Chapter 1: Interrupted

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“Think we can sneak away, love?”

Emma dropped the dish in her hands, surveying the chaos in the loft. The twins were running amok all through the living room and the baby was babbling to herself, completely enraptured with…what had Henry put on for them?

“Apparently The History Channel is just the way to distract her. Better take advantage while we can, darling.”

Her eyes turned to Killian, scanning from his mussed hair down to his jean clad legs, then back up to his eyes filled with hope.

“I’ll sneak up. Follow in a few.”

She grabbed a dish towel to dry her hands, tossing it to the counter as she slowly crept out of the room. She skirted around behind the couch, praying that the kids didn’t catch her. Her sigh of relief as she snuck silently up the stairs whooshed out of her as she crossed the threshold to their room. She peeled her shirt off, reminding herself that she desperately needed to do laundry as she tossed it onto the ever growing pile of clothes strewn around the room.

Hot lips met the back of her neck as strong arms wrapped around her torso, pulling her back into his body roughly.

“You were supposed to wait and make sure they were settled,” she giggled as he nipped at the sensitive spot where her neck met her shoulder.

“Couldn’t wait love. You know how I can’t help myself around you,” he grunted as her hips ground back into his own.

“Come on, we don’t know how long they’ll stay occupied!”

She spun around quickly and yanked his t-shirt over his head, messing his hair up further as he tugged at her yoga pants. He kneeled down, lightly tapping her foot so she’d lift before pressing soft kisses into the delicate lace covering her mound. She gasped in pleasure before yanking on his ears.

“No time. Come up here!”

He grinned devilishly and a draft hit her-damn it, really?!? Is it really so hard to leave my underwear intact? She rolled her eyes and tugged him toward her and she fumbled behind her back for her bra. His fingers deftly undid the button on his jeans and he shoved them down his legs, thankful that he had no clean underwear to get in the way.

He shoved her back onto the bed, his body covering hers as he followed her down. Their lips met in a fiery kiss, tongues dueling for dominance as he gripped his cock and slid along her folds. Without warning, he thrust inside her, seating himself fully and eliciting a strangled groan from both of them.

Their bodies crashed into each other’s, passion and pleasure rolled into one exquisite feeling as they both climbed quickly toward their release. Emma’s eyes drifted shut as a she felt a tightening low in her belly, her walls fluttering around him as she climbed higher and higher. Killian buried his face in her golden hair, approaching the point of no return, both of them grunting and moaning with the effort.


Killian yanked himself back, eyes wide as he lost his balanced and tumbled off the side of the bed. Emma gasped, trying to slow her heart from its impending attack as she turned to look at Olivia whose nose was nearly touching her own.

They stared at each other for a moment before Emma burst out laughing, Killian climbing back on the bed as he tugged a sheet over his lap and chuckling along with her.

Olivia stared at her parents, clearly puzzled by whatever she’d walked in on.

“Take her back out. Maybe put on something that will keep her attention a little longer than a documentary about the Middle Ages,” Emma gasped out as she threw her arm over her eyes, blocking out the light streaming through the thin gauzy curtains.

Killian chuckled lightly as he stood, tucking the sheet around himself like a toga and pulling their daughter into his arms.

“Come on, you rascal!” Emma chuckled as she heard his thunderous footsteps descending the rickety stairs. “Oy! Boys!”

Not wanting to know, she let her fingers drift down her stomach, finding the slick place between her thighs that desperately needed attention. As she slowly stroked herself back towards release, a low growl caught her attention. Her eyes cracked open, finding Killian standing in the doorway to their bedroom, sheet now dangling from his hand. His hard cock pointed proudly at her, seeming to lead the charge as he stalked towards where she lay on the bed.

Her legs fell even further open as he launched himself at her, dropping the now unneeded sheet and nestling himself into the space her body had made for him. With a single urgent thrust, they were joined again with a keening groan from him.

Their pace quickly sped up, both racing toward their release once again.

“Fuck, Emma! God love-so tight-ugh…fuuuuuuuuck….” Killian’s breath stuttered as his eyes squeezed shut, desperately trying to hold back.

“Killian, fuck,” with a slight twist of his hips, he hit a brand new angle, sending her into the stratosphere of pleasure. “Oh god! Right there, fuck-yes! Yes! God! Right-there!”

Emma teetered on the edge of her orgasm, pumping her hips into her husbands and grinding her clit on his pubic bone. Just a little more and she’d be right-


With a sharp jolt forward, Killian lunged over her, swiftly pulling his dripping arousal out of her. She groaned in protest, her eyes shooting open in to see what the hold up was.

Only to see Olivia sitting placidly at the foot of the bed.

“She smacked my arse!” Kilian’s voice was spectacularly affronted as he yanked the sheet off the floor and over his lap once again. “Bloody little bugger smacked my arse!”

Emma bit her lip to hold back her grin. But when Olivia crawled up towards Killian, settling herself in his lap and provoking a supremely uncomfortable grimace from him, a small giggle escaped.

“Bad dada! Hurt mama. No!” Olivia shook her finger in Killian’s face, furrowing her brow in an adorable pout and Emma lost what little restraint she had so far managed to retain.

Her loud guffaws made her body shake as she curled onto her side, nuzzling into Killian’s bare hip. The sardonic look on his face as she glanced up at him just made her laugh all the harder.

“Very bad form, Swan. Bad form indeed. And you, little Miss Jones-” with a quick jolt, he had their daughter swung over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. “You need to stay in the living room with your brothers!”

A hand on the sheet again, he marched steadily out of the bedroom and down the stairs as Emma tried to pull herself together.

Her first clue that Killian was back with the rough hand yanking her head back by her hair.

“Ahhhhhh,” the moan that ripped out of her throat morphed into a strangled groan as he straddled the back of her thighs, pulling her legs gently apart. With no preamble, he thrust back into the warm haven of her body.

“Oh god love!” Killian thrust quickly, building their release back up yet again. “Fuck, tell me your close Emma. Please! There’s no telling how long she’ll give us.”

A crash from the staircase confirmed his words and she strove to drive everything except his pounding thrusts out of her mind.

“Fuck! Kill-Killian! God, yeah!” His good hand had reached around to rub tight circles on her clit, driving her need for release higher and higher,

A sharp bang on the now closed bedroom door heralded the arrival of their interloper once again. A sharp cry sounded out as she realized she couldn’t reach the doorknob.

Emma screwed her eyes shut as Killian slowed his thrusts slightly. “No! Just ignore her, she’s fine. Please-so…close!”

Rearing up on his knees, Killian began driving into her with short sharp thrusts angled delightfully upward, hitting that magical spot guaranteed to make her burst.


The doorknob jangled again along with the accompanying stomping footsteps of one of the twins.

“Mom! Dad! Livy’s crying!” Ryan oh-so-helpfully pointed out as he opened the door a crack before retreating back down the stairs.

“Don’t stop! Just-she’s fine-don’t stop!” Killian had no intention of stopping, evidence by the even tighter circles he drew around her clit.

The bed dipped as Olivia clambered up, plopping her cutely diapered behind on the pillow next to Emma’s hand.

“Oh fuck!” Abruptly Emma’s release crashed over her. The sharp squeeze of her orgasm drew Killian’s out as well, both of them soaring up and over the edge of bliss.

When the shivers and aftershocks had subsided just a bit, Killian collapsed onto her back, turning his head to the side to chuckled at their little girl.

“Well love. THAT was…quite the task,” Emma began giggling at his words, carefully shuffling herself out from underneath him.

“Well,” she pulled Olivia into the crook of her body against the sheet that was tangled there. “At least she’s a cute interruption.”

Killian pulled his two girls back into his body, snuggling them close and sighing in contentment. “That she is, love. That she is.”

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    1. aw thanks darlin! I keep reading over my SVM stuff and when inspiration hits I will definitely keep going. Most of them I -know- where they’re going…just getting them there is the problem. :)
      Glad you keep reading though. Thanks!


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