Day 14: Another, good sir! // #25DaysOfChristmas

Continuing on our countdown of the

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I have another new chapter of Behind the Camera for you!

This was originally part of chapter 8, but like I explained before, I had to split it. Seriously. This deserved it’s own dedicated chapter and you’ll see why.

A huge-HUGE-thanks to MissRissa for all her input. Some of the funniest parts were her brainchilds…brainchildren…ah well, you get what I mean.

And the pasta story…yeah it’s based on something that actually happened to me.

And of course another huge thanks to MistressJessica for cleaning this up and making it readable. She deserves all the props for putting up with my gargantuan chapters. :)

So yeah, click the banner to go to the story homepage and the link to go to the new chapter.

Behind the Camera banner

Behind the Camera // Chapter 9

So go read and enjoy lovelies! :)

4 thoughts on “Day 14: Another, good sir! // #25DaysOfChristmas

  1. I love this story! Keep it coming! I love mom sook and sister pam! Toss in the rest of this fabulous family and I’m in e&s heaven! Godric & pam as a combo is amazing, but absolutely perfect when they are both mischievous!

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