Chapter 12

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Eric POV

“Eric, we do NOT have time for this!!”

Sookie giggled as my lips caressed her neck and I ground my cock against her ass. My hands worked their way up under her shirt, across her stomach and grazed the underside of those magnificent breasts…

“Sookie, I-Oh. Sorry.”

Our door framed Claudette perfectly as she cocked her head to the side. “Wow, you were right, cuz. His ass in those trunks…unfgh!”

I felt the blood rush to my face as I hid behind my much smaller girlfriend. Suddenly I felt naked and I squirmed restlessly as Sookie laughed. “Is Zoe changed?”

Her cousin’s brunette hair bounced as she nodded. “I’ll take her outside. Oh, and Eric?”

I glanced up from my hiding spot in Sookie’s hair and raised an eyebrow.

“Byyyyeeeee.” Claudette wiggled her fingers tauntingly as she spun to leave.

“Dear lord, she’s incorrigible!” I chuckled at Sookie’s sigh of frustration and spun her around to face me.

“But she loves you. And she’s good people.” She rolled her eyes with a smile and pushed against my chest.

“You’re right. But I can still be annoyed. Now you go out and do…whatever you need to do. I have to change and you know that’ll never happen if you’re in here.” I only moved because it was adorable how hard she shoved me. I had to at least pretend it made a difference.

The pool house was quiet as I wound my way through to peek out the front windows. Oh, Uncle Lochlan and Aunt Neave finally made their way outside. She was currently smacking Thomas for something, so yeah-business as usual. Fun times.

Dad and Uncle Lochlan were talking with Dermot around the grill while…some form of meat smoked. Mom and Linda were carrying trays full of food to set on the outdoor counters. Lafayette, Jesus and Jason were already in the pool with Zoe and Alex was lining up for a cannonball.

I grinned-until I caught sight of Roman waiting miserably for his ball and chain. She was a hot ball and chain, that’s for sure, but one I wouldn’t touch if you gave me all the money in the world.

“Is your cousin always such a douchecanoe?”

I chuckled at Claudette’s question and glanced over my shoulder. Despite the height difference and the obviously different coloring, she looked remarkably like Sookie with her hands on her hips and her eyebrow raised.

“Pretty much. We just kinda learned to tune him out. Why, what’d he do this time?”

Claudette’s lips pursed in annoyance as she threw herself onto the foyer bench. “His mom caught him trying to peek in your window while I was changing.”

Oh shit! Wow, yeah he did deserve the beating Aunt Neave was laying on him. “Sorry about that. He’s…well, he’s special.”

“So I see.” Her head whipped around to stare down the hallway, her brown eyes narrowed in concentration. After a moment, the corner of her mouth perked up. “Well, cousin. Aren’t you looking sickeningly adorable?”

My head swiveled as if there were a magnet drawing my eyes. Good God in heaven, she was trying to kill me.

behind the camera 12

That teal bikini was…my tongue suddenly seemed way too big for my mouth and I convulsively swallowed. And that flimsy white…skirt thing…

“Claudette, seriously?! Stop staring at his crotch!”

My brain refused to unfreeze enough to cover my junk and apparently Sookie felt the need to take over. But the feel of her hands on my already hard cock didn’t exactly make matters any better.

Well, no that’s not entirely true. I’d be hard pressed to find a situation where her hand on my cock was anything other than magical. Except maybe a family dinner. But yeah, no I’d still rather have her hand on my cock than not.

“Eric? Do you need to take care of business here? You’re gonna scar the family if you go outside right now.”

Huh? Oh, where’d Claudette go? I glanced down at Sookie and raised an eyebrow at her question. Then the appendage in question jumped all on it’s own and my brain jumped into gear.

“You mean you’d make me take care of this monster all by my lonesome?!” I sniffed dramatically and pretended to wipe away a tear as she burst into laughter.

“I think you’ll be fine-as long as you don’t use the good towels!” Her giggles trailed behind her as she took off running and I chuckled darkly.

Oh I definitely loved a good chase.

Nora POV

Damn it, this chain always kinked up in the back! I glanced in the visor mirror and rolled my eyes again as the sunlight bounced off the hood. God dammit, my husband was a fucking moron!

What kind of idiot makes their wife drive last years car?! And in silver too! Motherfucker better get on the ball. I needed the new Porsche Caymen because it came out last month! I’m so behind! And he better fucking get it in black, too. How fucking hard is it to get a car color right?! Sheesh!

behind the camera noras car 2012 porsche cayman

I grabbed my lipstick out of my purse and slicked on a fresh coat. This Nars lipstick is so much better than that Wet n Wild shit I used to have to wear. Finally I had the life I was born to live! Now, if only Roman’s brother would get his head out of that tramps cleavage long enough to notice me, I’d be in business. After all Roman would do anything for Eric. So if Eric wants me, there’s no way Roman would fight him. Thank fuck! If I have to be stuck with that dipshit for the rest of my life I’d fucking kill myself! Well, no-I’m too gorgeous for this world to lose. Maybe I’d hire a hit man.

Dear Christ it’s only eleven fucking thirty! Right about now Coleman will be grilling up some ridiculous, disgusting meat product while Claudine puts out her signature trailer trash BBQ fare. If I wanted to be eating cole slaw and hot dogs all my life I would’ve married Bubba, the guy who still lived in my parents’ old neighborhood.

The Northman’s had more than enough money to cater their ‘parties’ and have decent food. But no, they just had to insist on eating garbage. Fuck my life!

Thank God Deiter and Lorena were awake this morning. That little three way sesh just mellowed me out nicely, so maybe I could smile and fake nice for awhile. Dear Lord, the things Lorena can do with her tongue…and Deiter’s dick should totally be bronzed.

A sharp knock on my window brought me out of my musings and I clenched my thighs together reflexively. Well, it’s not like anyone could see the cum dripping out of me. I made sure to douche before I left Lorena’s. Pam, who was currently glaring at me through the window, would be the only one smart enough to figure anything out. But seeing as she looked pretty well fucked herself, I doubt my sexual endeavors were on her mind at all.

“Hello, Pamela.” I sneered as my window slid down silently.

She raised an eyebrow and cocked her hip to the side. “Are you gonna stay out here all day, fixing that clown makeup of yours or are you going to come inside?”

No fucking respect. Honestly you’d think this family would be nicer to me, but no. They were all fucking rude.

“I was just about to head inside.” She just rolled her eyes and turned to walk away.

Well, fuck. I might as well get this over with. The sooner I went in, the sooner I could make my excuses and leave. I grabbed my diamond clutch and shoved my lipstick back inside as I swung the door open. The sharp click of my new heels on the driveway sounded like music to my ears. The damn things hurt like a bitch, but they sure were pretty.

behind the camera 12e

I adjusted my hat as I made my way to the front door, annoyed to see Pamela hadn’t even left it open for me. It’s not like anyone would hear the doorbell, so I guess I’d have to just walk in. God, it was pathetically low class!

I pushed the door open and stepped inside the spacious foyer, careful to close the door softly behind me.

“Oh. Nora. Great.” That little fucktard brother of Roman’s glared my way as he sauntered through the house shirtless. “MOM! WHORA’S HERE!”

behind the camera 12i

Seriously?!? I’m standing right here! Claudine rounded the corner from the living room and cringed when she caught sight of me. Jesus, talk about low class and desperate! Since when is it appropriate for a woman of her age to wear a bikini?!

behind the camera 12b

“Oh, hello Nora. We’re running a little behind this morning. We had some visitors come in yesterday and we got a late start.”

Visitors? Who the fuck did they have to visit them?! Coleman’s brother lived like three blocks away!

“Grandma? Why is that lady wearing all the sparklies to a pool party? And why is she wearing makeup?”

“Why wouldn’t I wear makeup? It’s not like I’ll actually be-” I shuddered and glared down at the little fucktard. “-swimming. Good lord, what’s wrong with you?!”

Seriously, this is the little girl Eric was so enamored with? I mean, she wasn’t cute and she was incredibly stupid, too. Figures with that trashy mother of hers.

“Nora! What the hell is the matter with you?!”

Oh joy. My husband was here. I tried to quell the gagging as I wrapped my arms around him in a hug.

“Oh, honey. I’m sorry I’m late. I just had so much to do this morning!” Like Lorena and Deiter. Oh well, what Roman doesn’t know can’t hurt me.

“Sure.” He turned away and smiled down at the rugrat. “I’m gonna head outside. You wanna come with me, Zoe?”

Zoe? Well she was definitely  gonna grow up to be a stripper.

“No, Grandma was letting me look at pictures. Who’s the pretty girl you’re with in that one?” I followed the pointed finger to that goddamned picture of Roman and the whore.

“Claudine!” Okay, even I heard how shrill my voice was. “Seriously, why do you have so many pictures of her?! I’m Roman’s fucking wife and the only picture you have of me is our wedding picture!”

Roman rounded on me with fire in his eyes. Well, that was new. “Watch your mouth! And you will respect my mother in her own house!”

What. The. Fuck?!?!?!

This was how Eric acted, not Roman. He’d never so much as raised his voice to me. I raised an eyebrow and cocked my hip as he glared down at me.

“Come on. You’re coming outside with me.” He grabbed my wrist and yanked me away from his mom and the brat.

“What the fuck is your problem? Is that any way to treat your wife?!”

I heard him scoff as we passed through the patio door, but he didn’t turn around. Though when he suddenly let my arm go I nearly fell on my face. He stalked away to talk to his father and left me alone to stare at everyone gathered around the pool.

Where the fuck was Eric?! God, giving him the opportunity to fall in love with me was the only reason I came to these fucking parties. And who the fuck were all these people!?

“Oh, hello Dear. I’m Linda, Sookie’s aunt. And who might you be?”

behind the camera 12c

I stared at her because seriously? Claudine fucking invited the tramp’s family?! She never invited my family to anything!

“I’m Roman’s wife, Nora. I’m sorry, I actually need to go speak with him for a moment.” Fuck. What is it with all these old women wearing totally inappropriate swimwear?!

behind the camera 12d

I high tailed it away from the bitch and sidled up to Roman as he talked with his father, uncle, and another old guy. It must be a trend or something with this family because the guys were dressed just as sloppily as the women.

“Roman, may I have a word, please?”

I grabbed his arm and dug my nails in. I got momentarily distracted by the diamonds in my nail polish as they sparkled in the sunlight, though I quickly shook that off as Roman tugged his arm away.

“What do you want?” His lips were pursed and he crossed his arms over his chest. Well fuck him too, with that attitude!

“I’d like to speak to you privately, if you don’t mind. Darling.” My dentist was going to be pissed. I could feel my teeth grinding as I fought to control my temper.

“Anything you need to say to me can be said in front of my family.”

Uh, last time I checked I’d never met this other old geezer. But whatever. “Well, I was just wondering why your mother invited Eric’s tramp’s family when mine are never invited to anything. Seems pretty unfair if you ask me. I mean, we’re married!”

“Be careful, Nora. This is Dermot, Sookie’s uncle.” Coleman motioned with his…cooking tool. “And besides, have you forgotten what happened the last time we invited your family over?”

I rolled my eyes and sneered. “Oh, that was a misunderstanding!”

Lochlan burst into laughter and the bitch’s uncle raised an eyebrow. “Riiiight! A misunderstanding. Okay, the next time fifty grand worth of valuables just up and jumps into someone’s purse you let me know.”

Motherfucker! The nerve! Their laughter chased me as I stalked across the patio and threw myself on a lounge chair. Alex and Thomas were giggling together like a bunch of queers and Pamela strutted past with a sneer on her otherwise fairly decent looking face. Seriously, that pink fucking monstrosity of a bathing suit looked horrible.

Oh thank fuck! Godric was nowhere to be seen! Maybe they finally came to their senses and banned him. Then the pool wouldn’t be contaminated for all the normal, decent people!

“Well, you can’t be talking about yourself then!”

Wait, did I say that out loud? Oh well. The brown haired bitch glaring at me from across the pool could go shove a pool noodle up her fucking ass for all I cared. I dunno what the fuck I ever did to her!

Ew! Oh my God! My eyes! My fucking eyes! The two guys across the pool next to Little Miss Bitch Face…holy shit, I’ve never seen two gayer men in my life! And my fucking brother-in-law was one of them!

behind the camera 12f

“Yo! Whora!” I glared at the dipshit in the water and raised an eyebrow. “How long are you staying? I wanna know when the fun is gonna start!”

Honestly, they should really control that disrespectful little shit! I opened my mouth to reply when the pool house door swung open.

Oh, there was Eric! Finally! And damn did he look deliciou-wait. That’s the bitch he’s dating? SERIOUSLY?!  I couldn’t even pretend to control my expression because I’d be damned if some fucking swamp trash slut stole Eric from me! I’d already put in three years of dealing with his fucking brother and I would not be cheated out of my prize!

“Oh, nevermind! This looks like it’s gonna be fun already!”

Claudine POV

“Alex, leave your brother’s wife alone.”

Not that I cared what he said. That harpy deserved every insult my darling children decided to fling her way. I just wasn’t interested in hearing her whine for the hour or so she usually stayed. Although the rage painted on her face at the sight of Eric and Sookie emerging from the poolhouse may change things.

Pam snorted inelegantly as she wiggled her toes towards the couple. “Well, you guys certainly look well fu-”

“Earmuffs, Zoe!”

Pam paused at Thomas’s interruption and waited while my new little grandbaby followed directions. “-well fucked.”

I grinned as Sookie flushed a brilliant fuschia and outright laughed as I heard her brother choking as he stepped out onto the patio behind me.

“Aw, man! That’s my sister!”

“As if she doesn’t deserve to pay you back a little, cousin. Honestly, you’d think she was a virgin with the way you’re carrying on!”

Claudette had a point and I nearly fell into the pool as I glanced behind me. Our families were meant to be together; both had an incredible flair for the dramatics. Dermot wandered over and clapped a hand on his nephew’s shoulder as the younger doppleganger mimed a hideous and painful death.

behind the camera 12h

“As much as I love a good pornographic conversation, one that features my niece is significantly lower on the list of topics that I’m comfortable with. So, pasta salad anyone?”

Ah, Linda was a genius. Coleman yanked me toward him as my hooligans-I mean, sons-stampeded toward the table we’d just finished filling. I was willing to bet that it would be empty within about a half hour with the way they descended on it like a plague of locusts.

“YO!” Lochlan’s voice stopped everybody in their tracks and I had to laugh again at the sight before me.

Leading the pack of ravenous hyenas was my eventual daughter-in-law. Her cerulean eyes were wide shock as she glanced around her.

“Act like y’all have some manners! Sheesh!” Linda rolled her eyes as she shouldered past the males in her way and joined Sookie at the table.

Coleman gave me a gentle push to join them as Neave followed in my wake. “Act like the proper young men I know you are! Let your women eat!”

Pam giggled as she joined the procession to fill her plate as she stuck her tongue out at her brothers and cousin. She paused as she passed her father and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek. “Thanks, Daddy!”

The boys all hovered, waiting quite impatiently as we hemmed and hawed over what to eat, purposely drawing out their torture.


“Alex, you will calm yourself or I’ll show everyone the videos of your dance recitals!”

He paled considerably at my threat and Claudette cracked up, bending over to brace her hands on her knees. “Da-da-dance recitals?!?”

“Oh yes. Alex was quite the little twinkle toes when he was younger.” Neave frowned for a moment and cast a baleful glance toward her son. “I could only convince Thomas to do it for three years!”

The stunned silence of Sookie’s family broke a moment later as Jason scoffed. “Alright, y’all. Thanks for those lovely mental disturbances. But can we eeeeeeeaaaattttt?!?”

“Alright, alright. We’re going. Zoe, come and tell me what you want.”

My eyes landed on Zoe, perched on Eric’s hip as she snuggled against his chest. “Can Daddy make my plate?”

“Of course, Princess. But you’ll have to wait until the boys get their turn.”

“That’s fine, Daddy.”

“So, dipshit. You actually took dance classes?” Claudette smirked over her shoulder as Thomas lounged against the wall of the poolhouse.

He raised an eyebrow and smirked right back. Oh lord, I’d need to disinfect whatever room they ended up in.

“I was the most beautiful ballerina in the school. Like there would be any doubts, Miss Claudipie.”

Linda and Neave threw a knowing look toward each other, interrupted by the only semi-refined son of mine. “Nora, are you still protesting our peasant food?”

I think I liked this new, uninhibited version of Roman. He was much more himself than he’d been since…

I shook my head to chase away the nagging thoughts and sucked in a breath. Nope, no wallowing today. I chanced a look at Nora, who’d plastered herself on a lounge chair as if she were Cleopatra. There seemed to an eye rolling epidemic as she snorted inelegantly and turned away from the lot of us.

We worked our way through the ridiculous amounts of food on the table, giggled as the men groaned and growled behind us.

“What did you find for our main course, dear?”

Coleman had been surprisingly tight lipped about the menu for today. I knew he was grilling-and that was pretty much it. He smirked and motioned me over to his humongous grill. Honestly there was no reason a grill should be that huge.

Though as my eyes drifted over everyone assembled around me, I decided I may have to rethink that position and let him have this one. But I didn’t have to admit it to him.

“Daddy. What is that?” My darling daughter sounded horrified and my brows wrinkled as I tried to see around her tiny body.

“A PIG?! Aw, you finally got me my pig!”

Uncaring if I slopped food everywhere, I shoved my plate into the first set of hands I could find and threw myself at my husband.

“Why is she flippin’ her shiz ova a roas’ pig?”

Someone, probably Sookie from the indignant huff that accompanied it, smacked Lafayette.

I tugged Coleman down to me and met his lips with mine, uncaring that my entire family was moaning and groaning in disgust.

“Mom’s always wanted to have a pig roast with a whole pig. She’s insane.”

I chuckled and yanked Alex toward me to smother with annoyingly sloppy Mom kisses. His resigned huff and eye roll just served as an example of what wonderful boys I’d raised. I didn’t care what anyone said, they were mine-blood or not.

“Can I eat yet or are we still squealin’ like the pig we’re supposed to be eatin’?”

“Jason!” Linda and Dermot’s scolding was strangely in sync and Sookie just dropped her head in frustration.

“Are you sure you want to put up with this?” Eric smirked down at her as Zoe giggled.

“Lover, look at my family.”

“Eh, good point.”

x . x . x . x . x

“So, who’s got August?”

The menfolk, as they’d decided to declare as they shuffled away to eat their meats and talk about…whatever men talk about when they gather, looked up in fear as we approached.

I glanced to my side to see the equally amused faces of Linda and Neave as we all crossed our arms over our chests.

“I have no idea what you mean, darling.” Coleman tugged me down to his lap as his arms wound around my waist.

“Oh, don’t even give us that innocent shit. We know you’re taking bets.”

“And we’re almost sure it’s about Eric and Sookie.”

Oh yeah, they definitely knew they were busted. Dermot sighed dramatically as Linda glared playfully down at him. His arm reached around and she jumped slightly, probably from a pinch to her ass if the way she was rubbing was any indication.

“Oh, fine. We’re got a pool going for when he’s gonna pop the question. And another one for how long it’ll take them to actually get married.”

I grinned brightly at Sookie’s uncle. Absolutely nothing would make me happier to make Zoe and Sookie and her entire family officially part of ours.


Linda and Neave joined me as we stared everyone across the patio. Eric held Sookie high over his head, his face split into a huge grin as she shrieked with laughter. Zoe cheered from her place on Alex’s shoulders as Claudette grinned at the entire scene. At least until Thomas sidled up to her for something and her lips pursed as if she’d sucked a lemon.

“I’ve got…August for engagement and…March for the wedding.”

I nodded appreciatively at Neave’s prediction as Lochlan pulled his phone out of his board shorts. Of course they’d be keeping track. How official.

“Nah, I can’t see that. I agree with the early engagement-August sounds about right. But Sookie’s always been a romantic at heart. She’ll want to plan a nice wedding after this whole movie thing is over.”

I sincerely hoped Linda’s prediction wasn’t right. They needed to get on making me more grandbabies!

A sharp cry and a huge splash from the pool area drew our attention as we watched Thomas flail in the shallow end of the pool, Claudette looming over him with her hands on her hips.

“Wanna take bets on them, too?”

x . x . x . x . x

Huh. There was more food left than there should be. Since we’d started eating a couple hours ago, everyone had been up to the table at least twice that I’d seen.

My nose wrinkled as I glanced around the party. “Hey, has anyone seen Godric or Claude?”

behind the camera 12g

“I did, I did!”

I swiftly crossed the patio and tugged Zoe away from Alex, who seemed to be quite enamored with her. I’d never seen him interact-or want to interact-with kids at all.

“Where are they? I don’t think I’ve seen them all day.”

“They sneaked away.”

Well, if that didn’t bring everything around us to a grinding halt. Everyone’s eyes fell on us as Zoe giggled while I bounced her on my hip. “Oh yeah? When was this?”

“When Mommy and Daddy were having their grown up time in the pool house.”

Sookie groaned and flushed scarlet again as Eric dropped his head to her shoulder as he laughed.

“Eric and Sookie, sittin’ in a tree! F-U-C-K-I-N-G! Fir-”

Amazingly Zoe seemed to react before any of us adults at his more than inappropriate song. “Princess Alex, that’s not how it goes! You’re spelling it wrong!”

She wiggled to be set down and skipped toward my youngest as he smirked saucily. “Oh yeah? How would you know?”

She lifted her arms and he obliged as everyone looked on in amusement. “Mommy sings that to Daddy and Daddy Lala all the time and you did it wrong. But that’s okay, it’s a hard song. I mean, it’s spelling, so…”

I couldn’t hold in the giggles as she reached up to pat Alex on the head, her face screwed up in mock condescension. Jesus, that little girl and her mother were the best things to ever happen around here.

“So, back to Godric and Claude?”

Oh yeah, I forgot that I’d asked that. I sent a grateful look toward Pam as she raised an eyebrow from her lounge chair beside our little group.

“Oh yeah! Uncle Godric was holding Uncle Claude’s hand and then they started kissing! Then Uncle Claude pinched Uncle Godric booty, like Daddy does to Mommy!”

As our family descended into a group of howler monkeys, Alex grinned my way evilly. He raised an eyebrow toward Nora, who still hadn’t deigned to speak to anyone.

I dunno what that boy was thinking, but I also know that she would deserve whatever it was.

“You ready?”

Zoe giggled and clapped her hands, drawing everyone’s attention to them one more time.

“Alright! Geronimo!”

Nora POV

What the-


Those fucking bastards were all laughing as Roman’s fuckwit of a brother and that little fucking brat bobbed up in the pool, giggling and cheering. Meanwhile, their tidal wave of fuckery just drenched me. Me! Do they even have any idea how expensive my accessories were?! The salt water would do horrible things to them!

“Are you fucking kidding me?!?”

No. I didn’t even care that all their eyes swung to me, disdain and disappointment extremely clear. Someone needed to pay for this!

I shot to my feet, careful not to turn my ankle as I stomped across the patio. Seriously you’d think the Northman’s would have enough money to fix this hideous monstrosity of a patio. Who even uses bricks as a patio anyway?!

“You!” Eric’s little bimbo raised an eyebrow at me as I stumbled toward her. “You and your trashy family and your fucking inconsiderate brat have no right coming here and ruining everything!”

Whoah. Oh, yeah. I forgot how delicious Eric’s chest was. Thank God he stepped in front of that bitch; it was a much nicer sight then her obviously fake tits and idiotic expression. See, I knew he couldn’t stay away.

I grinned maliciously around as he reached out for me, those huge hands resting on my arms. No-wait. Shit, that hurts!

“Eric, you’re being too rough. Come on, I know rough is kinky and everything, but this hurts!”

“I will say this once and if you need a reminder it’s going to be unpleasant for you.” Why was he scowling at me? Seriously, all these fucking morons were glaring at me in disapproval. What the ever loving fuck?

“Sookie and Zoe are a part of my family, therefore her family is always welcome. You, however, are a miserable harpy who I’d be glad to serve a restraining order to. If you ever talk to anyone in this family like that again, you will be sorry. Do you understand?”

Jeez, if he ground his teeth anymore they’d break. Seriously, this had to be an act. He couldn’t honestly be mad at me. I mean, come on. This is me we’re talking about.

“Ugh, whatever. Now, let go!”

I fought the urge to snarl as that swamp trash put her disgustingly unmanicured hand on his arm and pulled him away from me. His arms wrapped around her and their foreheads touched, though I’d be terrified of the contact with that grease ball she called hair if I were him.

“Excuse me.”

I let my eyes drift down to see the swamp spawn and I edged away quickly. I could feel my face screwing up in disgust. She fucking touched me! God damn it, now I’d have to go disinfect myself.

“What do you want?”

I tried, but honestly if they expected me to be nice to the mini-bitch they had another thing coming. Bitingly polite was about all I could manage.

“I just wanted to say sorry. Princess Alex and I didn’t mean to splash you.” Good God, she actually looked like she was going to cry. Ew. And Princess was actually quite a fitting nickname for that little twerp. I’d have to remember that.

“Whatever. Just…shoo!”

She stepped back as I kicked my foot out her way and everyone started freaking out.

“Oh, shut up, it’s not like I actually touched it!”

I stumbled back a step as Eric’s psychotic tramp lunged for me. See, he pulled her away. I knew he still cared. Though anytime he wanted to stop whispering in her ear would be great. We all knew it was an act.

“Did dat prissy beeotch jus’ call our girl ‘it’?”

Ew. So that’s why this little brat was so fucking messed up. That fucking guttermonkey and his faggot spic partner were the ‘daddies’ she always talks about. Fucking figures!

“You’re on thin ice, Nora. Back off!”

Oh, wonderful. My husband decided to chime in. “Like you feel any different. Fucking pansy.”

Claudine gasped and I saw Coleman’s hand tighten on Roman’s arm. Like he’d really hit me. I rolled my eyes at the mere thought of it.

“Uh, can I ask you one more thing?”

I was so god damned fed up that I spun around to face the little fucker with my hands on my hips. “What?! What could possibly be so important that you need to interrupt the important people here?!”

“I was gonna tell you that you’re not bein’ nice, but I’m not sure what your name is.” Aw, the little half-breed thought she could intimidate me with that scowl. How utterly adorable. I rolled my eyes at my own internal monologue.

“How the fuck do you not know my name? I’m Roman’s fucking wife!”

“Well, everyone calls you something different. So, should I call you Nora or Whora?”


I spun around and tripped my way back to the table to grab my clutch as all those peons laughed behind me. Honestly you’d think that little bitch was a comic.

They’d see. Godric’s little movie would be a flop because, let’s face it, the only one with any talent at all was Eric. And then he’d send that swampy, greasy haired bitch and her little fucklet packing along with her faggot…whatever they were.

I dunno, her brother was sexy enough that I might not mind taking him for a spin. As long as he didn’t talk. Honestly, he sounded borderline retarded.

I reached my car and threw myself inside. I could still hear those idiots laughing from the back of the house. I’d show them.

“Lorena? Please tell me you’re at home.”

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  1. Oh dear god! Whora is a proper name for her. She’s so delusional it’s almost pathetic, but she too mean and self centered for any sympathy. I was so hoping that as she backed away from Zoe that she’d fall into the pool, but it didn’t happen, sigh. Poor Roman, but at least it sounds like he’s starting to deal with her appropriately. Also loved the visual of Eric trying to hide behind Sookie! Priceless lol

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  2. loved the update, damn Whora for sure and i hope the divorce is eminent and there is no prenup. damn what the hell, she married Roman to get to Eric, did they ever fuck or is she delusional? enough of that twat, let Lorena have her …. as for the rest of the family, i love the meld of their two families together, they are gonna be a lot of fun. LOL on the Pig….. KY

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  3. Seldom have I encountered a character so lacking in any redeeming qualities as Nora. Did she drug Roman to get him to marry her? You really wrote a masterpeice bitch here.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. This story has become so much more than a little story for me as you know, the universe you created, it talks to me, or at least the characters do!! They are a chatty bunch, and boy are they impatient when they wanna be heard!! That being said I love them all, long live the Claudric!!! ;)

    I know you felt incredibly dirty after writing Nora’s POV, but I’m so glad you stuck with it, because anything less would’ve left you not staying true to her greedy, selfish, deluded, entitled and one hundred percent bitchtastic self!!! As you know we’ve been looking forward to this particular party almost as much as Claudine, and as always my dear, you nailed it!!! I literally can’t wait for what’s to come!!! Love love love it!!!!!

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  5. Egad! They need to get some videos of Nora with Lorena and what’s-his-name so Roman can send her packing. She is truly delusional and horrible. The party was fun. I love the blending of the two families. I think just the women could do a number on Nora if she pushes hard enough.

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  6. I’m with everyone else. The second she mentioned screwing around on Roman, I hoped he had a PI on her!
    No. Eric. AND No. Alimony!
    Awesome pool party. Looks like the families are going to be very linked!

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