Day 17: In Which Sookie is a Badass // #25DaysOfChristmas

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Yeah, I’ve got another wonderful new chapter for you. At least MissRissa assures me it’s wonderful.

Okay so here’s a little background on this chapter and you’ll all probably roll your eyes at me. I’m weirdly kinda OCD about accuracy in fics…like as much as you can be, obviously. There’s some things that you just do your damn best and whatever. So…I actually did a staggering amount of research about making an indie film. And I created a budget. Like a real budget. Seriously. I’m a little insane. You can ask MissRissa, I spent the better part of 2 days doing this.

So yeah. Sookie is a pretty big badass in this chapter and I’m hoping that you’ll love it as much as me. Jesus’ flashback is particularly awesome in my opinion.

So click the banner to go to the story home page and the link to go directly to the chapter. :)

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Behind the Camera // Chapter 10

Enjoy lovelies!

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