Tuesday Toss Up

Hey darlins! So I have another toss up for you. And…bear with me…cause you may think ‘what the hell does this have to do with ANY fandom?!?!’ but fear not! I’ll explain.

This toss up came from our own forays this past weekend. The munchkin, who is 4, started sleeping in the boys room about 7 months ago. And he has been up every.single.night because he’s terrified of the Kraken that resided on his wall. (Painted, by my of course. )

So this past weekend we set out to change things. :)

We went from this-

-to this…


And we’re still working. Yes another IKEA trip is happening today. *save me*


So today’s toss up is…


My Choice
So, me personally, I hate clutter (don’t walk in my house cause I’ll look like a hypocrit!). I like bold colors, clean lines, minimalist furniture…that kind of thing. If I had to pick a style it would fall squarely in the modern category. I love the example pics in IKEA catalogs, and yes most of our furniture has come from IKEA. I think with the exception of our 20-something year old hand me down leather couch, yes all our furniture is from IKEA.

As far as fandom related, to me it seems like all my fave guys would tend to favor modern styles as well. I think Eric would maybe spruce up clean lines with some fur throws, but it seems like clutter would annoy him. Killian lived on a ship for hundreds of years and it’s not like you can have tons of possessions on a ship. So he’d be more used to minimalist stuff. And Jace-well his room is bare and militaristic, so clutter and fluff and all that would probably freak him out.

What about y’all? What kinda style do you gear towards?!? Have a great rest of the week!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Toss Up

  1. My house is traditional, but I live in the south, everything is traditional here, lol. If I could move somewhere else I would definitely choose a modern house and sparsely fill it with modern pieces. In the fic I’m working on now, Eric’s house is a mix of the two ;)

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  2. I’m kinda eclectic – love the clean modern look but live in old farmhouse so traditional is mostly happening here. But modern upright spinning wheels sit with antique spinning wheels and sleek IKEA table and shelf units work with puffy furniture, so yes, eclectic…lol

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  3. While neither of those is actually my style of choice — I fall more into the cottage/farmhouse/shabby chic category (usually referred to as eclectic by those “What’s your decorating style?” quizzes) — if I had to choose I would say my eclectic tastes are more traditional than contemporary. I own more distressed wood than metal in the furnishings dept.

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