Tuesday Toss Up

Alright lovelies! So here is the newest feature on the blog! Tuesday Toss Up! Yes, I changed my mind about the whole Tuesday/Thursday switch. Eh, I’m female-it happens. :P

Every other Tuesday I’ll post a new toss up and give you my choice. Comment on what you’d choose and why-make it as detailed or as brief as you’d like. And, as always, if you have ideas feel free to let me know.

Now, to get started with one I know most everyone will enjoy… *smirk*

Tues Toss Lincoln Benji

My Choice
Ugh, I had to start with a hard one. On one hand, Alex plays Lincoln with such an endearing almost cluelessness. He’s so protective and adorable with Onata as Maisie, on and off screen. But then there’s Benji. Who is ruthless and intense and just oh so delicious. He’s got the intense stares and creepy radical vibe down.

This tugs my heart in two completely separate directions and plays on two of my biggest loves-goofy, funny guys who are great with kids and passionate rebels trying to make a difference in the world. So…which one do I choose…??

I love Alex in anything-he’s a brilliant actor regardless of the role-but if I had to choose one (and I do, cause those are the rules I created, damn it!) I’d choose Lincoln. If it was the movie overall it’d be a different matter, but I just can’t get past his easy affection with his little pint sized co-star. Hell, they inspired a fic! So yeah. Leave your comments and choices below lovelies! *muah*

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Toss Up

  1. Lincoln. Two words: ovary explosion!

    I can totally imagine Alex being like this if he is ever a father. As much as I love The East and his performance in it, I have to pick Lincoln. He tugs at your heartstrings because he absolutely adores this beautiful child that is not his. He is a better parent to her than her biological parents. It isn’t biology that makes someone a parent; it’s love and he shows that beautifully in this role.

    Now had you pitted The East against Battleship, it would have been The East hands down, or rather, Alex’s bottom up!

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  2. Alas, I have never seen The East😩 but I cannot imagine Alex being anymore adorable then in WMK. It’s the whole giant, adorkableness mixed with his obvious fatherly instincts towards Maisie that make him sooo irresistible to me in that film. All my eggs dropped watching him in that!

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  3. Oh, yes you did have to start with an incredibly hard choice! By a very slim margin I go with Lincoln also. BUT the passion Benji has is just so amazing and his intensity leaves me speechless.

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  4. It’s Lincoln all the way for me! There’s nothing as sexy as a man who’s great with kids. I also prefer clean-shaven guys, or guys with no more than a 5 o’clock shadow, so that puts Benji at a distinct disadvantage against Lincoln. Add that to the fact that, though sexy, Benji was a little too close to cray-cray for my comfort, and Lincoln wins by a landslide.

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