Picture Overload

Hey darlins! So MistressJessica got chapter 4 back to me last night, all cleaned up and beta’d (seriously, I’m so out of practice it’s a miracle she can make sense of the crap I send her!). So I’m posting another updated chapter of Behind the Camera!

Now, I’m starting to come out of my writing funk and something that helps me when I get stuck is making visual aids for my stories. I didn’t quite realize how many I made for chapter 4. Of course that could be because it started out being maybe 4 pages and ended up at 13. So yeah.

We also see a few new characters in this chapter like…

The characters have been updated on the story home page too so you can get an idea of other characters who haven’t appeared yet. :)

As always, click the banner for the story home page and the link to go directly to the chapter. And remember-chapters WITHOUT TITLES-are the edited and embellished ones. :)

Behind the Camera banner

Behind the Camera // Chapter 4

So click away and hope you enjoy! Thanks lovelies and happy reading!

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