Story Spotlight: Cop Car

Title: Cop Car
Author: BeautyOfABrokenAngel
Fandom: Mortal Instruments
Rating: T
AU/Canon/AH: AH
Complete? yes

Summary: It was funny how all it took for Jace to realize his feelings for Clary, was for him to be arrested. Clace. One-Shot.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
Okay so I’m rapidly running out of decent Mortal Instruments fics to spotlight…or at least I’m reading like 10 for every one decent one I find. But this one was fluffy and adorable and perfect.

It’s so simple. Really, it’s like a quick little snippet of their lives. But the way it’s written, in Jace’s POV as if he’s talking to Clary makes it even more personal. You *get* it, if you know what I mean. His discovery is adorably organic, right down the absolute cluelessness right up until it smacks him head on. Just like a guy. *sigh*

:) So, yes. It’s short and sweet and definitely worth the read. Go and leave her some love as well cause this is her only story and she needs to give us more!!! She’s writes my Clace just perfectly. :)

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