Chapter 8: Minx

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Present day – December 2010

I pulled up to a red light and yanked my vibrating phone out of my pocket, quickly glancing at the caller ID.

“Hey dad! What’s going on?”

“Are you home yet or did you leave the bar late?” His chiding voice had the sound of a smile in it.

“Preston called you, didn’t he?” I sighed. The light changed to green, I released the brake and began driving again.

“No, I called the bar looking for you. I need you to stop over on your way home.”

“Alright, let me turn around and I’ll be there in a few,” I pressed end as I searched for somewhere to turn around. At least I hadn’t gotten far enough to where it’d be inconvenient to head back.

Dad greeted me with a wave as I pulled into the driveway.

“Your mother put together a bunch of frozen dinners for you guys. She called to tell me that they should be ready to take over now,” he clapped a hand on my shoulder.

“And mom couldn’t bring them?”

Dad gave a chuckle. “She’s been over there since this morning. She’s convinced Sookie is working herself too hard.”

I shook my head. “Shit. That’s probably my fault.”

My dad threw his head back and let out a great guffaw. “Ah, but it’s our job to protect our women, no?”

His hokey Italian accent just sent me over the edge and by the time we got inside I had tears running down my cheeks.

June 2007

“Please tell me this is the last one!” Preston huffed as he dropped the box in his hands.

I laughed at his pansy ass.

“I dunno, ask Sook. She and Laf are ‘fixing’ the kitchen,” I smirked.

Preston shuddered. “I’m surprised she even lets you in there. When I moved in with Laf he warned me to never mess with anything in his kitchen. He made very graphic references to his big ass knives and my balls.”

I let out a full on laugh. I could so totally see Lafayette saying something like that.

“Nah, Sookie isn’t quite that bad. I have been told to move the appliances at my own risk, but she lets me get in there occasionally. She even lets me cook sometimes,” he quirked his eyebrow at me.

“Wow. She really does love you.”

I sighed and smiled. He chuckled as he noted the goofy expression on my face.

“Dude. Can I be honest with you?”

I nodded, suddenly wary about whatever he planned to say.

He leaned heavily on the dresser and leveled his gaze at me. “I was not at all sure about you when I met you. I knew Sookie and I loved her…so in my opinion anyone that would hurt her had to be scum,” I flinched. “But-then I saw you two together. And I see how utterly devoted you are to her. And I know that you’re the absolute best thing for her.”

He took a deep breath and peeked out the door, then turned back to me.

“I know you guys had been talking about moving back in together for a couple months, but did she tell you why she finally said yes?”

My eyebrows knitted together as I shook my head.

“I pushed her to it. You guys were already spending most of your nights together. And honestly…she is so much happier when you’re around. I just-I wanted her to be as happy as I am with Laf. And you do that for her. So I figured the best place for her…is with you.”

At the risk of sounding like a complete pussy, I gotta admit that I misted up a little.

“That’s…thanks man. I appreciate it. I love her more than anything.”

He nodded and smiled before he sauntered out to find his other half. A moment later his head appeared again.

“But, for the record-hurt her and I’ll hurt you. Just a disclaimer.”

His laugh followed him down the hall as he retreated once more.

I sat heavily on the bed for a moment, contemplating this rather weird revelation. Maybe Preston wasn’t so bad after all. Huh.

There was a knock on the front door and I hauled myself up to answer it. I met Sookie bouncing her way down the front hallway and grabbed her around the waist before she could get away. She giggled as I slung her over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes and continued on my way to find out who else had decided to grace us with their presence. It seemed as if our house had a revolving door today, what with all the people coming and going.

I opened the door and squinted into the sunlight.

“Mom! Dad! Hey!”

I pulled Mom in for a hug and she gave Sookie’s ass a playful smack.

“What’d you do this time girlie?”

My father chuckled as he swung her off my shoulder and enveloped her in a huge bear hug.

“He just felt like copping a feel. Nothing new,” I blushed slightly, like I did every single time Sookie brought up our sex life in front of my parents.

Dad smiled and punched me lightly on the shoulder. “Good man!”

We all laughed as we retreated from the front hallway. Lafayette and Preston had moved into the living room and we joined them, moving to sit on various peices of furniture.

I pulled Sookie down onto my lap and she snuggled into me. My mother squealed softly under her breath and shot my dad a goofy love struck look. Lafayette aww’ed over their display and Preston shook his head, laughing lightly.

“So, what brings you out today Soph? Not really much going on is there?” Sookie’s eyes gleamed as she teased my mom.

“Ah hah you little shit. Just laugh it up. Then you won’t get the present Godric and I brought over,” the smug smile on my moms face made me stifle my laugh before Sookie could whip around and smack me.

She pouted adorably and gave my mom her puppy eyes. “I’m sorry Soph. We love having you over and you’re welcome anytime…well-maybe not ANYTIME, but you know.”

Dad let out a cackle and leaned forward in his chair. When his fit of laughter subsided, he clasped his hands together and regarded us closely.

“Hey, Laf? Do you think you and Preston could run out and possibly get us some fixins for a nice steak dinner?”

Subtle dad. Real subtle.

“Sure thang Godric. Who we cookin for?”

To could see the internal struggle as my dad did some math in his head before he answered. “8, but buy for 12. You know the appetites around here.”

Preston smirked and tugged Lafayette down the hallways, snagging Dad’s card from his outstretched hand as he passed. “Bags still in your car Sook?”

“Sure are darlin! Don’t you lose any more of them! I loved that Whole Foods one you lost last time!”

The chuckle that drifted back to us was definitely Lafayette’s and I knew Preston was probably running with his tail between his legs. Sookie’d really reamed him out over that one.

Once the door slammed, I pressed a kiss to Sookie’s forehead before turning to my parents.

“Alright guys. What’s up?”

I felt Sookie tense as they both adopted grim expressions.

“Sophie? Godric? What’s wrong?” Sookie asked, sounding panicked. I just glanced between my parents and tightened my hold on her.

She began trembling and I knew her lip would be jutting out as she tried to hold back tears.

“Oh, no! Honey, nothing’s wrong! Oh, come here,” my mom opened her arms and Sookie scooted over to her and snuggled into her side. I wanted her back in my lap immediately.

“Shit, that’s not the reaction we wanted,” Dad ran a hand through his short brown hair. “We just had a surprise for you two.”

I rolled my eyes at their method of presentation before I reached over to claim Sookie once more. She snuggled into my chest and peeked out at my parents.

“Well, since this is a new beginning for you both we decided that you need a clean slate to start out with. I don’t want to hear any arguments about this either, hear me girlie?” My fathers finger waved in Sookie’s face and she narrowed her eyes. I just chuckled as the scene played out.

“Don’t give me something to argue about Godric. Then we’ll be dandy.”

Ah, there’s my little firecracker!

He shot her a stern look. “You’ve always said that the one thing this place was missing was a pool, right?”

We both nodded slowly, failing to see where this was going.

My parents waited a minute while we sat staring at them blankly.

“Do you really not get it?” My mom snorted. “Two college educated, highly intelligent small business owners….and you can’t see where were going with this?”

Dad let out a boisterous laugh. “We’re putting in a pool for you!”

Sookie began shaking her head as a grin broke out on my face.

“Guys! That’s way too much!” I pulled her to my side and clamped a hand over her mouth.

“Are we going to live here for a good long while, love?” She nodded silently. “Then what’s the problem? It will add value and if you really have to have things your way, then IF we decide to sell, we can pay them back with the return on it. Fair?”

I caught my dad shaking his head out of the corner of my eye. Mom nudged him gently and his eyes sparked with recognition.

Sookie glared at me skeptically.

“Fine. I can see I’ll be outnumbered,” she flopped back onto my chest, pulling my arms around her middle.

“Well, since you’re being so cooperative, I may as well get the rest if the surprise out of the way,” Dad’s voice broke through her pout.


“While the work is being done, you two will be reconnecting. Away from here. Got me? We’ve already got the tickets and the hotel booked. And we’ve arranged coverage at the restaurant and the bar,” my mom’s smug smile when she finished speaking was enough for me to be struck silent.

Sookie however, didn’t seem to have that problem.

“Guys! This is just-waaaaay, way way too-shit! GUYS!”

We collapsed into laughter as she stood with her hands on her hips and her angry kitten face on. I laughed even harder when she stomped her foot like a toddler.

“Oh, love, it’s not worth the anxiety! Just let them do it and say thank you,” I kissed her nose as I pulled her down onto me.


“No.” I put my finger to her lips gently. “I’m only moving it if you’re going to say thank you and let it go.”

She huffed for a few moments before rolling her eyes and relenting.

“Thank you both. It’s really kind. And-generous…and…” The tears started streaming before I could react and my dad jumped up to give her a huge hug again.

“Oh please don’t cry little girl, it makes my knees hurt,” Sookie chuckled into my dad’s chest as she sniffled and wiped away the few remaining tears. He led her gently into the kitchen away from mom and me.

“I’m so glad everything’s working out for you two. It’s so obvious how in love you are,” mom sighed as she dropped onto the couch next to me.

“Thanks Mom,” I curled my arm around her shoulders and pressed a light kiss to the top of her head.

“Hey hookahs!! We’s back!” Lafayette’s shrill voice echoed around the hallway, pulling the four of us out of our respective positions.

“Yay! Food!”

My parents eyes got wide and their faces broke out into huge smiles. That’s right, they hadn’t seen Sookie eat since this whole fiasco.

They were in for a huge surprise themselves.

The Next Day

“Geez, they weren’t kidding, were they? They could have at least told us the flight was at ridiculous fucking o’clock this morning!”

Sookie was still grumpy before she’d had her coffee.

“Cheer up, lover. We’ll get you coffee as soon as we’re through security,” I smirked at her put upon sigh and wheeled our suitcase onto the monorail that would take us to the terminal. I wrapped my arms around my girl and couldn’t stop smiling.

Twenty minutes, two pat downs and forty million questions later, we made it through the security line and into the terminal where our plane would be departing from.
“Geez, you’d think the prescription bottle would have clued them in that my meds were legit, but noooooooooo…”

I let Sookie rattle on and on about the incompetence of airport personnel while I ordered the largest black coffee the small cafe had available. The girl behind the counter was wide eyed as she took in my extremely pissed off girlfriend beside me.

“Any way I could get that with extra caffeine?”

Yeah, that girl wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. She just stared, wide eyed and confused.

Nevertheless, the coffee she handed me was perfect and I shoved it at Sookie. The second the steaming liquid touched her lips, I actually saw her shoulders drop and her whole demeanor changed. I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture.

“Hey! What was that for?”

The stern voice she tried to assume was ruined when she let out a tinkling giggle as she glanced over my shoulder at the screen.

“Posterity. It IS possible for you to enjoy this trip. I just needed a reminder,” I barked out a laugh as she tried to swat at me without spilling her precious libation.

I led her to the departing gate and sat in one of the hard plastic chairs before pulling her onto my lap. Her ass was finally filled out enough that I wasn’t being stabbed with her butt bone. Ahhh, the glory of a truly perfect ass.

I sighed in contentment.

“What’s gotten into you?” She leaned against my chest and rested her head on my shoulder.

“I’m just–I’m just so fucking happy,” my arms wound around her waist and tugged her closer.

She smiled brilliantly.

“6 months ago I thought my life was over. And now…now I’m happier than I ever thought I could be. I’m so glad that you gave me another chance. And I’m so, SO happy that you’re back to being you. Cause-ya know-I kinda love you and all,” I turned her head to me and kissed her.

Without a thought for the people around us, I flicked my tongue against her lips, begging for entrance. When she slipped her tongue past my lips, I massaged it with my own and her answering moan had my cock hardening almost instantly.

“Yo dude! Get a room, man!”

And just like that the moment was over and we were both giggling into each others shoulders.

ch 8

The Next Day

“This is glorious,” Sookie’s eyes were closed and I took in her blissful expression.

I sighed as I laid my head back down on the towel underneath me. She was right…glorious would definitely be an apt descriptor. The warm sun, the white sand, together away from our stress at home-perfect. Sookie looked radiant in the sun and I smiled to myself.

I must have dozed off because I woke to the feeling of hair trailing over my knees.

“Sook-” I groaned as I felt her fingernails trail up my thighs under my board shorts. Then I felt her nipple graze my calf. Wait-

I jolted upright, throwing her off of me in the process. “Sookie! You’re naked!”

I scrambled to grab a towel to cover her and she collapsed in a fit of giggles. The look of confusion must have made her feel for me because she crawled back up to me.

“Oh my love,” she shook her head as she crawled up my body before settling her luscious body on my lap. “You don’t listen to anything do you? Each villa has its own private beach. There’s no one out here…”

As my brain caught up with what she had said, she was working her magic. My cock had hardened and was straining against my swim trunks, threatening the integrity of the ties holding them together.

My hands circled her waist loosely as her kisses trailed up my chest and her fingers worked the opening of my trunks. Then my libido kicked into gear. I looped my leg over hers and flipped us quickly, landing on top of her with a soft huff.

“Oh really, love? There’s no one?”

Her eyes sparkled as she slowly shook her head. I tugged her hands above her head and pinned her to the sandy beach.

“No one at all. Not for miles…” She trailed off into a groan as my lips attacked her neck my teeth scraping over her pulse point.

“Don’t. Move.” My voice was husky and lust filled.

Her lip caught between her teeth as her eyes widened in arousal. I smirked as I trailed my lips down the column of her neck, over her collarbone and down to her bare breasts. Her rosy nipples stood at attention in the balmy breeze and my eyes flicked up to hers as my tongue darted out to taste one. A breath kissed through her parted lips.

I rolled her other nipple with my fingers as I latched onto the other. Her body writhed and bucked, trying to get more friction where she desperately needed it, but my heavier body pinned hers. Her arms fought my grip on them, but I held her steady as I sampled the flavor of her skin.

When I’d gotten my fill of both of her breasts, I began trailing my kisses down her flat stomach. She sucked in another breath and I glanced up to see her eyes closed. She had an expression on her face that bordered on pain.

“What do you want, Sookie?”

Her labored breathing continued as her eyes shot open and sought me out.

“I-I want…I want you,” the throaty moan that escaped made my cock ache.

“You have me, love. I’m right here. That’s all you want?”

Her frustrated growl made me smile as I laid serenely over her body, not moving except to breathe,

“No! Eric, I need you,” her brow furrowed as she tried to get out of saying what I wanted her to.

“You need me? You need me to what? Kiss you?”

I laid kisses along her lowed stomach, blowing slight raspberries and making her giggle.

“You need me to touch you?”

I slowly let go of her wrists and she obediently kept them above her head. I let my fingers linger as they slid softly down her arms. I stroked lightly over the crease of her elbow, down to her shoulder, across her chest, circling each nipple and down to her belly button. I trailed my finger down her hip, bypassing where she really wanted me. I continued stroking lightly down her thighs and to the backs of her knees before finishing at her ankles and feet. She let out a tinkling giggle as I ran my fingertips down the soles of her feet.

“You need me to lick you?” I said against her skin. I felt her shiver. God I love how her body reacts to me.

Her legs spread involuntarily as I licked and nipped my way back up her legs, starting at her feet once more. The taste of her skin, even with the occasional grain of sand, was heavenly. She tasted of spun sugar, sunlight and coconut oil-it was distinctly her. I felt like a starving man and I didn’t think I’d ever get enough.
She gasped in another breath as I made it to her inner thigh. However I skipped her pussy yet again and drew my tongue in abstract patterns around her hips and lower stomach.

“Eric! I need you to fuck me!”

Her high pitched wail spurred me on and I immediately thrust 2 fingers into her. She squealed as I pumped vigorously.

“This? Is this what you need Sookie?”

I raised my body over hers and smoldered down at her. Her head whipped from side to side.

“This?” I pumped in and out slowly. “You want my fingers fucking your pussy? That?! Is that what you want?!”

I crooked my fingers inside her as I thrust and my thumb found her clit, hard and throbbing.

She screamed out her release as I kept pumping. Her hips bucked up to meet my hand and I smashed my lips onto hers, our tongues fighting for dominance.

I drew away slowly as I felt her trembling. My fingers pumped lazily before I finally withdrew them, bringing them slowly up to my mouth.

Her eyes darkened with desire as I placed one on my tongue and swirled it around, licking her essence off. I groaned as her hand shot out to grab mine, drawing my other finger into her own mouth. Her blue eyes sparkled with mischief as her tongue swirled and sucked on my finger like she was sucking my cock.

Her other hand trailed slowly down my chest, tweaking my nipple on the way, until she reached the tie of my trunks, pulling at the laces gently.

She placed her hand on my chest, pushing me back as she sat up. Then she tugged my trunks over my ass, making a frustrated whimper when they caught on my thighs. I raised myself to my knees and let her pull them down as far as she could before raising up and kicking them off myself.

She flopped back onto the towel, wiggling to straighten it out underneath her.

“That was wonderful, love. But not quite what I had in mind.”

I leaned over her, gazing into the azure depths of her eyes.

I lowered my lips, lightly skimming her ear in the process as I whispered, “What did you have in mind then, lover?”

She shuddered underneath me and I felt her hand wrap itself around my cock and squeeze slightly. My eyes bulged and I’m sure I made a choked noise as she smiled brilliantly.

“I want your cock. I want your cock fucking my pussy so hard that I can’t walk straight. I want you to pound me so hard that I’m screaming,” her hand continued to work me as my eyes rolled back in my head. “I want you to come inside me, fill up my hot-tight-wet pussy with everything you’ve got to give me. And then…” She leaned up to my ear. “I want to suck your cock down my throat to get you hard again so you can fuck me over and over until we’re both completely and utterly spent.”

I was panting when she’d finished. I ground my aching erection into her, nudging her hand out of the way.

“Think you can do that sailor?”

I smirked and tugged her violently upwards. She squealed as I threw her onto her stomach and lifted her ass roughly into the air.

“You think you’re in charge here, don’t you?”

She wiggled her ass at me and I smacked her tanned skin. A red hand print appeared on her lower cheek and she arched her back.

“I’ll fuck you when I think you’re good and ready. Hear me, Sookie?”

“Oh fuck! Yes!”

I had a tight grip on her hips as I rained blows down onto her ass, making it glow red in the late afternoon sunshine. She lunged backward into me, trying to get the friction she so desperately needed to cum. Without warning, I lined my cock up with her aching pussy and plunged all the way in. I was buried to the hilt in her luscious wetness, right where I wanted to be.

She yelped and I felt her muscles flutter and squeeze me tight as her orgasm ripped through her. I didn’t pause, didn’t give her a chance to recover-I started pounding.

“Fuck! Sookie, you’re so fucking tight! So fucking wet! You want this cock? Huh? You want my thick, hard cock? Who’s pussy is this?”

She whimpered and whined as another orgasm built rapidly. But I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted an answer.

“Whose fucking cunt is this, Sookie?! Tell me!” I began laying into her ass, red palm prints standing out lividly as she cried out in delight.

“Oh FUCK! Eric! All yours…fuck-pussy’s all-yours! FUCK!”

Her cunt clenched around me once again and she collapsed forward, turning her head to the side. Her back arched tantalizingly and her pussy became unbearably tight with the new angle.

Sweat dropped into my eyes and I reached to wipe it away.

“Fuck! Sookie, you feel so good. You’re mine! Fuck-all fucking mine. Fuck…ahhhh…fuck…FUCK!

Another hard thrust and I lost the battle with myself. I erupted into her, filling her womb with my cum, moaning in delight as my balls emptied themselves in her.

“Oh fuuuuuuuuuuck…..” She moaned quietly and I felt another shiver of pleasure run through her. I laid myself over her back and pressed a kiss onto her shoulder blade.

She wiggled slightly and I leaned up, only to flop over onto my side. I reached up and pulled her into my chest, keeping my arm around her tightly. I brushed some hair out of her face and cupped her cheek before gently laying a kiss onto her swollen lips.

“So, that what you had in mind, love?”

My breaths came out in pants to match hers and she chuckled.

“That was a nice try, but I think you can do better.” She winked. She fucking winked!

That minx.

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  1. A pool and a vacation! Damn, I need some “in-laws” like that! And their sex on the beach scene was way hot…though I know in real life it’s never quite like that when there’s sand involved. LOL!


    1. If there’s a big enough towel there might be a sliiiiiiiiiiiiiim shot to not have too much sand but I didn’t want to go down that incredibly humorous avenue this time around. Although I think that would make an awesome scene…maybe I’ll get on that. ;)


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