Chapter 2

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The gentle rocking woke him, just as it did  every morning. The only difference was the body nestled into his own. He cracked his eyes open against the early morning light filtering in through the porthole to see the cascade of blonde hair flowing over his pillow.

Ah yes. Emma.

She’d finally made her choice. She’d renounced her claim to the throne, much to her parents’  chagrin, to join him on the sea. He’d always said she’d make a hell of a pirate and he’d been right.

The royal ships that had escorted them to open water were something he was wary of, but then again-he now had a pardon for all his piracy directly from the royal couple themselves.

And he also had his Emma.

One small sack of clothes was all she’d brought with her. And today was the first day of the rest of their lives together.

He nestled into her neck, savoring the feel of her bare back against his equally bare chest. A slight whimper erupted from those swollen lips he’d abused with his own the night before and he grinned wolfishly.

“Morning, love.”

Emma pulled her legs into her chest, jutting her naked ass further into the cradle of his hips. He groaned at the exquisite jolt of pained pleasure as his cock hardened instantly.

“Too early. More sleep.”

He chuckled, running his hand up over her hip, trailing his fingers softly over her porcelain skin. “Aye, it’s early. But you’re home is on the sea now. And we wake with the sun, as it were.”

He pulled her onto her back, resting his weight on his ruined forearm as he braced himself above her.

“Besides, I have the perfect way to wake you up.”

Her left eye cracked open and the corner of her mouth twitched, fighting against the smile that was trying to break free.

“Oh yeah, Captain? Prove it.”

Killian smirked, silently accepting the challenge. His lips captured hers, his tongue surging forward to lick at the seam of her lips. Her answering moan made his cock throb with purpose and he ground his hips forward, rubbing against her thigh. The friction was delicious, all the better for the remnants of their passion still coating her supple skin from the night before.

His good hand pinned her wrists above her head, wedging them between the wooden planks of the wall and the back of the pillow she rested on. Then his lips began their assault.

He latched onto one perfectly puffy pink nipple, swirling his tongue around the taut nub. Her back arched upwards, her other nipple begging for attention. And he gladly obliged, nipping his way across her chest. Killian released his grip on her wrists, his hand sweeping down her body, coming to rest on the slick flesh between her thighs.

“Ah, so you like how I wake you up, don’t you Swan?”

The breathy moans and the sharp upward tilt of her pelvis answered his question. Her hands shot downward, one clawing at his back, the other grabbing onto his manhood, stroking urgently. His breath hissed through clenched teeth, his hips surging violently forward.

Emma tugged gently, pulling him towards her body, nestling the tip of him into her dripping folds. With a sharp cry from both of them, he thrust home, his body quivering with repressed need as he held himself inside of her.

She brought her legs up, hitching them around his hips as she pulled him down to her mouth once again.

“Take me Killian. Make me yours.”

“As if you’d be anyone else’s, love.”

His smile abruptly fell as he pulled out and thrust back in, his face screwing up into a grimace of pained pleasure. She sighed in sweet relief as he picked up the pace, hitting that single spot inside her that sent her soaring to heights she’d never before imagined.

She met him thrust for thrust, her back arching, her body torquing up to meet his, their sweat mingling as skin slid against skin.

It was with a keening cry that Emma finally found release, followed quickly by Killian’s shout as he emptied himself inside of her. Her arms banded around him as they both panted, trying to catch their breaths in the aftermath of their combustion. His forehead rested against hers as he eased himself to the side, never slipping out of her as he cradled her in his arms.

“Gods, but I love you Emma. Thank you for choosing me.”

“As if I’d choose anyone else.”

x . x . x . x . x

“Why isn’t he waking up?” Emma’s voice held a note of panic that David had never heard.

He glanced at his daughter as she paced around the small room. They’d brought Killian back to the loft, placing him gently on the double bed they’d wedged into the corner of the living room.

“I don’t know. Just-wait for Regina and Gold. They’ll know what to do.”

Snow grabbed his hand, nestling her hugely pregnant body into his and he automatically wrapped his arms around her.

Emma continued pacing, her hands wringing as her eyes swept over Killian again. He looked like he was sleeping, a certain boyish innocence stealing over him that she never would’ve expected.

Why had he done that? She was the Savior; she had magic. She would’ve been fine. She could still hear Zelen`a’s gleeful cackle as she’d disappeared in a haze of greyish smoke, leaving the devastating aftermath of her attack.

Her pacing was abruptly halted as Regina burst into the loft, followed by a more sedate Rumplestiltskin limping behind her.

“What did you find?!?”

Regina crossed the space quickly, kneeling next to the pirate and tugging at his boot. Emma nearly growled as she shot over to them, taking over and tugging the boot gently from his foot.

A sharp hiss left Regina’s lips as she caught sight of the bare skin of Killian’s foot.

“Well, shit.”

Emma’s eyes narrowed as she glanced at the appendage she was still holding, her breath catching in her throat as she saw what Regina had noticed first.

The toes of his left foot were shimmering and translucent. David gasped and rushed forward to help as Emma scrambled for his other boot.

“I’m very sorry, dearie. This is a bit more that the average sleeping curse.” Gold’s voice cut through the fog that had settled around Emma’s brain.

“What do you mean?”

“A sleeping curse is usually cast by spelling an object. Something like an apple to be eaten or a needle to get stuck with. This was a concentrated burst of magic. Zelena is most likely weakened since it takes an extraordinary amount of power to conjure something like this from thin air. And seeing as how she was aiming for you, it was probably supposed to kill you instantly.”

Regina’s explanation made Emma’s breath hitch. Killed? Killian was going to die? But-

“But he isn’t dead! So, the spell didn’t work. Right?”

The mayor glanced over at Mr. Gold. “Not exactly. It was specifically calibrated for you. It intended to feed on your own magic, funneling it back to Zelena. Hook doesn’t have magic, so it’s stealing his life force slowly. That’s why my dear sweet sister would be weak right now. His life is leaching into her, but he’s less powerful.” Regina shrugged as if it made perfect sense.

But he couldn’t die. Killian was strong, he’d survive, he’d-

“Emma…” Mary Margaret’s voice drew her attention back to the situation at hand. And she gasped as she saw that shimmer travel upwards, the entirety of his foot now hazy and transparent.

“If we don’t find the cure-and fast-he’s not going to make it.”

The last thing Emma heard was a shout of surprise from David as everything went black.

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