Sunday Sexiness

Hey y’all. So I’m sorry you didn’t get a spotlight this week. The Kelpie clan is doing some pre-Halloween amusement park stuff so I’ve been running around like a maniac. But we did get to sneak away from the kidlets last night to see Crimson Peak. And I’m so much more in love with Tom Hiddleston…not even funny. So in honor of him and the awesome movie (seriously, go see it!!!) I bring you…the good stuff!!






3 thoughts on “Sunday Sexiness

  1. OMG, you’ve just made my day! Tom Hiddleston is second only to ASkars on my Top 5 List and I’ve been hoping he would one day be included in your Sunday Sexiness or Humpday Hotness posts. I’m dying to see Crimson Peak — a difficult task when you’re a single mom of children too young for R-rated movies — but I’m determined to make it happen before it leaves the theaters. :)

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