Story Spotlight: Tales of the Dead

Title: Tales of the Dead
Author: kjwrit
Fandom: True Blood/SVM
Rating: M
AU/Canon/AH: AH
Complete? yes

Summary: Eric is a forensic pathologist in the Shreveport Coroner’s Office. Can he convince Shreveport’s newest detective, Sookie Stackhouse, that he has more to offer on her unsolved cases than just his medical expertise? AH/AU

My oh-so-humble thoughts
As usual, KJ has managed to write a completely badass fic. I absolutely LOVE this story. It’s a complete role reversal-Eric has the “curse” this time, though there is a twist.

I love the dynamics of the characters-she nails every single one of them (though is that really a surprise to anyone??) in a way that is OOC, but not. Like, the character’s personalities are switched around, but consistent. It’s very odd, but totally compelling.

Here’s a secret (ha!): I was an extremely weird kid and teenager. I spent most of my formative years wanting to be a forensic pathologist, so I was all googly eyed over this incarnation of Eric. So yeah…it’s totally worth the read. And keep an open mind cause everything is definitely NOT the same as the books or show. :)

So hop on over to her wordpress and take a gander. It’s frickin amazeballs!! And of course leave her love…or Skarsporn. I’m pretty sure she’d enjoy the Skarsporn more. :P

5 thoughts on “Story Spotlight: Tales of the Dead

  1. This is the kind of story than even readers who don’t like AH will be able to enjoy. And everything you said about her wonderful writing skills was dead on..

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