I may have a problem

Or more accurately I may be killing MistressJessica. See, this chapter was a beast (14 pages) and then I sent her chapter 8. Which is…26 pages and 10,220 words long.  So she may be wanting to kill me right now.

But you can all blame MissRissa cause this whole shebang is mostly her doing. Well, and Eric is a fucking chatty motherfucker and wouldn’t shut up.

So, yeah. Here is Chapter 7 of Behind the Camera which, according to MissRissa, is almost guaranteed to bring on the tears.

Mmmmm…simmer down, Steve. It’s not that bad… *sheesh, what a drama queen*

Anyways, without further ado here is Chapter 7 of Behind the Camera. As always, click the banner to go to the story home page and the link to go directly to the chapter. :)

Behind the Camera banner

Behind the Camera // Chapter 7

Happy reading lovelies! Hope you enjoy!

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