Sunday Sexiness


I’m late with your porn today and I’m sorry! *ducks and hides*

But there is a reason and it’s because I’m typing -this-…which you may have realized I tend to not do on
porn days”. Turns out I’m running out of authors to interview. *gasp!*

There are only so many authors out there and I’ve been doing this for awhile. I do realize that there are many MANY wonderful ones out there that I haven’t gotten to yet-but that’s where this post is going. I am still working on it. But it takes time. I have to reach out to authors (or have them reach out to me, whichever) and then they need to find the time to answer the questions. Then I have to find the time to set up the posts…altogether sounds easy, but it’s not. So, for now-keep sending me your recommendations or telling authors you think deserve a spotlight to shoot me a message somehow. I promise I won’t be offended. I’m still chugging along, like I said, but I only have so much time nowadays.

Which brings me to my main point here…the structure of the blog will change in…a week or so. Maybe two. It depends. From now on the schedule will look like this-
Sunday Sexiness
Story Spotlight: True Blood/SVM
Story Spotlight: TMI
Humpday Hotness
*Here’s the change* Author Spotlight/Thursday Throwdown
Fanart Friday
Story Spotlight: OUAT

“Uh, Kelpie?? What the fuck?!!?” May be the raging question in your head. But on Thursdays we will begin alternating between author spotlights (because, let’s face it, I need to start stretching them out) and Thursday Throwdown. I’ll give you a choice between two random things-maybe fandom related, maybe not-and you leave me comments picking and defending your choice. Maybe it’ll start a conversation between all you lovelies and maybe it’ll just be something fun to think about. :)

Hopefully y’all won’t revolt on me, but for now, enjoy your porn. :) I’ll give more details as the time gets closer. Thanks lovelies!





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