Bang Bang!

Well, this should give you an idea of what this post is about.

Think really hard.

Ah, that’s right! You know that supremely neglected fic of mine…(like all of them, maybe??) called…uh…oh right! Behind the Camera!

Behind the Camera banner

So yeah this is what I’ve been working on. Basically, for now, I’m reworking the existing 6 chapters. There’s tons more (chapter one was tripled in size and chapter 2 was more than quadrupled) and I’m so excited to add in even more. If there isn’t a chapter title, that means it’s been edited. (I hate chapter titles and have no idea why I even tried in the first place.)

So I’m gonna link to those 2 chapters below, or you can click on the banner above to take you to the story homepage in case you need a refresher.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

So, head on over to check it out if ya like. I’m gonna try to focus on one fic at a time until they’re all finished. No idea if that’ll actually happen, but hey! It’s worth a shot Either way, I’m gonna try to get new stuff to you fairly regularly so keep an eye out. :) Thanks lovelies and enjoy!

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