Story Spotlight: We Could Love

Title: We Could Love
Author: WeAllBreakTheSame
Fandom: Mortal Instruments
Rating: T
AU/Canon/AH: AU
Complete? yes

Summary: AU: Clary has been sent from institute to institute her whole life to keep her away from Valentine. The newest institute is in New York City and she is happy to be re-united with the Lightwoods and another familiar face that she’d never thought she’d see again. **WARNING: ALL THE SPOILERS* NOW COMPLETE!

My oh-so-humble thoughts
Of all the AU’s I’ve read, this is quite possibly one of my fave TMI ones. I’ve read it like five times and I’ve been meaning to spotlight it for a few months.

The concept behind this is awesome-Clary knew about the Shadowhunter world all along, which honestly I love. I love how not clueless she is. She’s strong and confident, even in the face of a variety of issues. And Jace-ah I love Jace and her Jace is pretty adorable.

It’s short ish-16 chapters total including the epilogue-so it won’t take long. I can usually bang it out in like a half a day. So it’s worth the small time investment. :) So go, read and enjoy and then leave her some reviews and love. Thanks darlins!

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