Blind Oblivion

blind oblivion cover

When you work so hard for something and it finally happens, everything is perfect. Right?

Eric finds out what happens when you become so involved in work that you forget everything around you.

Rated M for mature themes (including substance abuse, eating disorders, mental health issues) and sexual situations.

Chapter 1: Gone
Chapter 2: Extenuating Circumstances
Chapter 3: Tell Me
Chapter 4: She’s A Fighter
Chapter 5: A Punch in the Gut
Chapter 6: Turn Around
Chapter 7: Free At Last
Chapter 8: Minx
Chapter 9: Good News and Bad News
Chapter 10: Sounds Like a Challenge
Chapter 11: Told You So
Chapter 12: Surprise Guest

The Casting Couch

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize isn’t mine. I wish Eric was mine, but alas, I just get to play with him. *Yum* No copyright infringement intended.

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