The Polar Express


The Polar Express

“I still don’t think I understand. Where are the parents?”

Molly Weasley’s voice carried the worry that only could come from being a mother as she watched the movie. Hermione and Harry glanced at each other, small smiles pulling their lips up.

“It’s just a story, Mrs. Weasley. It’s pretend.”

For as magical as the world around them was, what with being actual witches and wizards, the magical population seemed to have a vastly underdeveloped imagination.

“So, this kid just gets on a train that shows up in the middle of his yard, no questions asked? I’m pretty sure that’s a bad idea all around.”

Hermione cast a sidelong glance at Ginny. “Well, it’s part of the story.”

“Still, seems to be a pretty poor example to set for the sprogs watching this on their telly.”

Harry just chuckled at Hermione’s pursed lips.

A while later, Ron shouldered his way between Harry and Hermione’s legs as he plopped himself down on the plush rug. “Now that’s what we need on the Hogwarts Express. Some of them dancing ponces that dish out hot cocoa!”

“That song could use some work though. And they’re telling us how hot it is, but then pouring it on a moving train over the children’s heads where it could spill and burn them?”

“It’s just a way to kill some time in the movie, Charlie. Just drink your hot chocolate and shush!”

The oldest Weasley children shot smirks at each other as they contemplated how next to annoy their pseudo-sister.

“Why are they letting that little girl drive the train? That seems like a dodgy idea.” Ron’s comment was met with a groan from his best friend as she turned and buried her head in Fred’s shoulder.

“Just…watch the movie, Ronald. It’s just a movie.”

“Why do they all look so…odd?” Arthur rose and shuffled toward Hermione’s television. “They look like…mannequins.”

“The animation at the time wasn’t the greatest and they tried to make it too realistic.”

“Dad, we can’t see.”  Bill smiled as Fleur snuggled into his side and his father sheepishly retreated to his seat.

Molly snuggled further into her husband’s side as they settled once again into the overstuffed loveseat.

“Do they notice that it’s been five til midnight for about the past twenty minutes?”

“It’s the magic of the North Pole, George.”

“The North Pole isn’t any more magical than any other place on Earth, Hermione. You should know that.” Percy’s pompous tone was belied by the small smile he wore. He adjusted his horn rimmed glasses as the young woman in question huffed in agitation.

“But I mean, they must have some way of manipulating time, then. So they use a time turner?”

Hermione’s eyes squeezed shut in exasperation. “No, Fred, they don’t use a time turner. It’s just….it’s magic. And it’s a movie. A badly animated movie at that. So just sit there and look pretty while you watch the movie!”

Silence reigned over the living room for a moment before Fred leaned over to his twin and stage whispered, “See, she thinks I’m pretty.”


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