What’s this?!

So yeah…I actually did something *pauses and looks to the side shiftily* productive. Gasp, I know. I managed to coerce my brain into letting me type something remotely resembling a coherent end to the chapters I already had mostly done. It’s ridiculous how ornery my brain is being. I know where every single one of my stories is going-intricate plot details and everything-but yeah it’s not actually coming out of my head.

x . x . x . x . x

So, for my TMI readers, there is a new chapter of The Institute for you! And this chapter is much shorter than I intended, but it ends on a…nice note…

*hint, hint*

I’m evil, yeah. So click the banner to go to the story home page (maybe you need a refresher…I know I did…) and click the link to go directly to the newest chapter. :)

The Institute banner

The Institute // Chapter 12

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And my TB/SVM readers have a new nugget of…mediocre-ness as well.

This chapter has actually been done for awhile and I guess I forgot to post it…??? No idea. But I *think* MistressJessica looked it over-but maybe not. Either way, any mistakes you find are mine because there’s no telling what I did to this poor chapter after she checked it over. ┬áBut chapter 4 is in progress, slow progress but progress all the same. So hopefully my fickle little muse will allow me to actually work on this. For now, banner=story page, link=new chapter. As always. :)

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Chapter 3: Coming for Dinner

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I don’t think there’s anything else new…well I have a new story (another one?!!?) that I’m working on and will post when I get the first chapter done. But until then, have fun with all the spotlights and yumminess. :) And start bitching at my muse, maybe she’ll listen to you *shrugs* Thanks for reading lovelies!!!

Happy Needless-Turkey-Murder Day

Or…Thursday if you’re not into the whole Pilgrim/Indian thing. :)

So yesterday I was sitting there thinking “What could I possibly do for my lovely readers on this fine autumnal holiday?”

And…BAM! I finished a chapter of The Institute for you guys. Aw, you’re welcome. :)

As always, banner=story home, link=chapter…



The Institute // Chapter 11

Now, I have to say, I’ve had a very…sucky week. My grandmother passed away on Monday, Little Miss is sick, which incidentally means since I was vomited upon multiple times…I’m sick now too. So, no promises on the regularity of my posts for the next week or so. I’ve got a ton of stuff saved up…but I still have to write the posts, schedule the posts, format the posts…yeah.

Oh and another note. I have a crap ton of author spotlights saved up from like-forever ago. Since I haven’t really been active in the SVM/True Blood fandom lately (which they mostly consist of) I’m going to just post the spotlights, without commentary. When I get back into the fandom I’ll go back and revise, but for now I want to get their interviews out to you. So keep an eye out for those as well. :)

Uh….I’m pretty sure there was more…but-oh! Forgive any mistakes or weirdness in the chapter I just posted….like I said, the week sucked. I read through it twice but I’m not entirely sure how coherent the chapter is. So yeah.

Anyhoo-love ya darlins and hope you had a wonderful Thursday…or Thanksgiving. :)

In Honor of the Illustrious JCB

So, the illustrious and amazingly talented Jamie Campbell Bower is having a birthday today! He’s 26…so it’s not completely pervy for me to be totally enamored, right?!?! *side eye* Oh well…that beautiful man deserves all the happiness in the world. So Happy Birthday Jamie! (Not that I actually think he’ll ever see this, but still.)


Okay, so…I’ve done quite a bit today. For one thing, there’s a new spotlight today. So go check it out here.

Not only that but I prepped a few spotlights to post throughout the week, PLUS i already scheduled the porny posts-so no forgetting! YAY!!!

Not only that, but I finished Chapter 10 of The Institute, posted it, AND posted all the chapters I have of Hidden…of which there were 8. Oops.

So all that’s up to date. I’ll link down below. Now, I don’t remember if Mr. Kelpie read Hidden and he’s still being a stubborn butt about my “too long sentences”, so any mistakes are mine. Sorry. If you see something blatantly ridiculous feel free to let me know. :)

As always, if you have any suggestions for stories I should read, authors I should interview or artists I should check out-please let me know! I’m finding so many new amazing new content from you guys!

That being said, I’ll stop rambling. I’m pretty sure there was something else I meant to post, but yeah…I don’t remember. Keep an eye out for new spotlights and new chapters (if the kidlets ever let me finish anything else).

Click the story banners to go to the homepages and the chapter links for the actual story. Enjoy lovelies!


The Institute // Chapter 10

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Chapter 6: Alleys
Chapter 7: Somewhere Safe
Chapter 8: Parabatai
Chapter 9: Birthday Plans
Chapter 10: Do We Trust Him?
Chapter 11: Stolen Away
Chapter 12: Last House on the Left
Chapter 13: You Broke Them

Have a great night lovelies! I’ll see you….later…yeah. :)))

Hey ducklings!!!

Heh heh, Jace would kill me. :) *evil chuckle*

Anyway, I have a new chapter for you! (Cue applause)

I may have a slightly inflated sense of self worth…or at least act like I do. :) But any.ways….Mr. Kelpie still hasn’t looked this over. He’s still on his weird “your sentences are too long” kick. So any mistake are all mine.

And I have to apologize-Simon absolutely would not shut the fuck up and just let me write. So Clary and Jace didn’t quite get to where I wanted them to end up.

But there’s some cuteness in there for ya. *angelic grin*

So, as always click the banner for the story homepage and the link for the chapter.



The Institute // Chapter 9


Oh and another thing. I’m trying to get my act together (read: balance mommy duties and blog duties) so I’m gonna try to fix up how I do spotlights. The story ones should be easier to do and therefore you’ll get more of them. Yay! If there are any author’s out there who I really need to interview feel free to let me know cause those are the hardest to do. Whether it’s that they don’t want to or don’t answer or ff.net eats my message…yeah you get the idea. :)

So read on and have a great week lovelies! I’ll post the porn in a few too. *wink wink*

A new Chapter

Yeah, I have a new chapter of The Institute.

Now, this isn’t as well read as the ones before because Mr. Kelpie and I had a disagreement. He likes short sentences. (<—like that one.) And he hates my use of compound sentences. So he got all pissy and stopped reading. *rolls eyes*

So whenever he gets his head out of his ass and actually reads it, I’ll fix anything that needs it. I did read through quite a few times, but my eyes started crossing so…. yeah.

As always, click the banner to go to the story page and the link to go to the chapter. :)



The Institute // Chapter 8

Birthday Happenings

Hallo and Happy 5th of November! Generally I hate today-it’s the day I was brought kicking and screaming into this world before wing promptly abandoned by my 15 year old mother.

Okay not literally abandoned but still. An I have a serious complex about today. But-I’m trying to be positive. If only for Mr. Kelpie who tries so hard every year. :)

But I had time to myself today and what did I do?!? Yeah that’s right-I banged out another chapter for you lovelies.

I’m pretty sure there was more stuf I was gonna put in this post jut my brain is currently mushy like pudding-the yummy pumpkin spice kind cause it IS the season, you know-and I can’t think of what it is.

Thank Mr. Kelpie for reading this over and know any weirdness or mistakes are still all mine.

This is where the M rating starts to come into play and I will say-there’s a slight sexual assault trigger warning if you’re sensitive to that. It’s more of a threat than an actual-well, didn’t want to blindside anyone.

So as usual, click the banner to go to the story home page and the link to take you to the chapter.



The Institute // Chapter 7

And on that note I’m off to bed. But not to sleep. Mr. Kelpie still has another present for me. *waggles eyebrows*

….yeah I’m a pervert. :) if that offends you-well-why are you here in the first place?!? :) *smirk* night lovelies!!!


Okay, so I’ve kinda started using twitter…maybe. A little. Trying to at least. I still don’t get the @ and the # and all the…stuff. But I’m trying. So if you want to follow me you can find me at kelpie_169. :)

Now, I have a new chapter of The Institute. This chapter was completely out of left field…Clary and Jonathan had me all like…

E/p shitting me button


Lafayette hell no button

….forgive the lack of TMI buttons yet-haven’t had a chance. I’ll get around to it. :)

But yeah. They blindsided me and I’m just rolling with it. Working on chapter 7 so hopefully it’ll be out soon.

So click the banner for the story home page and the link for the chapter. :)



The Institute // Chapter 6

Enjoy lovelies!

Another chapter and another fail

Yeah I said I’d have this up at the latest…yesterday. Fail. Then again, it was Halloween. And Spawn #1 was just back from a 24 hour EEG. And I had to put together a last minute costume for a party. And Spawn #2 & #3 barely slept since Daddy wasn’t home. So yeah. Yesterday was not the greatest. But here it is! Chapter 5-mostly just for VictoryInTrouble, cause without her I probably would’ve stopped writing this one by now. :)

Click the banner to go to the story homepage and the link for the chapter.



The Institute // Chapter 5

I’m working on Chapter 6…kinda. I’m trying to bribe Jonathan into talking to me…he’s being a stubborn bitch. So when he cooperates I’ll have another chapter for y’all. :)


I have another chapter of The Institute done…and Mr. Kelpie is reading the next chapter as I type. So I’ll have that for you later tonight or tomorrow. This chapter is wholly devoted to VictoryInTrouble for actually reading it and letting me know she’s digging it. It totally spurred me on. :)

So, as always-click the banner to go to the story homepage and the link to go to the chapter.



The Institute // Chapter 4

Oh and forgive the lack of spotlights in the coming days. Spawn #1 is having some medical testing done and my focus isn’t really…focused. Yeah. Plus I feel like I’m having a 1/3 life crisis lately. Which sucks since I’m only turning 28 and therefore should be nowhere near freaking out. Of course 10 years ago I thought I was a goner within the year so…this is entirely unexpected. Ah well.

So forgive my weird and patchy posts (I know I forgot Humpday Hotness!) and I’ll do the best I can. Thanks lovelies and happy reading!

Oh Captain, my Captain

I have not one-but TWO new chapters of the Institute for you. I also have a few more chapters of Hidden, but I’ll be posting those…in the next few days. I’m entirely too tired (seriously my eyes are like crossing…it’s bad) to attempt any more computer stuff right now. So, without any more sarcastic banter, here ya go. Click the banner to go to the story page and the links to go to the chapters.



Chapter 2
Chapter 3

You’ll notice I’m not naming these chapters…too much effort. My muse hasn’t quite decided where this is going so I’m on as much of a ride as you guys. *shrug* Anyhoo, there’s another story spotlight here┬áthat is actually an OUAT drabble. So you should go check it out cause it’s all fluffy and will give you lovely Captain Swan feels. :)

Cheerio dahlings!