Story Spotlight: Turning Corners

Title: Turning Corners
Author: QueenofAreaFive
Fandom: True Blood/SVM
Rating: eh….T ish?
AU/Canon/AH: Canon pre-season 7
Complete? yes

Summary: Sam Merlotte and Bill Compton could take their vampire buddy system and shove it, as there was no way in hell Sookie was going to have anything to do with it.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
Oh my god! So I really wish this lovely lady wrote for True Blood because this would have been fucking perfection. Seriously.

This is the end of season 6 I believe…maybe episode 1 of Season 7. Honestly I’m not sure cause I only watched those travesties once and then proceeded to block it out of my brain. So yeah. But it’s about the “vampire buddy system” idea and a much better way for that entire shit fest to pan out.

This is one of the best fix fics I’ve read…right down to Sookie’s dialogue. (Seriously, I’ve never been a huge fan of ‘dialect’ typed out, but she manages to make it awesome.) I love her characterizations-this is how the characters SHOULD have been. Ugh, don’t even get me started on how that STILL pisses me off.

So yes, it’s a one shot and definitely worth the read. Especially if you’re as pissed as I am at HBO. Seriously. It won’t take you long, but it’s a great started story of hers…cause you know there’s tons more to read right?!? *wink wink* Yeah, keep an eye out for more spotlights from her cause she rocks my socks so hard!! Yay!

So go read and leave her love. Bonus-she’s all on wordpress so it’s such an easy platform to navigate! Therefore you have no excuses. :oP

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