Who’s Hungry?

I dunno about y’all but this is my kinda cooking… :)


So yeah I’m currently smack dab in the middle of some kinda weird Hiddleston obsession. Well, not so weird, I mean…just look at him! So yeah I’ve started reading some Avengers fics purely to get my Tom/Loki fix. Cause I kinda think reading fics about real people is slightly creepy. I mean, seriously I read my old BSB fanfics and cringe. Although the whole real person thing is the absolute least of the reasons I cringe. :))

Anyhoo-I am posting for a reason. I have another added to and edited chapter of Behind the Camera. Thanks to MissRissa81 and her awesome ideas and MistressJessica1080‘s ninja beta skills, of course.

I’m working on chapter 4 at the moment, though I’m having a particularly rough week so it’s a little slow going. But I’ll get it done asap. So, click the banner below to take you to the story home page or click the link to go right to chapter 3.

Behind the Camera banner

Behind the Camera // Chapter 3

Remember, chapters with no names are the updated ones. I hate chapter titles! Or titling chapters more like it. So yeah. Anyhoo, I’m off to watch Loki ravage New York. Enjoy lovelies!!

5 thoughts on “Who’s Hungry?

  1. I’m so glad someone else shares my new and growing Tom Hiddleston obsession…he’s just amazing, both as an actor and as a person! And he couldn’t be any more adorable (or sexy) if he tried. I’ve been hitting the Loki fics pretty hard myself lately, which is great as I felt like I was running out of E/S options that I hadn’t already read. I’ve also managed to buy myself a kid-free afternoon to see Crimson Peak tomorrow…wooohoooo! :D

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    1. Oooooooooo yay for you! That’s what sparked my obsession. I mean he’s always been a hunka yummy mancake but damn something about him now it’s really REALLY revving my engine. I’ve actually found a few avengers fics that i reeeeeeeally like. So yay!!


      1. My fixation started with Loki and broadened with Only Lovers Left Alive, so I know Crimson Peak is probably going to send me over the edge…lol!

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