Day 10: Continued… // #25DaysOfChristmas

Hello lovelies! And now to continue with our

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I have a new chapter of Behind the Camera for you.

This is actually the beginning of what was originally Chapter 8, but I split it. Because the chapter was 26 pages in total and that’s a little ridiculous. :)

Some people had questions about the movie that they’re actually shooting and the timeline, so I’m gonna tell ya a little about those.

In this chapter, and the next, it’s June 23, 2012. They’ve been in Lake Charles shooting since June 1. And the movie itself isn’t really the big focus of this fic, so I’m not really focusing on it. That’s it’s rare to see the actual filming and the dialogue is fairly minimal. I will however type up a small synopsis of the movie if y’all want.

Zoe’s audition was March 24, 2012 and Godric and Eric went to Bon Temps March 31. In April they saw each other a few times as they did the Pre-production work, but May 25 is when Sookie and Zoe go to stay at Eric’s before filming. Hopefully that’s all clear. And hopefully I didn’t just send you into a coma with boring useless information. :)

So yeah, I’ll shut up now. :) Click the banner to go to the story homepage and the link to go right to the chapter. Enjoy lovelies!!!

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Behind the Camera // Chapter 8


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