Last Day, Last Day, Last Daaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy

That’s right. Today is the last motherfucking day to get your submissions in for the Twins contest!

Go here to find out more and whip one out. I’ve got 3 submissions so far. Check back tomorrow (hopefully in the morning, but possibly mid-afternoon, depending on the kidlets) to start voting on the entries. *squeal*

On another note…I have a chapter for you. And it’s from Unlikely Beginnings! :)

This chapter is kinda near and dear to me because it’s the reeeeeal beginning of the story, if you know what I mean. Obviously, you’ll see things are not the way they are in real life. But the situation and especially the lines at the end (minus the nicknames) are exactly how it happened. And I will forever treasure that memory. *drifts away for a sec*



Yup, that’s us on that night…

And since camera phones were like hardly better than a drawing back then, this is one of only 2 I have of that night. :( But yeah. So…..check it out.

Unlikely Beginnings // Chapter 6: Mini Golf

And  HUGE shout out to my wonderfully awesome beta, MistressJessica1028, and my kinda-not-official-but still officially-awesome pre-reader MissRissa81. They keep me sane…or insane in MissRissa’s case when she bugs me for updates. But hey! It worked…..Oh and kudos if you catch the sneaky little pop culture tidbit I threw in there…*wink*



There are no words for the new episode…at least not yet cause I haven’t seen it. Although I did get spoilers from MistressJessica on Facebook so….just yeah no. And Gyllene was begging for something to take her mind off of it so I’m posting early.

Unlikely Beginnings // Chapter 5: Memorial Day

And here’s your warnings for the chapter:

Frying Pan Warning
For the very very beginning…

Citrus Warning
and yeah…I’ll just scamper away now…

I couldn’t wait…

So, you get another chapter of Unlikely today. :)

This is one of my favorite chapters (so far) and you’ll probably see why. You’ll probably also wanna kill me when you get to the end but ah well. *evil laugh*

And the story in this chapter, the one Claude brings up, confused the hell out of Mr. Kelpie when he read through the chapter. He was like “well, that would have been funny if it’d actually happened.”

And then I had to tell him that just cause it didn’t happen with THEM doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I’m pulling out the stops and remembering ALL my shenanigans. :)

Hopefully you enjoy, hopefully you don’t wanna kill me and hopefully you can wait until next week for Chapter 5.

Happy reading, lovelies!

Unlikely Beginnings // Chapter 4: Pick Your Poison

It’s tiiiiiiiimmmmmeeee……

…for another E/S chapter!

Yeah, chapter 3 from Unlikely Beginnings is up and ready to go. And, since it’s a short chapter you may or may not get another one later in the week…depends on how much I get written and whatnot. As it stands, I have a busy week…mini family vacation Thursday and Friday. So no promises-though I will try cause Chapter 4 is one of my favorites to date. :)

That being said, I’ve also been working on Already Married…as many of you know I lost my muse for that at the end of last season and Book 13 just killed it even further. But with the help of the extremely talented and bona fide genius tj6james6, I’ve now brainstormed and my muse has risen! There’s a few alterations to my original storyline, which are now fixed in the earlier chapters and as I work I’ll just keep updating. I’m aiming to post a new chapter Sunday…to distract us from the mockery of a show HBO is trying to put us through…but again, no promises. I can aim and try all I like, but…kids tend to ruin any kind of schedules I may set up.


So, happy reading and hope you enjoy the new chapter!

Unlikely Beginnings // Chapter 3: AIM

PSH! EDIT!! A huge thank you to my awesome betas (Nix and MistressJessica1028) for cleaning up my Baby-Girl-addled mess…seriously, having a toddler help you type…not the smartest idea. :)


Yes, that is what Sookie has in Unlikely Beginnings this week. :) You’ll see why in a minute.

Unlikely Beginnings banner

FYI: The pics at the bottom are actual pictures from the night I met Mike. No, I don’t remember that night. The whole beginning of this story (and this chapter specifically) is pretty much how I found out about that night, although-like I said-this is a condensed version of the first 6 months we knew each other.

So…hopefully you like. Enjoy and happy reading!

Unlikely Beginnings // Chapter 2: Black Out Drunk

Oh! I forgot! I may not be able to respond to comments, but I absolutely LOVE getting them. Seriously, they make my day. So, to everyone who comments-thank you! I’ll reply if I have time, but with the kids…eh ya know. *smooches*


Thanks to MistressJessica1028…

…I now have my E/S mojo back!

MJ1028 is a fantabulous author (seriously, why are you reading my crap?!? Go read her stuff!) and a beta extraordinaire! I am so grateful for her help and her inspiration for my original OTP.

So. The deal is this. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things with the stories I’d previously started. And the muse is slowly coming back. But in the meantime, I have a couple new ones that are keeping my E/S juices flowing. ::Was it just me or did that sound dirty?!?::

I’m aiming to update at least once a week on at least one E/S story. My Captain Swan stuff will just be published whenever it’s done cause there’s no muse issues with them. :)

So, without further ado, I bring you Unlikely Beginnings. Just click the banner underneath and enjoy!!

Unlikely Beginnings banner