Chapter 8

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Eric POV

“Alright people, I know it’s early. But the quicker we get this shot, the quicker you can get home!”

I rolled my eyes at Godric and his bullhorn. The mass of extras we’d crammed into the nightclub were shifting restlessly as the crew milled around. Amelia was making, or trying to make, bedroom eyes at me.

And I was exhausted. Totally not in the mood for this today. I grinned as I recalled exactly how I’d spent last night and why exactly I was so tired. I’d been pathetically upset to scrub away the scent of Sookie, me, and sex when I showered.

I grabbed the bottle of water I’d set on the table beside me and took a swig. I glanced around trying to locate the emaciated hellspawn, hopeful that she’d gone out for one of her many cigarette breaks.


Speak of the devil…

“Hello, Amelia. What can I do for you?” I had to call on all my acting ability not to cringe away. Her bright red talons-I mean, nails-traced a path down my arm and I not-so-subtly moved to the other side of the table.

She leaned over the tabletop, pushing her nonexistent breasts up to…highlight them, I guess. Yeah, that wasn’t working. “I have it on good authority that we’ll be wrapping here pretty soon. Why don’t you and I go back to the house and…get to know each other better?”

Seriously? Ew. I was beginning to itch and I definitely needed a shower to wash the skank off. “Thanks, but I have plans.”

“Alright, let’s go!”

Thank God for Godric! The music started and Amelia took her place on the opposite side of the room. I sat on the bar stool and glanced toward the dance floor as the lights flashed and danced across the mass of bodies swaying to the beat. Godric appeared to my right with the cameraman and I stood to my full height. I followed them as they cut through the crowd, stalking the camera as I approached Amelia.

Our lines were barely enough to constitute a conversation, and as she ground her bony ass into my lap I called on all my mental power to think of Sookie. Sookie, Sookie, Sookie…

I could go back to Sookie as soon as we were done. The bruises I was getting from Amelia’s bony ass and hips would fade and I’d never have to think of her again.

A few moments later Godric waved us on and I grabbed Amelia’s hand, tugging her to the supply closet at the edge of the dance floor. I shot a smirk back at her as I pulled the door open and tugged her inside, leaving Godric and the crew outside.

As soon as the door clicked shut, I shoved the bitch away. Her over exaggerated pout just annoyed me and I rolled my eyes.

A sharp knock on the door signaled the all clear and I bolted out of the closet, nearly choking on the stench of cigarettes lingering on my co-star.

“Are we done?” I pleaded with Godric as he checked the playbacks.

“Uh, yeah. But we need to shoot a small thing at the house. So meet you there?” He mumbled, distracted as he stared intently at the small monitor.

“Ugh. Sure. But please make it fast! I wanna see Sookie and Zoe.”

He waved a hand lazily at me, his attention elsewhere. I rolled my eyes. He was a wonderful director and producer, but sometimes he got a little too involved in what he was doing.

I pulled the keys out of my pocket as I exited the club, pausing every few feet to sign something for an extra or snap a picture. I rounded the building, the rising sun stinging my eyes as I speed walked toward my Acura.

Whoah. Why was she standing by my car? “Amelia, what are you doing here?”

“Well, we have some pick ups to shoot back at the house so I figured I’d catch a ride. You don’t mind, do you?” Her fake eyelashes fluttered oddly. Maybe she had something in her eye because she couldn’t honestly think that was sexy.

Her simpering was on my last nerve. I’d been up at the ass crack of dawn to get here. I’d had a skanky bitch I couldn’t stand grinding all over me for hours and I’d had to act like it was the best experience of my life. Sometimes my life sucked.

“Whatever. Just get in.” I pulled my door open and threw myself in the seat. I glanced toward Skeletor and narrowed my eyes. “And no smoking in my car!”

She glared balefully my way and pouted, the cigarette dangling limply from her collagen filled DSL’s. Ew, that image may haunt my dreams for years.

I don’t know which was more traumatized, my cock or my psyche. Hang in there, buddy. I promise we’ll get some Sookie Nookie as soon as we get back.

The drive to the house we’d rented was only about ten minutes, but damn what a long ten minutes it turned out to be. I hated Amelia, with the fiery burning passion of a thousand hells, hated her. She was shallow and vain, intellectually stunted and a shameless skank. I could not wait for us to be done with her scenes. Then she’d scamper off to whatever hole she crawled out of and leave me the hell alone. At least until the promotional tours. I sighed just thinking about it.

I pulled into the driveway of the house and cut the engine, nearly breaking my hand in my rush to get out of the SUV.

“Thanks for the ride, baby. It was fun.”

Ew. I really needed a shower. I almost felt like burning the upholstery of my car. Who knows what she left behind. I’d bet anything she didn’t bother covering her cold sore cunt’ry…ew. I needed to burn my pants too.

“No problem, Amelia. Just head on in and I’ll be there in a few.” She nodded in what she probably thought was a sexy way as she tried to saunter into the house. She kinda just looked like she was sick. Ugh, whatever.

I leaned against the hood of my car as I pulled my phone out of my pocket. The lock screen was blank-no texts, no messages, no news alerts, nothing.

I pulled up the phone and hit Sookie’s speed dial. Godric had teased me mercilessly when I’d assigned her to speed dial two, but he was just pissed that he got bumped back a space.

I waited as the phone rang and hoped like hell she wasn’t still asleep. It was only 7:45 and we’d been up late last night. I grinned as I remembered our shenanigans from the night before, my pants becoming tighter as I recalled the sheer…ecstasy I felt.


Shit, she sounded half asleep. “Hey, Lover. I was just checking in on you guys. We finished at the club and Godric wanted to do a couple pick ups at the house. When are you gonna be up and about?”

“Oh, uh-” A yawn sounded through the phone and I fought to stifle my own. “-well, I think Zoe is still with your parents so, I’ll get up and grab a shower.”

“Okay, just gimme a holler when you’re on your way.”

“Okay, I love you!”

“Love you, too. Drive safe.”

I ended the call and took a deep breath. I tried to steel my nerves to go inside, but I really didn’t want to face Amelia. She scared me. In the psycho bunny boiler type way. I rolled my eyes because of course I was being ridiculous. I pushed off the hood of the car and spun slightly to lock it when-


Sookie POV

The look on Eric’s face was priceless! His hand clutched at his chest as he stumbled backward, barely catching himself before he fell.

I stood daintily with my hands behind my back, grinning from ear to ear as he had his heart attack. “So, we’re here!”

Claudine and Coleman, with Zoe perched on his hip, emerged from behind the Acura and waved. Eric’s eyes swung quickly between me and the Three Amigos behind me spastically as he tried to calm his breathing. “So-uh…so I see. God, I thought you were Amelia trying to jump me!”

behind the camera 8c

I cringed at the mental image and Eric chuckled as he reached out to pull me against his chest. “Yeah, that’s what I’ve been dealing with all morning. By the way, you’re not sitting in my car until I burn the upholstery. Maybe I’ll just buy a new car.”

I giggled because he was adorable and I appreciated the sentiment. Plus I was beginning to hate myself a little less every time I did something girly. So win-win.

“So you had a tough morning?” Coleman asked as he brought Zoe closer. Eric held an arm out as I shifted to the side and scooped her away from his dad.

“Ugh, you could say that again!” His head dropped forward and Zoe rubbed his hair affectionately as she giggled.

“Silly, Daddy. Don’t let the witch lady make you sad.”

Claudine snorted into her hand as she leaned against Coleman. “Yeah, Eric. Don’t let the witch lady upset you!”

“You laugh now, Mom, but just wait. You only got a taste yesterday! She’s…evil!” His dramatic whisper and Zoe’s emphatic and extremely serious nod caused a riot of laughter.

“Well,” Claudine rolled her wrist to check the time on her watch. “Godric said he’d be here any minute, so why don’t we head inside. It’s already getting hot!”

Yeah, June in Louisiana was no joke. It was barely eight in the morning, but I was already sweating.

behind the camera 8b

We trooped into the house nearly silent as we reveled in each other’s company.

“Eric? Can you come here, please?”

He shot a look my way and rolled his eyes at Amelia’s whine. Claudine and Coleman settled on the sofa in the living room, talking quietly between them. But Eric tugged me along with him.

“I can’t face another second of her by myself!” Zoe giggled and I rolled my eyes. Idiot. But my idiot, so it was all good.

We trekked through the house until we got to the bedroom made up as Amelia’s. The door was cracked and Eric pulled a face as he pushed it open.

Oh God! My eyes!! Eric’s hand snapped over Zoe’s eyes as Amelia lay spread out on the bed in…something that was probably supposed to be lingerie.

behind the camera 8


I could hear Claudine and Coleman’s footsteps as they raced toward us, but my brain was frozen. Eric was stuttering incoherently as he pushed Zoe’s face against his shoulder and Amelia just raised an eyebrow sardonically.

“Well, you were supposed to be alone.” She sighed as if she was the one disappointed. “You know you’d rather get with this, huh baby?”

Claudine snorted from behind me as she leaned over my shoulder. “Oh sweetie. You wear desperation better than almost anyone I know.”

That broke the tension beautifully and I burst out laughing with Coleman. Eric still seemed to be frozen in shock as he cradled Zoe in his arms.

“I know her movies are fairly lackluster, but you think she’d at least be able to afford something from Walmart.” With a smirk, Claudine reached for Zoe and tugged her out of her son’s arms and she led Coleman back toward the living room.

Amelia, the shameless bitch that she was, still laid sprawled out on the bed with her…assets hanging out. “Oh, for God’s sake, cover yourself!”

I grabbed a random throw blanket from a chair stationed beside the door and tossed it toward her.

“Oh, please! Like he’d prefer White Trash Barbie to me. You’re delusional if you think you’re enough for him. I mean, come on! You have a fucking kid! Talk about baggage!”

She stood on her stick like legs and stalked toward me, her ankles wobbling dangerously on her ridiculous heels. Her talon-like nails jabbed my chest as she spoke and she leaned down over me menacingly.

Eric took a step toward us, but I waved him off. I could fight my own battles and this bitch was going down.

“I suggest you get out of my face before you regret it. And before I talk to Godric about filing a sexual harassment suit against you.” I glared up into her muddy brown eyes and crossed my arms over my chest.

She grinned maniacally and struck a pose with her hip cocked. “Just try it and see what happens! My Daddy will mop the floor with your backwoods ass!”

Oh, she wanted to go there, huh? Okay, I could play. “Well, this backwoods ass knows a hell of a lot about your Daddy. Like how most of his considerable fortune comes from back alley deals that wouldn’t hold up under IRS scrutiny. And how he’s borrowed more from unsavory sources than he’d ever admit to. Face it, your Daddy is just one bookie away from bankruptcy. And where would that leave you? You may actually have to start charging your hookups, though I think you’d find your bed particularly cold if that happened.” I grabbed Eric’s hand and turned to leave, noting the astonished look on his face. “Believe me, I have friends in high places too. Ones that aren’t morally bankrupt. Oh, and Amelia?”

She stopped mid stomp in her quest to gather her clothes from the floor and put her scrawny hands on her equally scrawny hips. “What?”

“Touch my boyfriend again and I’ll break your fucking face.” I smiled cheerily and waved daintily. “Toodles!”

Eric POV

Okay so my cock was rock hard and I needed brain bleach. It was an…interesting combination.

I let Sookie tow me down the hall and into the living room as my brain struggled to catch up with the past ten minutes. There was conversation around me, but I was in some sort of fog.

Damn, my girl is sassy! And it was surprisingly sexy to imagine her knocking Amelia’s skanky ass into next week.

“Eric?” Oh. Sookie’s face came into focus as she stood on her tiptoes, her fingertips lightly tracing my cheeks. “Hey. Where’d you go?”

“I uh-I was just…processing…that.” My hand waved halfheartedly behind me.

That luscious bottom lip of hers got caught between her teeth as a furrow appeared between her eyebrows. “I’m sorry. If that makes it hard to work with h-”

Oh no! I smashed my lips right on hers to shut up that line of thought. I could hear Zoe giggling and Mom and Dad chuckling as they heckled us, but I couldn’t give a damn. I nipped at that poor bottom lip of hers and soothed it with my tongue. I broke away gasping for much needed breath and rested my forehead against hers. “Believe me, I’m dealing with a whole different kinda hard right now, Sook.”

“Dude!! TMI!” Oh yeah, that would be my parents embarrassing the hell out of me. Great.

I peeked around Sookie’s head, noting her flushed cheeks that looked so similar to when…no, not going there. Mom’s eyebrow was raised and she had a smirk on her face that looked painfully familiar. Dad was grinning from ear to ear as he held Zoe in his lap, bouncing her on his legs so she shrieked in delight.

“Hey, uh, do you guys mind if we, maybe…” I jerked a thumb over my shoulder and cringed internally as Dad gave me a not-at-all-discreet thumbs up.

“Sure. We’ll tell your brother. Judging by the sounds from the bedroom back there, you won’t be filming anymore today.”

I didn’t wait for Mom to finish her sentence before I pulled Sookie out of the room. We had a hotel room to destroy!

Godric POV

What the fuck did I walk in on?

I blinked rapidly as I stood in the foyer of the house we’d rented listening to Amelia scream incoherently as mascara streaked down her gaunt cheeks. Mom, Dad and Zoe were standing in the entrance to the living room grinning and I was confused as fuck.

“You’re telling me that you’re going to let her treat me like THAT?! My father will hear about this!”

“Uh, if you’re going to be telling stories, you may want to make sure that they’re factual, dear. We’ve got it all right here.”

Amelia’s already pale face blanched to a sickeningly decrepit corpse-like shade as Mom pulled out her phone.

“Oh that’s not really…necessary, I mean-”

“No, no. Our son should really hear what happened.”

Zoe fisted her hand over her mouth to try to hold back a giggle as Dad shifted on his feet anxiously.

I listened to the recording, pausing and replaying parts when the volume dipped low. When Amelia shifted nervously and tried to skirt around me to scamper out the door, I threw my arm up to block her. After listening to the horrible things she said about Sookie I didn’t quite trust myself to touch her.

My chest rose and fell as I concentrated on counting my breaths. When I got to fifty without any signs of calming down, I gave up. Well, fuck it. I tried.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?!”

This must’ve been a sight when it was going down because Mom didn’t even scold me about cursing. Zoe looked like if she had popcorn, she’d be set for the show and Dad was just smiling like a loon. Weirdo.

“Well I-”

“Nope. Not interested.” I dropped my arm and stalked closer to Amelia, careful not to actually contaminate myself by touching her. “There isn’t enough money in the fucking world to make me keep you. I don’t care how long it takes me to recoup the money I’m gonna lose, but fuck it. Get off my set.”

She fled, her heels clicking against the tile of the foyer before the door slammed shut behind her. I watched as Zoe wiggled in my dad’s arms then thanked him politely when he set her down.

“Uncle Godric,” She grabbed my hand, unfurling the tight fist I’d made. “Everything is gonna be fine.”

I glanced down at the tiny girl beside me and all the anger seeped out, fleeing to leave a certain peace behind in its wake.

“Well, Eric and Sookie already went back to the hotel. We have the whole day to ourselves, Muffin.” Mom smiled down at Zoe as she hugged my leg. “What would you like to do?”

“Are you coming with us, Uncle Godric?” Oh, she’s so sweet. My heart just about burst seeing her wide blue eyes with hope shining out of them, completely unaffected by the drama around her.

“Sure, Baby Girl. I’ll come for a bit. And I know Grandma and Grandpa wanted to take us all to dinner.”

Oh no. I knew that look she got…

“Can we go, can we can we can we??!?!?” She jumped spastically between Mom and Dad as her head bounced like a bobblehead.

“We can go anywhere you want, Lovebug. Where do you want to go?”

I groaned at the gleeful spark in Zoe’s eyes and ran my hand down my face. “I dunno why you bothered asking because it’s always gonna be-”


“-hibachi.” I pulled a pathetic face and frowned down at Zoe. “Do we haaaaave to?”

She laughed at my whine and I fought back a smile. Mission accomplished. I didn’t want this movie and all the drama around it to affect her. She deserved to live as carefree of a life as she could, even if she did decide that Hollywood was the route for her. Sookie seemed like the type of person to keep her grounded and I was eternally thankful for that.

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  1. oh my i found this one by accident, did you post it and no one know it…… loved it, why do i think he will get Sookie to fill in for Amelia????? until the next post and off to the outtake i go. Ky

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  2. Goodbye to Amelia! Hopefully for good.
    Love that they recorded it, lol. No way for Amelia to spin it into anything but what it was. Totally enjoying this story and love that Sookie stands up for herself and crack up with Eric’s reactions sometimes.

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  3. Ok. The Aussie over here has no idea what Hibachi is lol
    Yay for the next button working ;)

    Hmm. Wonder how much would have to be refilmed? If it’s even possible? What a drama. Hope the studio don’t cause too much problems…. Ummm hope they didn’t record sookie blackmailing Amelia …

    And….. I Love Zoe!

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    1. Hibachi is Japanese where you sit around a big flat top grill and watch the chef cook your food. Usually for dinner it’s fried rice, lo mein noodles, some kinda protein and veggies. And so freaking delicious. Shit. Now I’m hungry. :)

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