Tuesday Toss Up

Hallo lovelies! So last week’s-well the last toss up was pretty split. I’m predicting this one will be just as divisive. Hah hah! Okay so brace yourselves…


My Choice
Dude. We just got Netflix back and we have been absolutely gorging on cooking shows. Cutthroat Kitchen is our show of choice at the moment-seriously I’m watching right now.

I went to culinary school so this is kinda a no brainer for me. I even heckle. It’s quite amusing. Mr. Kelpie had even suggested we recreate some shows to keep me on my toes, which sounds like tons of fun to me.

As for sports-meh. I don’t really care. I mean there’s some teams I like, but sitting and watching a game??? Meh. The only exception is a live hockey game. I’ll get fucking intense at a hockey game when I care about the team. :)

So there you have it. Cooking shows are my sports. What about y’all?

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Toss Up

  1. What can I say? It’s all about football- and not just any football! It’s Steelers for me! I just about bleed hold and black. My terrible towel came out of its sacred box last week and it will be weekly pilgrimages to the great viewer until the season ends again. Losing? Doesn’t matter. It’s where the true fans are made.

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    1. Aw okay that just made me love you darlin! All the Pittsburgh teams are my jam!! My terrible towel is hidden from my browns fan if a husband. >:/ he tried to use it as a mop! *horror*


  2. LMAO!! Natsgirl, Steelers rule!!!

    But, I admit I watch the cooking shows more. But ESPN is often on because football is coming back. My hubby still laughs to this day when I bake, I turn on the food network while I working in the kitchen. I have no idea why, but I do it every
    year, no matter where I start out.

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  3. Cooking shows all the way!!! I’m a professional cake decorator, so I especially love shows like Cake Wars, Cupcake Wars, and Cake Challenge. But I’m also addicted to Cutthroat Kitchen (has ruined Chopped for me), Beat Bobby Flay, and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

    My love of sports is limited to ACC college football and basketball (especially my beloved Clemson Tigers) and my NFL team, the Carolina Panthers. And I only like the games themselves. I loathe listening to news commentary after the fact, which is what makes up a large portion of ESPN programming.

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  4. Um… Cooking shows hands down, I love master chef and am addicted to BBQ pitmasters much to my husband and his family’s happiness, I love cooking shows and then trying out the recipes I find there. While I can watch football with the best of them (there hasn’t been a year without Sunday ticket in my house since its debut) I love cooking shows. ESPN is like TMZ for guys, it’s just ridiculous and since you’re asking, they are way overpaid for playing a game and being a ‘nonprofit’. Thanks for this, I love your toss ups

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