Story Spotlight: Two Princes

Title: Two Princes
Author: Scheherazade06
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Rating: T
AU/Canon/AH: AU
Complete? yes

Summary: Inspired by the song. AU: Princess Emma was raised by her birth parents, but a curse on her 16th birthday sends her to Neverland. There, she spends years running from the Lost Boys and Pan before meeting Captain Hook. Hook takes the Lost Girl into his protection, eventually helping her return to her realm, where King David rewards the pirate with a title.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
I read this fic…oh lord, probably about a year ago. And this spotlight is seriously long overdue.

This was the first Captain Swan fic I ever read. And it was a doozy that made me fall in love with my OTP all over again. I was very hesitant to read Captain Swan fics at all and I ended up scrolling through page upon page of….but this one caught my eye.

It’s actually split like the seasons-A side and B side and it’s *almost* like 2 separate stories. Pretty fricking sweet. And it’s so well crafted on each side that they flow seamlessly into each other while still being distinct parts of the whole.

I love the interaction between all the characters. They are very true to form, at least in my opinion. And the tension feels very very real on all sides.

I can’t recommend this fic enough…it’s well written and very well thought out. You should definitely check it out and leave her some love. :)

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