I’m baaaaaaaaack!

Okay so I’ve been binge watching Bones, hence the Angel gif. I swear that does, in fact, make sense. :)

Anyhoo, I’m back from my break. And, I’m sorry to say, but the posts will be drastically scaled back. See, I’m still adjusting to MiniHulk’s condition (Prader-Willi, for anyone who wants to know) and we just (literally yesterday) had an epic crisis at school with him. So yeah, I’m still pretty massively stressed. However, I have decided to see my doc about possible medication for the anxiety/depression. Not telling you to garner sympathy or anything, but I like being transparent with y’all. I’ve been told that seeing other people go through real life crap helps people. So…hopefully that helps. :) *shrug*

So yeah, posts will be less frequent. I’m aiming for the hotness posts and one spotlight a week. I’ll probably just grab whatever is done in my google drive so it may be an author spotlight or a story. No way to tell in advance. I’ll also post anytime I have a story update because-guess what-I’m writing again!

Thanks to MissRissa81 and MistressJessica, I’ve been working on Behind the Camera, adding in lots more fluff and awesomeness to the existing chapters. I’m gonna TRY (and this is totally dependent on my flighty-as-fuck muse) to work on one story at a time til it’s done. No tell if that will actually happen, but here’s hoping. :) Needless to say that since I’ve made this decision my brain has decided to bombard me with at least one new idea a day. MissRissa is thrilled-me, well….

So yeah. Here’s some SkarsPorn and…KilliPorn (???) *I’m tired, don’t judge me!!* since I’ve been sadly remiss in posting it. I thought I had them all scheduled but yeah my phone hates me.

wpid-fb_img_1443661927748.jpg wpid-fb_img_1443649010125.jpg


So I’ll be posting my exchange fic (The Night of Infuriating Families) as soon as MistressJessica cleans it up a bit. Otherwise, I’ll see you laters darlins!

6 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaaaaack!

  1. you are an awesome MOM remember that my friend, i am never to far away to kick some ass at that school, my little buddy has me in his corner, always. as for your story thank you for writing it for me. I loved it. KY

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