TwinSkars Contest

Sparked by a Facebook thread led by our very own WordPress Whisperer who posted this picture…



…and this contest was born.

Basically it has to have SOMETHING to do with Twin Erics…however that is. Use your imagination. :)

Submissions need to be submitted by July 31, 2014 and the voting will be until August 8, 2014. Submit to by the deadline to be included.

Okay, grand prize options will include:
Fangtasia mug
Eric/Sookie necklace
ASkars Keychain
$20 Etsy giftcard

Second and third prize will get a banner or a set of buttons of your choice to use for whatever you want.


And here they are-the entries you’ve been waiting for. Voting will be open until noon next Saturday (8.9.14). After reading, come back here and cast your vote!

Meet My Brother by gwynwyvar
More Than Meets The Eye by MistressJessica1028
Never Changing Who I Am by Kittyinaz


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