Hey yo!

Hey lovelies!

So, here’s the thing. My brain has not been working. Like at all. It’s taken massive amounts of time and energy and coaxing from MissRissa to get me to work on my fics. But we decided that posting what I’ve got would be beneficial since you’re reviews and the fact that you’re reading inspire me immensely.

So I’m bringing you the beginnings of two new HP fics.

The first is Warriors. It’s a complete AU with a Dark!Hermione.  It’s also got multiple pairings. So follow the banner below to go to the story homepage. I’ve got 2 chapters up so far and more in the works.

Warriors Banner

The second is Not Nott. It’s a canon divergent that ignores the epilogue. This one is a straight Dramione  and I’ve got 2 chapters up so far. So follow the banner to go to the story homepage.

Not Nott Banner

So there isn’t a posting schedule and I’m sorry for that. I was hoping to wait until I had the entire story written before posting but that didn’t pan out. So there will probably be delays between chapters, but hopefully you enjoy anyways.

Oh, and I have fixed the comments! Every time I come back to  wordpress, things are slightly different and I have to get used to it again.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, etc, you know how to get in touch. Thanks lovelies and happy reading!

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