WHAT?!?! Search Term Led to My Site Contest

This looks like an exceptionally hilarious contest. I’ll *definitely* be entering if I have time. :)


Meridian and I were scrolling through the search terms that led readers to our sites, and we were cracking up! So, I had an idea about a possible contest . Write a one-shot (500 words minimum, 5000 maximum)  involving one or more of the search terms that led readers to yoursite. If you do not have a WordPress site, contact contest@fanfictionaffliction.com and I will happily supply you search terms from our own sites so you can choose the one/s to use.

When submitting one-shot please include your search term/phrases.

Contest opens on the June 17th, closes on the June 30th, voting will begin July 1st, ends  on July 7th, winners and banners will be posted on July 17th.


1. All stories must be anonymous. Anyone found telling what they wrote will be disqualified from winning.

2. No posting on your own site until the contest is done and the voting is over.

3. Must be at least 500 words. 5000 words maximum. It…

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