Story Spotlight: A Spoonful of Jell-o

Title: A Spoonful of Jell-o
Author: hooksjollyroger
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Rating: K+
AU/Canon/AH: canon
Complete? yes

Summary: Emma introduces Hook to the strange and bewildering substance of Jell-O. Based on the deleted Jell-O scene from episode 212 “In the Name of the Brother” as seen on the season 2 Blu-Ray/DVD special features.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
Okay so the deleted jello scene-if you haven’t seen it, YouTube that shit. Now. I’ll wait.

Okay you’re back! So Hook’s reaction to jello is nearly identical to my Munchkin’s. He’s 4 and we eat a pretty organic, natural type diet. He’d never seen Jello until earlier this year. It was hilarious, much like Killian’s reaction in this fic.

I’m a sucker for Captain Swan adorableness anyways, but this was a particularly well done one shot. :) So great on over and give it a read. She’s got a crap load of other fics as well-ones that I think I’m gonna go read like…now. Happy reading lovelies!!

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