst.

Do you plan out your stories or just write whatever comes to you?
Both? I plot it out in my head, but then sometimes I get inspiration while I’m writing and it goes in a completely different (and better) direction.

Do you have any writing rituals or superstitions?
No. I’m plenty superstitious in other parts of my life though.

Is one genre easier for you to write than another? Is there anything that you just aren’t that great at writing?
Fluff and humor are usually easiest for me. I’ve gotten better at digging deep to write some hurt or angst, but it can be painful and I don’t think I’m necessarily good at it. I can’t imagine writing sci-fi or fantasy simply because of the whole world you have to create around the story.

What is the hardest part for you about writing fanfics?
Actually doing it. I never thought I could do any kind of creative writing until I entered a fic contest a couple of years ago and I’m proud that I did. Because I’m new-ish, I have to feel it to write it, so I’ll have ideas in my head that never get to paper simply because I’m not feeling the writing bug. I probably should get more disciplined about just sitting down and writing no matter what.

Is there a method for coming up with titles for your stories and/or chapters?
A lot of the time the title will just be there – I’ll know it immediately. There have been times though when I’ve completely struggled with what to call something and that’s when my friends get panicked PMs.

Which character do you identify with the most?
Emma Swan. But Hook is a blast to write.

Which of your stories is your favorite to write and why? Which of your stories is your favorite concept wise?
My favorite to write was probably Captain Guyliner simply because it made me laugh while I was picturing it in my head. My favorite concept wise was probably The Heart of the Matter or On a Cold Winter’s Night. I’m pretty proud of most of my stuff (and not in an egotistical way) simply because each one represents me growing as a writer or was a new way to challenge myself no matter if the actual piece is good or not. I wrote for an angst contest because I thought I couldn’t write angst. I wrote for another contest simply to see if I could force myself to write when I wasn’t feeling the writing bug. And so on and so on…

Do you talk to your family about your writing?
My sister and brother in law know that I write (I think) but the only family member who has read anything is my cousin. She’s into OUAT, so I sent her The Heart of the Matter to read because it has no smut.

What is your favorite book/episode in your preferred series?
For Twilight I barely remember the books because I’ve read so much fic. A lot of fic from that fandom is so much better than the source material too. For OUAT, I really adore the Captain Swan movie (last two episodes of season 3), but the second half of season 4 seems to be shaping up nicely!

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received on your stories?
For my Twific “What I Did for Love,” being told that I got the feel right by people who saw A Chorus Line and were involved in the AIDS crisis that wreaked havoc on Broadway. That meant the world to me. For “The Heart of the Matter” that Eddie and Adam should hire me. I’m honestly embarrassed to admit that one.

How do you deal with the inevitable criticism?
I’ve been lucky. People have been very kind to me. I crave criticism from my pre-readers though. Rip that puppy apart so I can make it the best I can. It’s the only way to really learn.

What is your favorite/least favorite part about your preferred fandoms?
Drama. Infighting. People being assholes. This whole treating the actors like shit that has been happening lately has really bothered me as well.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Just go for it. And get yourself people to preread or beta who will give you honest feedback. Not just an “OMG, this is so good” (although you need a cheerleader too), but people who will give you constructive criticism. It’s the only way you learn and grow.

Have any recommendations?
Oh jeez. So many. WTVOC is always good. Spanglemaker9 has written for a bunch of different fandoms and she’s great. FictionFreak95 and Belladonnacullen among so many others in the Twi-fic world. There are so many more. I try to be good about keeping my favorites up to date, so please feel free to dig through my lists on FFN and AO3! And, if you’re looking for something in particular, I’m more than happy to point people in the right direction, so PM me.

And lastly, where can all your rabid readers stalk you?
On FFN, AO3, Fictionpad, Tumblr, and twitter I’m SueBee0619.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions!


So there you have it. She’s awesome. I love both her one shots (I forgot about one…which is a horrible oversight because DUUUUUUUUUDE!!!!!) and she’s definitely worth indulging in. :) So go leave her some love!

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