I humbly come

…to beg your forgiveness.

Seriously, you need to forgive me.

I’ve slacked so very much on your hotness posts and I’m sorry. Although, in my defense, this has been a BUSY couple of weeks.

**Feel free to skip this to get to the actual ‘fanfic’ part of the post**
As many of you know, my oldest son has a condition (Prader-Willi Syndrome), so we’ve had 3-4 appointments for him in the last 3 weeks. My middle son has had his yearly physical and dentist visits. My daughter, thankfully hasn’t had any appointments, but now that I think about it, I’m sure I need to make her one. Can’t remember what for, but yeah.

Then there’s my appointments. Again, as many of you know since I’m not at all ashamed/afraid to talk abotu my issues, I’ve been struggling hard this past year with anxiety and depression. That’s why the huge dip in my writing. But I finally went to my doctor and started medication. That was back in October and I’m finally starting to feel better. So yay! Plus today I spent 6 hours and almost $3000 getting 6 crowns on my teeth. So yay for pretty teeth, but god damn dentists give me anxiety! (Bulimia and morning sickness have completely obliterated my enamel, don’t think I have like horrid oral hygiene!)

So that’s why I’ve been slacking.

**Fanfic part! You can read now!!**

I have also found a new ship to love, which is relevant, I promise. In all my years of reading and loving Harry Potter, I never delved into fanfic. Probably because I loved the books and had no desire to. Whatever. But someone back in January asked me about ‘Dramione’ and if I had any recs. Uh, no, since I hadn’t really ever heard of that ship.

Needless to say, that one little question has sent me (and MissRissa!!) down the rabbit hole into all things Dramione. Which is Draco and Hermione, for those who don’t know.

I’ll be happy to take any recs y’all have, by the way.

Which brings me to my next (and last, hopefully) point. I’ve started writing for Dramione. I can’t get them out of my head, so they may be front and center for a little while. Sorry to all my other fandoms!

This is the first attempt I’ve made at writing for them and I hope it’s not completely horrid. Feel free to tell me if it is.

dark arts banner

Click the banner to go to the story homepage, of course. These chapters will be unbeta’d for now, since MistressJessica is super busy with her own life. Again, feel free to berate me about grammar or mistakes if you want. So, check it out, hopefully you like it and I’ll stop rambling now.

Enjoy lovelies!!

4 thoughts on “I humbly come

  1. Hugs sweety!
    Hi bipolar with a healthy dose of extra anxiety. I feel for you dear. So glad the medications are working for you!
    Big big hugs!
    I’ve read a few Dramione fics… I’ll have to teach down the couple I’ve really liked :)
    I’ll look forward to reading this :)

    Hugs again, just cos! And yay for writing, even when your own head was declaring war on you!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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