Contest Page

Here is the page where I’m putting all the info for the contests I’m running. :)

Rules for all contests:

1. Must be anonymous. Anyone found telling what they wrote will be disqualified from winning.
2. As an extension of rule 1, no posing on your own site until the contest is done and the voting is over.
3. Must be at least 500 words. Past that, it’s up to you. It can be a one shot or the start of a multichapter, but let me know which.
4. Make sure it’s readable. You don’t have to use a beta, but if it looks like a 3 year old who only uses text speak did it…well I may send it back for corrections. :)
5. Submit all entries to or share to the Google Drive with the same address by the deadline to be included. If you choose to just share, which is easy shoot me a line in the form below to let me know. :)
6. If you have any suggestions, comments, questions or anything else use the contact form below. Thanks lovelies!

That’s all the general rules. Rules for specific contests will be posted on each page.

TwinSkars Contest
Submit: 7.1.14 – 7.31.14
Voting: ends 8.8.14

Get Inked Contest
Submit: 1.01.15 – 1.31.15
Voting: 2.01.15 – 2.05.15


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