Tuesday Toss Up

Hallo lovelies. So, this toss up should have been a fairly obvious one to me…but somehow it wasn’t…? Ugh. I absolutely love all of your answers, whether you agree with me or not. ;) I love hearing the reasons behind your choices as well. So…this one should be right up y’all’s alley and I expect some opinions!! ;)


My Choice
Obviously this is about writing, which I just realized I didn’t make entirely clear. So yeah, how do you prefer to write and which do you find yourself using more.

If I’m writing writing then I prefer to use an actual computer. Usually it ends up being the laptop so I can sit on the couch while the kidlets run amok. But occasionally I’ll end up on Mr. Kelpie’s computer (which has dual monitors and is sweeeeeet for research).

However I haven’t been writing much lately. The easy posts, like today’s, or the hot pics are easier to do from my phone or ipad. Preferable cat usually because I usually edit pics on one of those-I suck at doing that on the comp.

Spotlights I prefer to do on a computer simply because I put links in and there’s already blank docs on my google drive and there’s formatting and all that other crap that’s already done and doesn’t translate well. Fanart is always on the computer because I need to copy links and switching between apps is horrendously time consuming.

So overall I tend to do most blog stuff on the computer, though if I have to I can definitely use my phone or ipad.

Hopefully I’ll be utilizing my computer for actual writing instead of just spotlight writing soon, but until then, let me know what you think! :) thanks lovelies!!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Toss Up

  1. Computer for me. I’ve been an administrative assistant for 20 years, so I’m much more comfortable typing on a real keyboard than tapping with my fingers on a flat screen.

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  2. Handheld! I write and do edits all on my phone. My laptop died 3 yrs ago so I never had a choice. I think even if I had one to use I wouldn’t use it for writing. I can take my phone anywhere and write anytime I want. My muse always hits at the strangest times so being mobile is huge for me.

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  3. Computer. I had to make it where I read on the handhelds and work on the computer. That way I can make myself to do what I need to do. Though, I have been hit with an idea and its why I have one notes on all my devices, handheld and computers, I can make the notes and it is there for all of them from there.

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  4. Computer! I hate typing on a screen. I always manage to hit the wrong letters and that stupid auto correct feature won’t allow certain non-PC words to be typed, instead changing them to things like duck and dock, lol, although I will admit that the spelling suggest feature is nice.
    Since most of my work, and beta chapters, are in G-Docs or Word, it’s a lot easier. Using those two while mobile eats up my data and they don’t have the functionality I expect from the full versions.

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