Chapter 5

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Killian groaned as someone jumped on his back.

“Come on Daddy! Time to get up! Time to get up!”

Emma groaned and pulled the pillow out from under Killian’s head, smothering her own as she curled into a ball.

Killian cracked his eyes open, smiling at the small bundle of energy currently bouncing on his back. He twisted around, his fingers attacking the tiny person’s stomach, tickling without mercy.

“Daddy! Henry says we’re almost docked!”

“Alright Princess. Let me get Mommy up and we’ll be right there. Go tell Gibbs to give you an orange.”

The little girl’s eyes lit up and she bounced off the bed, her blonde ringlets trailing behind her as she fled the room.

“Why? Why do you encourage her to do that?!” Emma’s whine was muffled from under the pillow and Killian laughed at his wife.

“Oh, you know why. She’s my Princess.”

“Ugh. I hate it when you call her that.”

His fingers went to work again, attacking his wife’s side and she squealed as she flailed around, kicking the blankets off her legs.

“Mmmm, now this is more like it.” Throwing the covers off himself, Killian covered her bare body with his, skin sliding against skin.

They both moaned at the feeling, his cock jumping to attention as her nipples peaked, begging for attention.

His lips lowered to hers, his tongue battling it’s way into her mouth as he rolled her on top of him. She sat up, her fingers tweaking her nipples as she ground down onto his hips. One of her hands came down, gripping his length as she raised up onto her knees-


“Oi!” Killian’s head flopped back as Emma scrambled to grab a sheet, jumping off the bed to dress. “What are you on about, boy?!”

“Stop trying to give me another sibling! Leia wants to go ashore! And I wanna go see Grace and Jefferson!”

“Yeah, yeah, we’re coming.” They heard the stomping of their son’s humongous feet as he climbed above deck. “I swear-one of these days I’m going to…”

“Going to what, pirate?” Emma’s eyebrow rose in a startlingly familiar way and Killian chuckled, throwing his legs over the side of the bed. He stood, striding quickly to her side as she bent to pull out a pair of breeches. His cock ground into her upturned ass as his hand gripped her hip and she moaned low in her throat.

“We do NOT have time for that now. Henry will mutiny if we keep him from Grace and her cookies.”

They dressed quickly in between gropes and giggles, then they made their way to the top deck, hands linked together.

“Thank the Gods! I was about to row in without you.”

Killian ruffled his son’s hair, tweaking his ear with his hook. “You should be more careful, lad. I’m liable to keelhaul you one of these days for your sass.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah-COOKIES!”

“Calm down, lad. We’ll be there in no time.” Gibbs, ever the voice of reason, broke in as he lowered the row boat to the water.

“Daddy! Up!” Emma rolled her eyes as Killian complied with their daughter instantly, tucking his hook under her behind as he set her on his hip.

“Pansy.” Emma laughed loudly as Killian bowed lowly, letting Leia’s hair dangle as he turned her upside down.

“Come on, love. Let’s get to shore.”

Henry groaned and grabbed his sister from Killian’s arms as Emma threw her arms around her husband, mashing her lips to his.

“Come on, Leia. They’re being gross again.”

“Give it a few years lad. You won’t find it gross.”

The crew on deck smirked at their Captain’s words, nodding their heads as Emma glanced around.

The small group rowed toward shore, leaving the dingy in Gibbs’ capable hands as they made their way through the quaint town.

“Now, Leia. This is Mama’s cousin and his daughter. You need to be polite.” Killian’s stern voice was slightly offset by the playfully mean expression on his face. She giggled as Henry grabbed her hand, dragging her quickly with him.

“Yeah. And Uncle Jefferson makes the BEST cookies ever.”

Emma rolled her eyes, linking her arm through Killian’s as they strode quickly after their children. “See if I make him anything again.”

Laughter echoed off the dusty cobblestones as the children raced to the door of the inn, Henry pulling it open and pushing Leia through.


A loud clatter sounded from the back as the girl stumbled out of the kitchen, preceded by her burgeoning stomach.

“Holy shit!”


The chorus of scolding from his parents brought a flush to his cheeks and he mumbled an apology to the room at large as Grace made her way slowly toward them. The chaos died down as Killian valiantly grabbed a chair and ushered her into it as the Jones family gathered around her. Jefferson shuffled in from the kitchen a moment later, wiping his hands on a towel and toting a basket that smelled of baked goods.

“Ah yes. You’ve seen the news.” Killian slapped his old friend on the back, congratulating him on the impending birth of his first grandchild as Emma and Grace began discussing ‘womanly matters’. The children grabbed the basket from Jefferson’s arm, scurrying toward the fire where a checkerboard was set up.

Day turned into night as the inn filled and the family visited, a round of congratulatory drinks going round when Grace’s husband came in. Graham joined the men as they drank and laughed, later pulling out a set of dice to roll.

Emma bent to Killian’s ear as the inn emptied, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek as she whispered something unheard to the others. Her eyes sparkled as he shifted subtly in his seat, throwing his dice out carelessly.

He excused himself quickly, swiftly looking in on the children and finding them sound asleep, before making his way quickly to the room they always stayed in.

Emma’s back was to him as she stared out the window and he stalked lazily toward her after locking the door.

“Hallo, love. Now-about this treat you promised me…”

She giggled as his hook pulled at the laces of her leather breeches, his fingers going to work on the buttons of her shirt.

She twisted in his arms, her fingers tangling in his hair as she tugged him down to her mouth. They shuffled backwards, her knees hitting the edge of the bed  before they both toppled over, laughing as their clothes became much more cumbersome to remove.

Hours later they lay curled together under the down blanket, Emma’s head resting on Killian’s bicep as they panted. Her fingers tangled in his chest hair and she bit her lip lightly.

“It’s nice. You know-that Grace is having a baby. She’s always wanted to be a mother…and she’s great with Henry. She’s even more enamored with Leia, I think.”

Killian chuckled, remembering the hilarity of Leia’s tantrum when asked to get off Grace’s lap.  “Aye, that she is love. She’ll make a wonderful mother.”

“She was going on and on about how she wants a house full of kids. I really hope Graham is up to the task.”

“Oh, I’m sure he’s up for some kind of task.”

Emma gasped, slapping lightly at her husband’s chest before bursting into laughter and burying her head into the crook of his arm.

“So…how would you feel about possibly adding another pirate to the crew?”

Killian’s eyebrows came down at the abrupt subject change. “Why? Is someone leaving that I’m unaware of?”

She sighed heavily, propping herself up on her elbow, her hair fanning across his chest as she looked up at him. “Not the ship’s crew. OUR crew.”

It took a moment, but her meaning dawned on Killian in a burst of clarity. “What? Another-wait…Emma?”

She bit her lip again, a small smile pulling up the corners of her lips. “I talked to the doctor today when Grace and I went walking. It looks like there’s another little pirate on the way.”

Killian remained frozen on the bed, his blue eyes blinking rapidly as he fought back tears.

“Uh-I mean, is that alright? We never really talk-”

Her words were cut off with an almighty ‘Whoop!’ as Killian jumped up, unconcerned with his nudity.

“Oh Emma! Ahhh! Another baby! We’re having another baby!”

She laughed as he pulled her up, dancing around their room as they celebrated. Eventually he allowed her to collapse back on the bed, her head resting on the pillow as he sprawled next to her, propped up on his elbow and gazing adoringly at his wife.

“I can’t even tell you how happy I am. Another baby…Gods!” He pulled himself up to lay on the pillow beside her, caressing her cheek with his good hand and pressing his lips lightly to hers. “Gods, but I love you, Emma. You’ve made me the happiest man in all the realms. Truly.”

She snuggled down into the blanket, curling up beside him as he stroked her hair. And as she slept, secure in the knowledge that Killian would always be there and would always love her, he pondered the miracle his life had become.

x . x . x . x . x

“Shit! David!”

Emma’s voice echoed in the loft, drawing her father to her side in an instant. The second he laid eyes on Killian, he knew the reason.

“Please…call Regina! There just-there has to be something…”

Shaking his head, David ducked out to the hallway to call the Queen.

Emma whimpered as she clutched the pirate’s hand, barely feeling any of the weight that should have been there. The translucent shimmer had climbed and was creeping up over his neck now, color leaching away steadily as time went on.

“Come on Killian! Please, you can’t leave me. Please…”

She was broken; broken and beaten down with next to no hope.They’d tried everything that Gold and Regina could think of, even venturing into Cora’s old books, with absolutely nothing to show for it. Killian was still dying, still wasting away under a curse meant for her.

She rested her head on the sheet next to him, her tears falling steadily as her shoulders shook with sobs she tried to suppress.

Regina bustled in a little later and Emma shot to her feet, gesticulating wildly at Killian.

“It’s getting worse! We need to find another way!”

Regina sighed, smoothly settling into a chair pulled over from the kitchen table. “Emma. I’ve tried to be as nice as possible about this, but there is no skirting around the issue. There is nothing we can do. Unless you finally get your head out of your ass and realize that you love him, he is going to die.”

Emma blinked at her son’s other mother. “But-uh…wait, what?”

“The only sure fire way to reverse any curse-break any spell-is True Love’s kiss. If you think you can face that, then by all means give it a shot. It’s the only one he’s got.”

With nothing further to say, Regina stood and awkwardly embraced her before retreating out the door.

“Well?” Regina shook her head at David’s question.

“It’s up to her now. She knows what she has to do.”

Inside the loft, Emma’s eyes roamed over her pirate. His scruffy beard had grown in heavily in the few days since he’d been cursed, though it did nothing to detract from his ‘devilishly handsome’ looks.

Could she do it? Could she open herself to the heartbreak she knew would come? But-what if it didn’t? He’d proven over and over again that he was there, that he was in this for the long haul. What if Killian was different?

Could she make that leap of faith?

The light died in the sky, the stars twinkling from behind storm clouds as the minutes ticked by. Emma watched as the curse’s effects inched higher and higher, her strangled breathing becoming more and more labored as time marched on with no regard for her misery.

She gazed out the window as the sky lightened in the east, that glowing yellow orb mimicking the curse as it bathed the land in bright light. And she took a deep breath as she made her choice, laying her lips lightly against his.

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