Limes & Coconuts

This one shot was inspired by a BuzzFeed article about love.

Pairing: Eric & Sookie
Rating: K-nothing sexy here, all fluff :)


“So, let’s hear it! How did you finally ask her out?!”

Sookie giggled as Eric’s head fell in his hands. His dad snorted in his drink as everyone began talking over one another.

“Yes Eric!” Godric’s voice boomed out over the room. “Tell us all how you FINALLY got up the nerve to ask her out!”

Sookie leaned back in her chair and rested her hand on Eric’s back. Her fingernails scratched softly as she moved her hand up and down, and she watched as his eyes lost some of their tension.

“Hey, Sook! I think you’re putting him to sleep over there!”

She smirked and her fingers stopped moving, eliciting a groan from Eric. “Thanks Jason! Now they’re all gonna make me tell it!”

Eric sighed in defeat as the questions grew more and more vehement, Sookie’s “brother” Lafayette being the most vocal of all of them.

“How come I ain’t never heard dis story Sooks? I wuz sure I knew all dere wuz to know about yo’ man here.”

The party all laughed uproariously as Eric shot Lafayette a glare and Sookie covered the laugh trying to escape her mouth. “Well, that happens when you never knock.”

Lafayette slapped his leg as he doubled over in laughter and Jesus smacked him playfully on the arm, though he was also trying to hold back his chuckles.

“Okay, okay, okay.” Eric straightened in his chair and folded his hands primly in front of him. Sookie snorted inelegantly, drawing a glare from him. “Hush you.”

She held her hands up in mock surrender and sat back to enjoy the story.

x . x . x . x . x

3 years ago – Cinco de Mayo

He still remembered the first day of his freshman year. He walked into his first class on a Monday morning, terrified and trying not to show it. He’d been the big man on campus back at his high school and figured moving to the city to go to one of THE most populated colleges would be no problem for him. Riiiiiight.

That Monday had already started out rough. He’d woken up late, couldn’t find the outfit he’d already laid out, forgot to print the syllabus he’d needed to bring, and gotten lost while trying to find his class. He’d shuffled in, nearly late, and taken one of the only available seats left in the middle of the room.

His eyes roved the room as the other students chatted, read, or did whatever mundane morning thing they needed to do. He was startled from his thoughts as a throat cleared at the front of the room.

x . x . x . x . x

“WAIT! Was she your teacher?!?!”

Eric groaned and Sookie sputtered the water she’d just swallowed.

“Do I look that old Gustav?!?”

Eric’s younger brother shrugged, clearly flustered as everyone around him laughed. “What?! I don’t know!”

Sophie patted his head gently as her other hand found the beer he’d been trying to sneak. She pulled it away with a slight shake of her head and passed it to Godric who beamed at his youngest’s antics.

“Can I get back to the story please?!?”

Sookie rubbed Eric’s back, infusing calm into his very marrow as he took another deep breath to continue.

x . x . x . x . x

“I’m Roman. Don’t bother with trying to address me formally. You won’t be able to pronounce my last name.”

The man had finished writing his name on the whiteboard; yeah, Eric conceded that he would probably never even attempt that name.

“Does everyone have their syllabus? Raise your hand if you don’t.”

To his utter relief, about half the students raised their hands and Roman counted silently as he picked up a handful of papers.

“Okay, just pass these around and-”

A loud banging sounded throughout the room followed by a thud and a violent streak of cursing.

Eric glanced, not fearfully but definitely with concern, back at the door. His hands tightened on the desk in front of him as another loud bang sounded. The doorknob rattled before the heavy door suddenly swung open to reveal the most gorgeous disaster he’d ever laid eyes on.

Her blonde hair was thrown in a bun on the top of her head though it was falling messily down around her face. Her brilliant blue eyes, hidden behind dainty black-rimmed glasses which of course had fallen down her nose, sparkled with mischief as she stumbled in.

Her clothes were…interesting. For Eric-someone so fastidious in how he appeared-this fascination he suddenly had with this wild girl was a mystery.

She cast her eyes around the room, looking for a seat, before she lurched his way. She grabbed at the papers spilling out of her bag, crumpling them painfully as she shoved them unceremoniously back in place. She dropped gracelessly down in the seat beside Eric, the scent of coconuts and something slightly fruity wafting toward him as she tossed her bag down where it promptly smacked his foot.

“Sorry! I’m just a mess today!” Her beaming white smile turned his way and he was sure he’d been struck dumb. “I’m Sookie. Who are you?”

His eyebrow lifted without his permission as he tried to puzzle this girl out. Sookie? What kind of name is Sookie?

“One my stoner parents decided on when they’d eaten too many pot brownies.” Shit! He’d said that out loud?!?

“Yup, you sure did Tiger. So, do you got a name or should I just call you Tiger?”

He grinned sheepishly for the lapse in his higher brain functions and extended his hand slowly. She grabbed it and gasped as a zing shot through them both. “I’m Eric.”

“Awesome. You’re gonna be my new best friend.”

And with that declaration, it started. They had nearly every class together. They sat together, causing mischief as Sookie slowly drew Eric out of his shell and he calmed down her wild streak.

She never dated he noticed. Guys would approach her all the time, always with as much swagger as they could muster and some ridiculous pick up line. And she’d turn them down every time, always with a scoff and a, “No thanks, buddy.”

He began to wonder if she was just that serious about her studies or if maybe she was waiting for the perfect guy. Could he be the perfect guy? They seemed to balance each other well and he had fully admitted to himself that he was falling-if not already head over heels-in love with her.

x . x . x . x . x

“This is taking forever! Just tell us how you boned her and how you’re all rainbows and sunshine all the time!”

Sookie’s face flared bright red at Pam’s words and their party broke out in laughter again. Eric wiped a tear away as he wrapped an arm around Sookie, pulling her tight against his chest as he planted a kiss on her temple.

“Just let me talk, Pam. I’m getting there.”

x . x . x . x . x

“Come on man. You can do this!” Eric muttered as he glanced at his reflection. The grocery store bathroom was dim and the light flickered wildly, but he could still see the pale face beaded with sweat that stared back at him.

“She’s your best friend. That’s not gonna change.”

He gathered his courage and his grocery bag before he made his way out of the bathroom. He wandered casually down the aisles, further shoring up his nerve before he left the store. He ambled down the street, his breath coming in short, sharp pants as he got closer to his destination.

The Grind, their coffee house of choice, came into view, and Eric checked his watch. He waited a few moments before emptying the bag in his arms, struggling to hold everything.

Right on time, the one trait he’d managed to instill in her, Sookie exited the cafe with her nose still stuck in whatever book she’d been reading.

Perfect. That just made this easier.

With two giant steps, he crashed into her, sending the limes in his arms falling to the ground.


She dropped her bag and bent to help him gather the fallen fruit, only becoming more and more frustrated as they kept falling.

Eric chuckled as her face grew progressively redder while she tried shove the wayward citrus back in his arms, his half hearted attempts to help only making her angrier.

“What the fuck Eric?!!? Why are you carrying around like-dozens of limes?!?”

This was it, the moment he’d been waiting for. He let his arms fall as he settled back on his knees. “Sorry, Sook. I just-I wanted to ask you out. But I’m no good at pick up limes.”

She blinked, her brilliant azure eyes showing confusion for a moment. Then her mouth fell open as she laughed, launching herself towards him and knocking him backward.

“Took you long enough! You’re such a fucking weirdo!”

And then her lips were on his and he forgot everything. That is until he heard the clapping.

x . x . x . x . x

“So yeah, we put on a bit of a show.” Eric scratched his ear lightly as Sookie burrowed further against his side. “But she said yes.”

Godric and Sophie smiled at them while Gustav rolled his eyes. Pam, Jason, and Lafayette smirked as they sipped whatever drinks they had. Sookie grinned around their small circle of the people closest to them.

“And now, we’re right back where it started.” He motioned around him, showing off the odd decorations of The Grind. “And I couldn’t be more thankful for every day I’ve had with this beautiful woman beside me.”

They smiled at each other, their lips coming together as the rest of the world receded around them. They broke out of their stupor to catcalls from Pam and Lafayette as Jason gagged and rambled about brain bleach.

“Not only are we back where it started, but we’re celebrating a new beginning.” Godric stood and raised his coffee mug. “To Eric and Sookie, as you start on this new chapter of your lives together. Congratulations on your engagement!”

Everyone cheered and raised their various mugs and glasses. Sookie’s eyes shot down once more to the ring she still couldn’t believe was on her finger, then to the man who had put it there.

Pam snorted, breaking the beautiful moment Sookie and Eric were trying to share, and waggled her eyebrows suggestively. “Don’t forget you two, you put the lime in the coconut!”

20 thoughts on “Limes & Coconuts

  1. Wow, Eric, that was really corny and totally lame. He actually bought limes to do it! That being said how could you not fall for someone willing to be that lame for you? (Especially when he looks like that!) I think she’d been waiting for that for a long time. Probably from that first day.

    Love it! Sometimes it’s nice to read something sweet and fluffy. Something that will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day. (Also so over the moon about you writing E/S again. Hopefully you’ve got some plans for the many unfinished stories you’ve got posted. Finger crossed!)

    Please pardon any spelling errors, my mobile device is so not cooperating with wordpress today.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hah hah i just got a new phone and it’s…. It doesn’t like my random word words. Ah well. But yeah I’m working on older stuff. Any specific requests? I know loss of people want already married and that’s the only one that’s being super stubborn. :)


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