Author Spotlight: Hamsiidris

Hey all! I have a new author for you to check out. :) She writes for TMI and Percy Jackson and I’ve already spotlighted one of her fics. That story literally had me busting out laughing in the middle of IKEA one day-no joke. I got the weirdest looks.

Anyhoo, I’ll let her talk and of course check her out and leave her love. Thanks lovelies!


Let’s start with an introduction. I’m Kelly, or as more people know me, Kelpie.
And you are?
Hamsiidris – well. that’s my pen name anyway. (Although my real is in there somewhere…)

So, tell me a little about yourself.
Hmm… Well, I’m a British teenager who spends way too much reading, fangirling over fictional characters and mindlessly browsing the internet. I’ve lived on 3 continents (and 4 countries), and I don’t like spiders, or enclosed spaces. Yup, that’s me.

What do you do with yourself when you’re not writing?
Well, given that procrastinating (when I should be doing homework, or at least writing a new chapter for fanfiction) is one of my hobbies, I should have a lot of free time, but… Eh. Anyway, I spend what free time I do have reading, drawing, playing football… I love music, too, and I play flute and piano – and frequently get yelled at to play quieter.

What are some things you never leave home without?
Well, I’m generally really disorganised and forgetful, so there are many things that I do leave home without, but… I guess I’ve always got my phone on me, so I can a.) pretend to text in order to get out of awkward situations b.) listen to music so I’m not forced to engage in awkward situations and c.) generally be antisocial. I also often carry a pen, for no apparent reason, and multiple hair ties, as they always seem to be snapping on me.

What are some of your favorite books?
Well, if you hadn’t already guessed, the Mortal Instruments (and the Infernal Devices) happen to be my life, but other than that I like The Hunger Games, The Stormlight Archive, The Maze Runner, Cherub, Throne of Glass… Yeah. Harry Potter and Percy Jackson will always be old favourites, though (and I totally still have the biggest crush on Percy – I mean, honestly, who wouldn’t? That boy is perfect).

Favorite TV shows and movies?
Sherlock, obviously, because Benedict Cumberbatch is literally perfection, but I also love Teen Wolf (Stiles Stilinski is life). I also like Supernatural, but I’m such a wimp that I can’t watch it on my own at night, so I’m kind of tragically behind on that one. Favourite movie…? That changes pretty much every time I watch a new one; I can’t pick.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and had 3 famous people with you, who would you choose and why?
Um… I’d have to say Daniel James Howell, because he is my life, and I feel like I’d kind of have to bring Phil along too. I mean, we can’t separate them, can we? As for the third one, well… Ugh this is hard. Jennifer Lawrence, because a.) she’s awesome and b.) she can Katniss us out of the situation.

What is 1 place you’d love to visit?
For some reason, I’ve always loved the idea of going to Venice…

Do you have any pet peeves?
Oh, too many to count. In fact, I think I have an unnaturally extensive list of pet peeves, ranging from people who are too perfect for their own good and make me feel inadequate to people touching my knees. Don’t ask. Just don’t. Capellas are private, people.

What are some of your favorite foods? How ‘bout comfort foods?
Uh… Chocolate. On both accounts. (What do you mean it’s not a food? You eat it, don’t you?)

I guess in terms of meals I’d say pasta or pizza. I’m a boring person, what can I say?

What’s your favorite scent – one that says “home” to you?
Well, we’ve lived abroad loads, and one of the things I always loved about coming back to the UK was the smell of, I don’t know, dampness and…”freshness” in the morning after it had rained. I don’t know how to explain it, but it smells amazing, and it definitely reminds me of “home.”

What kind of music do you like? Any you absolutely can’t stand?
The Arctic Monkeys and Fall Out Boy are some of my favourite bands, and ones that I listen to pretty much on repeat. I also like (somewhat more strangely) listening to Yiruma – a Korean composer – and attempting to play his songs on the piano. Oh, and Pentatonix – they’re so talented and just…incredible.

As for stuff that I hate… Justin Bieber? Yeah. I also don’t particularly like Iggy Azalea; I don’t hate her, but… Let’s just say I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Just for some insight into you pick one. Feel free to tell why or not.
Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate all the way.
Silver or gold? Silver. I don’t know why, I’ve just always preferred it.
Apple or PC? Apple, I guess…
White wine or red wine? I don’t drink…
Liquor or beer? …yet. I’m not old enough.
Coffee or tea?  Coffee. I don’t dislike tea, but… Meh.
Sleep in or get up early? Two years ago, I definitely would have said get up early, but now… Well. That’s a different story. LET ME SLEEP.

Okay, now for the good stuff.
What are your preferred fandoms for writing/reading?
The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices obviously. I’ve been kind of too terrified of descending into the deep dark hole of Phanfictions, so I’ve generally steered clear of the Phandom.

What kind of environment do you write in?
Um, comfy, I guess (aka my bed or the sofa, usually bundled in a blanket).

Ever write in your PJs?
Yeah, most of the time. I don’t actually write that late, because I normally just can’t be bothered and end up writing nonsensically, but on weekends I’ll happily spend all day in my PJs, just writing.

How bout naked?
Nope, haven’t tried that one. Who knows. Maybe someday.

Where do you find inspiration for your stories? Do you pull your real life experiences into your writing?
I do – like, if something funny happens, I’ll make a (mental) note of it, so I can use it in my writing. I also get inspiration from other writers, mostly unintentionally. I mean, a couple years ago, I planned out this “great” story, before realising that I literally just written down the plot for Legend. I mean, I usually try to steer clear of that kind of thing, but it often ends up happening by accident.

Do you write on a schedule?


I know I definitely should, as I ALWAYS procrastinate, but I feel like schedules end up pressuring me, so I feel like I’m just writing for the sake of it, instead of actually trying to write something good. I mean, I’ll always make sure that it’s decent enough to post, but I feel like I write a lot better without the stress.

Do you plan out your stories or just write whatever comes to you?
Noo, I’m not really a planner in that sense at all, which is odd considering that, in real life, I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to planning. But yeah. I normally have a basic idea, and then just kind of go with it, but it usually ends up changing so much from what I had originally sketched out that I just kind of give up trying to plan and just let things happen. I mean, I have an idea of the beginning and the end, but very little planning goes into individual chapters.

Do you have any writing rituals or superstitions?
No, not really. Well, other than the “ritual” that involves ceremoniously reading each of my works to my little sister before determining whether they’re good enough to continue with/post or not.

Is one genre easier for you to write than another? Is there anything that you just aren’t that great at writing?
I enjoy writing kind of humorous realistic fiction, I used to love writing kind of trashy fantasy and sci fi, so I guess those are a lot easier for me. I feel like Romance is kind of my weakness, as I…*cough* haven’t had much *cough* experience with it, but…yeah. I also always kind of feel weird writing it, but I also feel weird not writing it, so… It just happens, and I hope for the best.

What is the hardest part for you about writing fanfics?
Again, definitely the romance.

Is there a method for coming up with titles for your stories and/or chapters?
No. Some of my chapter titles are really stupid too, as I came up with them at one in the morning when I was desperately trying to post my chapter before I could finally fall asleep. Yeah, I just kind of summarise the events of the chapter in a couple of words… It’s not a great system, and if you want advice on that kind of thing, I’d turn to Queen Smim, who always has flawless chapter titles (along with everything else).

Which character do you identify with the most?
Hmm… I feel like, in terms of personality, I’m quite similar to Simon, in that I’m kind of nerdy and fairly nice, and I also love and totally get his sense of humour. The only thing about him that I really disagree with is the fact that he likes cats.

My favourite character, however, is Will Herondale. But that’s another story.

Which of your stories is your favorite to write and why? Which of your stories is your favorite concept wise?
I guess City of Trouble (another stupid name. Nice one, H) is the only one that I’ve really stuck with so far, so I guess that, by default, makes it my favourite. I have other ideas that I’m toying with at the moment, some of which I actually like more than CoT, but I guess it’s hard to judge that until I’ve actually started writing it.

Do you talk to your family about your writing?
My little sister is my mini editor. Other than her, no way. My parents haven’t read anything that I’ve written since about Year 8.

What is your favorite book/episode in your preferred series?
City of Glass…I think. As for the Infernal Devices, their all too incredible for me to choose.

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received on your stories?
Hands down, the best review I’ve ever gotten was from a certain unnamed person, who told me that my fanfic was the “best thing they’d ever written.” My friends and I had a good laugh about that one.

In all seriousness, though, I love all of my followers/reviewers, and it’s a huge compliment that they’re even reading my stuff. The best compliments, though, are the detailed, thoughtful ones that actually compliment my writing on its own, in a way. I mean, stealing Cassie Clare’s characters and putting them through some funny scenarios doesn’t take much, and the writing is the hard part, so it really makes my day/month/year when people actually compliment my writing.

How do you deal with the inevitable criticism?
Honestly, I’m a pretty sensitive person, so my general strategy is to just ignore it and hope it goes away – which isn’t good, I know. I mean, if it’s positive, constructive criticism, I don’t mind, and I’ll take it in my stride and try to work with it. If it’s just negative, or kind of mean, then it affects me more. I mean, I’ve even deleted a story because of a piece of particularly harsh criticism – although it was more to do with the fact that I realised that they were right, and I’d only written a couple of chapters anyway. I did start to rewrite the story, though, bearing what they’d said in mind. As I’ve probably mentioned, I tend to get worked up over little things, which I probably shouldn’t.

On the whole, though, I really haven’t had to deal with a lot of criticism, especially not with City of Trouble, and what criticism I have had has actually been really helpful and constructive, so… Thanks guys!

What is your favorite/least favorite part about your preferred fandoms?
My favourite part is definitely the characters. I mean, what with Will and Jace… There’s just too much hotness to deal with. I also really love how much the fandom loves them. I mean, they can start mini wars, but it’s all good fun. The variety of the characters is also amazing, and I love how creative people are (in fanfictions) with the characters and backstories.

Unlike some fandoms, I actually think that the Mortal Instruments fans are really nice, supportive and…united? It’s pretty amazing.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Yeah, just, um… Write, I guess. And believe in yourself (ultimate cheesiness, I know). That sounds stupid, but sometimes you’ll work hard on a story or idea, and just not have the confidence to actually post it, or even start writing it. Just go for it – you can always change it later, or just abandon it if you don’t think the idea works for you. But don’t let that story go unwritten.

Also GRAMMAR. This may sound kind of odd, and a little obvious, but I’ve read so many fanfictions that would have been incredible if the authors had used better grammar or spelling. I mean, as long as it looks neat and reads well, you should be fine, but you don’t want to have a fantastic idea, and ruin it for your readers by not using quotation marks.

Have any recommendations?
Just any of the books that I said were my favourites, I guess. Also Sherlock. If you haven’t watched Sherlock, you haven’t lived.

And lastly, where can all your rabid readers stalk you?

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions!
No problem. Thanks for having me!


I’m linking her profile here since it’s not above. But otherwise, yeah…bout it. She’s really sweet and funny and her writing is incredibly real. I just love it. So go check her out. Thanks darlins!

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