Chapter 7: Free At Last

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Present Day – December 21, 2010

That first year had been a testament to the stubbornness of my Sookie. She managed to power through her issues and by July she had pretty much turned everything around and was working on regaining the weight she’d lost. She was down to weekly visits with Dr. Kaplan and he was astounded with her progress. Apparently, if everything was going well in her life, her control issues just seemed to disappear…as much as they ever did. I still wasn’t allowed to help with the laundry.

I shuffled the paperwork on my desk and shoved a handful into a file folder. The door swung open and Preston stuck his head around the door jamb.

“You almost ready?”

“Yeah. I just finished up. I need to hurry if I’m gonna make it home in time,” I checked my watch again as I stood. I nodded to Preston as I passed and handed the folder off to him.

“We’ll see you later. Tell Sook we said hey. We should get Pam and Amelia together soon too,” he smiled at me as he opened the door to his office and walked inside.

I shook my head as I walked by, noticing that he left the door open. He was always better with the “open door policy” than I was. It was amazing to me how friendly the two of us had become, considering how I despised him when we first met. I ran a hand through my hair as I dug my car keys out of my pocket and pushed open the back door to the bar.

January 2, 2007

“Alright Miss Stackhouse, here are your discharge papers. Now remember, if you feel anything-“

The nurse droned on as Sookie mocked her behind her back. I stifled a chuckle as the nurse turned around and Sookie sat back innocently and shot the confused woman a mega-watt smile. When the nurse turned her back again, Sookie once again began mocking her. We’d heard these instructions from 3 different nurses, Dr. Ludwig AND Dr. Kaplan…suffice to say, we were well versed.

“Lets just get you set up here,” the nurse finally dragged the wheelchair over and bent to lift the foot rests, “and then you can get out of here!”

She was way too cheery for such a dreary place…although maybe that was why she was employed. Who knew?

“Do I HAVE to sit in that?” Sookie’s nose scrunched adorably and I couldn’t help but lean over and kiss it.
“Be a good girl, love. I’ll have you out of here before you know it,” I smiled as the nurse propped Sookie’s feet up on the foot rests and began wheeling her out the door.

I grabbed the two small bags we had and followed the two women.

Sookie shifted and wiggled the entire way down to the lobby. My heart ached when I realized that it was because her bones were jutting out and grinding in uncomfortable ways. I sped up a bit and slipped my hand into hers. She gave my much larger hand a slight squeeze and glanced up at me.

“I love you. I’m going to run and get the car. You wait at the doors,” I pressed a kiss onto her hand and gently set it back on the arm of the wheelchair.

“Where exactly do you think I’m going to go, darling? I swear its easier to break out of Alcatraz!” I rolled my eyes at her pout as I turned away and fished my keys out of my pocket.

Jogging through the parking garage, I sighed internally. I was not looking forward to taking her back to Lafayette’s house. I wanted her with me. But I understood why that wasn’t such a great idea.

Just because I understood, didn’t mean I liked it though.

I started the car and pulled it down to the hospital entrance where my girl was waiting not-so-patiently.

“Free at last, free at last, thank GOD ALMIGHTY I’m free at last!” I had to cringe as Sookie belted the words out. Singing was definitely not one of her talents.

The nurse helped her get situated in the passenger side and gave her a smile.

“No offense, but I really hope I never see you again,” the nurse laughed as Sookie adopted a sheepish grin.

“That’s quite alright honey. I hope we don’t see you back here either. You both have a good day,” the nurse turned and disappeared back into the bowels of the hospital, taking the wheelchair with her.

“Alright, love. Lets get you home,” she shot me a beaming smile as I shifted into drive.

Valentines Day 2007

I rung the bell and fidgeted nervously as I waited for someone to come to the door.

I put on a huge smile as I heard footsteps behind the door…only to have it drop when I saw that it was Preston and not my girl who answered the door.
“Oh. It’s you,” he sounded just as thrilled to see me as I was to see him.

“Yes. It’s me. Is Sookie ready?” I kept my voice as level and unemotional as possible. I knew it upset Sookie when we couldn’t get along. I wasn’t taking any chances tonight. My girl was going to be happy damn it!

“Let him in Pres! I heard you!” I snickered as Sookie’s voice reached us from the depths of the apartment and Preston blanched.

I leaned in close to his ear. “What do you know, you’re in the doghouse AGAIN.”

He yanked himself away from me and gave me a look of disgust before stomping back to wherever he’d come from.

I smiled to myself as I loped into the living room and sat on the sofa to wait.

I drifted into my own world, recalling the dates I’d taken Sookie on since she’d come home from the hospital. I made a point to actually take her out at least twice a week and she usually stayed at my place at least twice. The other three days we usually hung out here, much to Preston’s chagrin and Lafayette’s delight. I didn’t quite realize how neglectful I’d been to everyone in my life and seeing the joy in Lafayette, Pam and Jason whenever I was around was like a metaphorical slap in the face. Now that Sookie had regained a fair amount of weight, she was taking me to task whenever she noticed the guilt. This new ‘living in the now’ motto of hers was something to behold, if you knew what she’d been through.

My musings were interrupted as I heard heels coming down the hall. I took a deep breath and stood, slowly turning to see what lovely ensemble she was torturing me with tonight.

A groan caught in my throat as I took her in. Her blood red dress fitted her curves perfectly and framed her tantalizing breasts to perfection. The short hemline skimmed the middle of her thighs, making her legs look a mile long in her glossy black heels. Her blonde mane was tousled and sexy, making me want to run my fingers through it.

I gulped and cleared my throat. “You look…you-wow.”

She let out a tinkling laugh. “Right back at ya, sexy.”

I preened a bit as I adjusted my dark grey suit jacket. The black shirt underneath was the softest silk and I knew she’d love it.

I heard a gagging noise from the next room.

Sookie sighed and rolled her eye. “Preston…”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’ll shut up,” he poked his head around the corner. “You do look lovely, Sook. If I liked women I’d so try to steal you.”

I couldn’t help the growl that escaped.

She beamed and crossed the few steps between us so I could wrap her in my arms.

“You could try, but I can tell you-you wouldn’t succeed. I’m 100% taken,” I smiled at her certainty.

After a brief hug and a light kiss on her luscious lips, I pulled away and took her hand.

“Come on, love. Time to get going,” without a backward glance at the asstard, I led her out the front door.

The entire ride, she questioned our destination. I had purposely left it as a surprise and she was frustrated beyond belief. She grew even more confused as we headed toward the outskirts of town and away from all the Valentines festivities.

“Eric, are you taking me out to the woods to kill me or something? Cause-uh-that’s not the most romantic of Valentines dates, ya know?”

I chuckled and winked at her. “We’re almost there. Don’t get your panties in a twist.”

“Well, even if I was wearing some they wouldn’t be twisted,” I blanched at that morsel of information.

“You’re killing me,” I groaned as I turned onto a small side road off the highway.

She palmed the growing bulge in my pants and smirked. “Likewise.”

I pulled the car to a stop and took a few calming breaths. Ever since she was in the hospital, I’d been making really good friends with my hand. I was determined not to push for anything sexual and so far I’d been doing well. Although my resolve was being tested more and more as time went on. The sleepovers I could handle, the snuggling I could handle, the heavy make out sessions I could handle…her grabbing my dick and telling me she was going commando might be stretching my limits.

She sat primly in her seat while she waited, humming a soft tune. “Sorry. You’re not the only one who’s gone without.”

I shook my head to clear it as I opened the door and stepped out into the balmy evening air.

I walked around the car and pulled open Sookie’s door and gently lifted her out. Her head swung from side to side in confusion.

“Eric? Did you really bring me to the middle of nowhere?”

“No,” I leaned into her and gave her a short kiss on the forehead. “We just have to walk from here.”

She gave me an incredulous look. “Seriously? You want me to walk in the grass and mud and dirt with THESE heels on?”

“Of course not,” I grinned roguishly as I bent and swept her legs out from under her, catching her in my arms.

Her boisterous laugh echoed through the field and bounced back at us from the trees.

“You’re something else, Mr. Northman,” she laid her head on my shoulder as I loped along with her in my arms.

We’d been walking for about 6 or 7 minutes before I slowed. “Alright, love. I need you to shut your eyes.”

She obliged grudgingly and I started forward. I made a mental note to thank Pam and Jason for helping me set up the last minute details. I approached ground zero for tonight’s entertainment and set Sookie gently on her feet.

“Can I open my eyes yet?”

“No. Give me just a minute,” I watched her fidget as I darted around, finishing off the surprise.

I returned to her side and pulled her to me, tilting her face up to mine. The kiss I laid on her wasn’t gentle or reluctant. It was passionate and filled with love…I tried to convey everything I felt for her in that kiss. And judging by her harsh and labored breathing when I finally pulled away, she got the message.

“Okay, love,” I rested my forehead against hers, “open.”

Her gorgeous eyes fluttered open and stared into mine for a moment before she noticed her surroundings. Her head whipped to the side, stinging me with the ends of her hair.

“Oh Eric,” it was more of a sigh than anything and I smiled internally at having made her happy. “It’s perfect.”

The candle flickered gently in the minute breeze and she slipped her heels off as she stepped onto the blanket spread on the ground. She bent over to marvel at the huge stump holding what even I would consider a large amount of food.

“Where did you even get a stump this big?” Her voice held a note of awe that made me feel like a schoolboy.

“Jason. The road crew was removing the trees along route 9 the other day and when I went to see him, I saw it. I knew it’d be perfect. Now, come here,” I pulled her to me and then gently pulled her to sit on the patchwork blanket.

She sat sedately as I retrieved a platter off the stump and sank to my knees next to her. I casually spread myself out on my side and plucked a morsel of food off the tray. Holding it right in front of her lips, I nodded for her to eat.

She shot me a saucy grin before she wrapped her lips erotically around my fingers as she took the food into her mouth. At this point, I couldn’t even tell you what I’d just fed her. But when she moaned her approval, I tackled her onto her back and smashed my lips to hers. I felt her smile and I moved my lips to trail down her neck, licking and kissing, taking in her sweet unique flavor.

“Wait, Eric-“

It was like a bucket of cold water being thrown over me. I shot away from her and covered my face in my hands.

“Oh god! Sookie, I’m sorry! I’m not trying to pres-” my apologies were cut off when she crawled into my lap and put a finger to my lips.

“I know that you’ve been trying to take it slow and not rush me. And I appreciate it. But I’m fine,” I shook my head and she huffed. She grabbed my chin and forced my eyes up to hers. “I. Am. Fine. I’ve regained almost all the weight I’ve lost, I’m eating just fine and we are doing great. Stop beating yourself up. Yes, shit happened. But Jesus Christ Eric! Get over it!”

“Sookie, you could have died!”

She cut me off, “But I didn’t! And all you’re doing now is torturing us both. So, please…for the love of god-please…just, please make love to me. Please?”

Her voice had trailed off and she sounded so forlorn. I sighed at my stupidity.

“I’m so sorry baby,” I pulled her into a hug and stroked her hair as she laid her head on my shoulder. “I was just trying to take things slow.”

“I get it. And like I said, I appreciate it.” she started kissing my jaw and down my neck. “But it’s time to move on baby. Okay?”

I didn’t get a chance to respond before she began shifting and rolling her hips as she straddled my lap. My cock rebelled against my brain and began straining to be free. I moaned and her tongue took advantage of the opening to slip into my mouth

I fought internally for a moment or two longer before my heart took over. She was right. I needed to stop living in the past and just…move on. So I grabbed her, almost violently, and smashed her lips to mine, grinding against her center all the while.

She let out a primitive moan and began writhing on top of me. She was still thinner than I liked her, but she at least looked healthy, in a lean Hollywood way. Her tits, however, were still glorious. I licked my lips as my eyes darted down to them. Then I dove right in.

Her nipple was hard and pebbled underneath the silky dress. I fastened my mouth over the fabric, making her moan and squirm. Her hips pitched forward and ground tantalizingly against my cock.

I slid my hands down to her thighs and they snuck under her hemline. Her hands clenched on top of mine and I backed off immediately. She rolled her eyes and tugged my hands higher up her thighs and fastened her lips onto mine once more.

We kissed lazily for a few minutes while I rubbed small circles on her upper thighs before I made my next move. I broke away from our kiss and trailed my lips down to her neck. I scraped my teeth over her pulse point, and her head fell backward as she panted.

As I licked and nibbled and sucked my way down to her magnificent cleavage, I inched my fingertips further and further toward my own promised land. My eyes rolled back in my head when I felt the bare skin on the side of her hips where her panties should have been. That minx. My hands roamed further and her dress inched higher and higher around her waist, exposing more and more of her perfect creamy skin.

My fingers slid around to her lower stomach and trailed teasing touches making her giggle into my mouth. She pulled away and licked my lips before attacking my neck. She attached her lips to the spot just to the right of my Adam’s apple that drove me wild and I bucked underneath her. I gave up my teasing and my fingers slid through her folds. I groaned at the moisture I found there, knowing she was just as aroused as I was.

Without preamble, I drove two fingers up into her and she made a choked noise.

“Eric! Fuck!”

I drove my fingers deeper and deeper while my thumb circled her clit. Her head fell backwards, her hair trailing down her back and whispering across my lap.

Her hands loosened their hold on my shoulders to explore other parts of my body. It felt so good to have her silky hands caress my hard body and I shuddered in delight.

“Mmmmm, God I missed you lover.”

One of her hands began yanking at my belt while the other tried tearing through my dress shirt. Neither had much success and Sookie’s growls of frustration just served to make me pump into her harder.

She mewled against my neck as I withdrew my fingers and sucked one into my mouth.

I groaned in appreciation. She tasted so much better than I remember. Her eyes were hooded as she scooted off my legs so I could stand.

My fingers fought with the black pearl buttons on my shirt and then with the buckle on my belt. I didn’t have the patience for the button and zipper on my pants, so with a swift yank, they broke apart. I toed off my shoes and yanked off my socks as I stepped out of my pants.

Sookie licked her lips as I stood in front of her in all my glory. I swear I think she might have been drooling. Her eyes shined as she crooked her finger at me and I dropped to my knees in front of her. I leaned forward and wound my fingers through her hair as I crashed my lips onto hers.

She broke the kiss to gasp for breath. She cradled my chin in her tiny hands before I noticed a wicked smirk on her lips. She caught me off guard as she placed her hands gently on my chest and shoved. Hard.

I fell backwards, my legs flailing in the air. I’m quite certain I looked ridiculous. However, she pounced on me like a rabid lion. She palmed my aching cock as she fastened her lips onto my own. Her dress, which was regretfully still on, was caught under her ass, denying me the pleasure of grinding against her bare skin.

Her lips trailed farther down my body as her hand worked me faster and harder. She paused at my chest and gave each nipple a few nibbles, making my eyes roll back in my head. God, I forgot how good she was at working me up.

Her tiny fingers spread around the moisture leaking from my shaft as she licked her way down my stomach and bit gently on my hipbone. I twitched in her grasp, making her giggle.

“Sookie. Please, you’re going to-“

The strangled noise that left my throat as she dove onto my cock startled me, and seemed to spur Sookie on even more. My chest heaved as I fought to catch my breath. Sookie’s eyes shot up to mine as she moved one hand to my hip to make me stay down.

Her wrist twisted and twitched as she took me further and further into her luscious mouth, moving her tongue around the tip and then swirling it around my shaft like a lollipop. She began to hum and my breathing hitched again.

“Sookie…oh god baby-Sook-baby I’m gonna cum,” my head fell backwards against the blanket underneath me.

She redoubled her efforts and swallowed my cock into the back of her throat. I was done. I spurted shot after shot of cum into her waiting mouth and she gulped down every drop. Her hand continued to work me over gently as she smiled and sat up, licking away a stray bit of moisture.

“Are you still going to try to take it slow?”

I tried to answer her, I truly did. But I think she turned my brain to mush.

She got a grunt in reply.

“Did I break you?” She laughed as she crawled up my body and sat astride my hips.

I brought my knees up behind her to prop her up and she lifted her dress out from under her. Her pussy was soaked and she ground down against me, willing my cock to get hard again. He seemed to have a mind of his own, since he responded to her like Pavlov’s dog hearing a bell. Her dress pooled around her hips and flowed over mine, obscuring the magic happening between us.

“Sookie, take off your dress,” she gave me a withering look, “please.”

She smiled brightly and reached behind her neck and pulled at one of the ties, allowing the garment to fall, revealing her bountiful breasts. Even at this much smaller size, her girls were still bigger than most women’s.

I raised myself up and nuzzled into the depths of her cleavage and she giggled lightly as the scruff on my chin tickled her.

“Hold up buddy,” she pushed me gently and I collapsed backward as she pulled the dress over her head, revealing her supple tan skin to me.

“Oh lover,” my hands ghosted down her sides. “You are so gorgeous.”

I couldn’t bring myself to raise my voice above a whisper. She blushed lightly in the moonlight and began rocking ever so slightly on my cock again.

I grunted as she sped up her movements, spreading her wetness all over my lap.

She paused a moment and lifted up slightly before reaching back to grab my cock. She lined me up and sank backwards slowly. The feeling-so tight, so hot, so wet..I had to fight my urge to cum right then. She seemed to instinctively know that I needed a moment, or maybe she just needed to adjust.

After all, it had been almost a year for both of us. Slowly, she began rising up onto her knees and lowering herself back down. As she picked up speed, my hands found her hips, helping her move over me fluidly. Her fingers went to her tits and began plucking her nipples.

I gritted my teeth as my thumb began circling her clit with tight, fast motions. Her breathing sped up and her head fell back, tickling my thighs with the ends of her hair.

Her pussy fluttered and spasmed and I rubbed faster, trying to get her over that magical golden edge before I lost what minuscule amount of composure I had left.

“Fuck! Eric!”

Her eyes shot open, her pussy clenched tightly around me and she bit her lip lightly, panting through her teeth.

“Sook-fuck, Sookie…ah god FUCK!”

I bucked once, twice, three more times before shooting my seed inside her.

She planted her hands on my pecs and leaned forward, bracing her arms against my chest as she laid down in a glorious sweaty heap on top of me. I was officially in heaven.

“I missed that,” I barked out a laugh at her declaration, making my cock twitch and both of us moan.

“Is it safe to say that we’re ‘back in the saddle’ then?”

“Sure is, cowboy. Good thing Ludwig put me on Depo since we conveniently forgot condoms. Ya know on that slim chance that I could actually…you know,” her voice grew melancholy and I knew she was remembering the phone call she’d received last week from her endocrinologist.

He’d told her that her hormones levels were still screwed up and it would probably have a permanent effect on her fertility.

“Sookie, there are other ways to have kids. You know that. Whatever we have to do when the time comes, we’ll do it. Now, cheer up. Besides, they said slim chance, not no chance. We need to get in all the practice that we can!”

She let out a huge guffawing laugh as I wiggled my eyebrows and bucked my hips up into her.

“Kinda loses the effect if you’re cock refuses to get hard, darlin’.”

“Oh, so that’s how you’re gonna play it, huh? You tease! Come here!”

She jumped out of my reach and I shot up to chase her. The food was forgotten, the blanket was mussed and our clothes were lost amongst the knee high grass.

But frolicking in a meadow had never been quite so fun before now.

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