Chapter 6

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The rush of magic consumed her, flowing through her veins and bursting in a blindingly brilliant flash of energy.

Emma gasped as her eyes shot open, only to see the color return to Killian’s body as if it had never been gone.

With a sharp inhale, his eyes snapped open, his ocean blues frantically seeking her out. She choked back a sob as she threw herself on him, gripping the soft cotton of his borrowed shirt. So she noticed immediately when he stiffened in her arms, his muscles going rigid as his head darted around.

“Emma?” Her heart stuttered at her name on his lips, a rarity she now treasured. “Where’s Henry? Where’s Leia?!”

Her eyebrows came down heavily in confusion. Leia? Who was Leia?

“Killian, what are you-”

He shot up, pushing her body off his as his hand swept down his chest. “No! Nononononono…”

Emma was horrified as her strong, resilient pirate burst into heaving sobs, collapsing in on himself as he wept. She had no clue what to do, rearing back to stare as his shoulders shook in agonized grief.

“Killian, what-?”

“WHY? How could you be so cruel, Swan? How-how could you rip everything away from me?!?”

Emma’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped open in astonishment at the sheer rage his eyes held for her.

“I-I don’t…I don’t understand Killian. What…what are you talking about?”

“Like you care! I just-I need-” He stumbled as he tried to stand, yanking away from the helping hand she tried to offer. “No! Just get the bloody fuck back!”

Emma collapsed in the chair she’d taken residence in, heartbroken and on the verge of tears yet again as he stumbled away from her, fighting with the doorknob as he tried to leave. The sharp thud of the heavy door closing behind him was like the final bell of a fight that left her beaten and broken, yet again.

She cast her eyes back on the rumpled blankets where he’d laid for days, confused by the turn everything had taken. Her head dipped low, nestling into the pillow where he’d lain, smelling the salty sweet scent of him, the tears soaking into the fabric as she wept.

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“I don’t know what you did, but you need to get down here Miss Swan. Your pirate is depressing the hell out of the Rabbit Hole’s clientele.” Regina’s harsh voice cut off abruptly as she hung up the phone.

Emma sighed, not wanting to face him again. Her heart had already been broken once today-surely that was enough. She reluctantly dragged herself off the sofa, flicking on the light so she didn’t trip trying to climb the stairs.

In her room, she looked around aimlessly, trying to figure out what she wanted to wear. What sort of fashion said ‘desperate and lonely’? Shrugging, she shucked off her lounge pants and loose tank top, picking up a snug pair of soft jeans and a linen tunic. She shook her hair out, making a face at her reflection in the mirror. Those dark circles were supremely unattractive, but she couldn’t bring herself to put any makeup on.

Pocketing her keys, she left the loft. Deciding to walk the two blocks to the Rabbit Hole, she figured that would give her a little time to clear her head. But when she pushed through the door into the smoky bar, her heart leapt into her throat at the sight before her.

There was Killian, back in his pirate regalia, slumped heavily on the bar. Tom, the bartender, waved her over frantically, his eyes wide with relief at the sight of her. She approached slowly, not wanting to startle her pirate, inching closer and closer. Her nose wrinkled and she nearly choked on the stench of rum wafting off him.


His head whipped up, bleary eyes taking her in from head to foot. “Oh thank the bloody Gods! It was only a dream, aye? Emma, tell me it was only a dream!”

She nodded quickly, though she was unsure which part he was convinced he’d dreamed. At that moment she didn’t care. All she cared about was getting him safely to a bed where he could sleep off the alcohol he’d all but showered in.

“Come on, pirate. Let’s get you home.” She hefted him up, staggering slightly under his weight as he leaned heavily against her.

“I’m sorry, love. You shouldn’t be lifting my heavy arse in your condition. Bad form, Jones-bad form.” His slurred words confused her, though she didn’t stop for clarification.

She shuttled him out the door, waving once to Regina who huffed in her direction before ushering him down the street. She debated taking him back to Granny’s-to the room he’d been staying in since they’d been back-but she couldn’t bring herself to. She needed him near her, if only for one night. She knew she’d lose him in the morning and her heart would break all over again, but she couldn’t bare to let him go just yet.

Killian stumbled up the stairs, motioning wildly at the walls and talking to ‘Jefferton and Pace’, whoever they were, resting against the door jamb as Emma dug her keys out of her skin-tight pants.

As she swung the door inward, he grabbed her hips and pulled her to him. Her startled gasp echoed in the dimly lit hallway until he cut it off with his lips. She pushed him backwards into the loft, never moving to break their kiss. A small part of her told her to stop, to spare herself the pain this would cause-but she couldn’t.

“Gods, Emma! I thought-I thought I lost you!”

The desperation in his voice made her ache. “Never. Fuck, you could never lose me Killian. I’m right here.”

A sharp cry ripped from his throat as he hauled her up, lifting her legs to wrap around him as he stumbled into the wall. Then he spun, pinning her in place as he ground his substantial erection into her thigh.

“Fuck! Bloody fucking hell you’re perfect!”

Emma cried out as his lips found her neck, nipping the sensitive flesh under the ear. He moved down, yanking the fabric of her shirt away with his hook, tearing through the cloth as if it were nothing but air.

She arched her back, pushing them away from the wall, tangling her fingers in his hair. “Bed. Now!”

He complied instantly, crossing the room to the small bed he’d been confined to for days, though he didn’t seem to recognize it.  He dropped her unceremoniously onto the mattress and dove to cover her with his body. His scruff tickled her chest as he nipped at her collarbone and his hook ripped through the waistband of her jeans. She groaned low in her throat as he tugged her pants down her legs, diving immediately into the wetness between her thighs, shredding her thin cotton underwear in an instant.

His tongue was relentless, his fingers delving into her depths as she arched up, the pleasure sweeping over her. She gazed down her body to see his dark hair sticking up in tufts from her tugging, his lips slick with her juices as he stared up at her.

“Do you want more, love? Do you want me to fuck you with my tongue? With my fingers? Do you want me to make you cum?”

Her eyes shut of their own volition, her core clenching on his fingers at his words. “Fuuuuuck, YES! Killian! Fuck!”

He dove in with renewed enthusiasm, lapping and sucking at her clit as he thrust two, then three fingers into her.  Her hips pumped, straining as her breath stuttered. And then she fell into that bottomless abyss of pleasure, a keening cry echoing around the dark room.

Killian drew out her pleasure, slowing his fingers and leaning back as he stared at his handiwork. Her sweat slick skin called to him as her breasts heaved up and down.

“So beautiful. Fuck. Gods, Emma…”

He stood, quickly stripping out of his leathers, tossing them haphazardly to the floor. Then he sprawled out next to her, his touch surprisingly gentle as he stroked her skin, making lazy passes from her throat to her thighs and back again.

When her breathing had evened, he tugged her to lay on top of him and she marveled at the planes of his body. Her fingers stroked gently through the hair on his chest and her lips sought out those sensitive places on his neck and shoulders.

“Ride me, Emma.”

The soft command made her core clench and weep, a low moan fighting it’s way out of her throat. She raised her body, bracing her weight on her knees. She grabbed ahold of him, stroking gently, spreading the drops of precum that leaked out of him. And then she positioned herself, pausing a moment as she braced herself above him.

Then they were joined-an almighty roar ripping from his throat as she inhaled sharply. She was so full-so achingly complete as she sat astride him, not moving-unwilling to break the perfection of the moment.

Then his hips bucked and she cried out as he hit that perfect spot inside her. Her hips pumped, grinding against his as they moved together, perfectly in sync. His hand reached for hers and he linked their fingers together, her heart aching with the simple gesture. His eyes shone with love as they swayed, his body surging into hers as she answered his unspoken pleas with light kisses pressed to his exposed chest, working her way to his lips.

Bright lights exploded behind her closed lids, her orgasm reaching a crescendo as unexpected as this entire night of passion.

She gasped as Killian surged forward, throwing her back on the bed. He pumped his hips, chasing his own release and catapulting her into another even stronger orgasm. His breathing hitched and then a low muttered “Fuuuuuuuuuuuck” escaped as he froze above her. She could feel the pulsing of his rigid length, ripping another small moan from deep within her.

He collapsed on top of her, breaths coming in heaving gasps. Her arms banded around his back, keeping him pressed to the length of her body, unwilling to lose the warmth he radiated.

“I don’t want to squash you, love. Just-let me…here…” He rolled, never leaving her body as he wrapped her in his arms, laying face to face in the darkened room.

Moments passed-or maybe hours, Emma wasn’t sure-and she gradually slipped into that hazy half conscious state of bliss, softly wrapped in the arms of her True Love.

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