Chapter 4

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I woke up on the same plush and exceedingly uncomfortable couch that I fell asleep on in the library. My neck hurt and my stomach ached. I felt around my wrist to find the button on my watch to tell me the time.

“Seven thirty three.”

God I hated that perky mechanical woman. I threw my head back against the cushion and tried to hear anything from the main living area. I wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad thing when I couldn’t.

I let out a long-suffering sigh and sat up, patting down what I’m sure was a rat’s nest on my head. My foot curled up under me as I debated whether to leave the safety of the library; to actually face people.

I knew I’d been difficult. But I still couldn’t believe Lafayette and Jesus bitched at me like that. I mean, seriously? Pick on the blind chick why don’t ya! Sheesh.

Ugh. No-I couldn’t really blame them. I’d been nothing but a huge bitch to almost everyone except them and Amelia. But after Quinn left me and then the incident at the shop…could you blame me?!?

I may as well venture out. At the very least, I needed to apologize to the guys. They’d cut their trip short for me, and I needed to show them how much I appreciated it. And Amelia would-well, actually I wasn’t sure if she’d want me at her dinner or not. Either way, I should probably find out.

I stood gingerly, stubbing my toes and rearranging some furniture as I tried to shuffle my way to the door. I groaned as I ran into something else, rubbing my shin where I’m sure there was a bruise already forming. When I finally managed to reach the door, I steadied myself with my hand on the doorknob and took a deep breath.

x . x . x . x . x


An hour earlier

“Does the maniac live with this girl?”

Pam rolled her eyes as she squinted at the street sign. “Yes she does. And you will behave. Or I will cut off your balls and present them to her as a gift. Got it?”

I shivered. What was with all the hatred directed at my balls today?!? They still ached from the collision they had with that damned bat.

“I’m not a barbarian, sister mine. I can control myself for one night. And then I’m finding my own friends, so you can fuck this girl to your heart’s content without endangering me in the process.”

She snorted inelegantly as her eyes roved over the house numbers as we drove down the flowered street. Seriously, the second I stepped outside my allergies were going to go haywire. Why did we move here again?!!?

I lifted the armrest and rummaged inside, hoping against hope that Pam had some sort of medication that would make me less miserable…and yes! Allegra to the rescue!! I popped a pill and took a swig of water that tasted like it’d been in here since we left New York a week ago. Ick.

My eyes widened slightly as Pam slowed the car and turned into a driveway that seemed to almost circle the amazing house before us. Wow…they didn’t come like this in Bon Temps.

This is where psycho-bitch lives?!?”

Pam shot me a glare as she opened her door. I did the same and we stepped out together, our eyes meeting over the roof of the car.

“Yes. But it’s Amelia’s house. Apparently after Sookie had her accident, she needed almost constant care and couldn’t stay in her house all by herself. So Amelia moved her in here.”

Huh. No…I did not want to feel anything remotely resembling sympathy for the crazy bitch. But damn that had to suck-to have your independance ripped away like that? I might go a little crazy too.

I stuffed my hands in my pockets as I followed my sister reluctantly to the door, leaning against a post as we waited for someone to open the door. The tap tap tap of Pam’s heels was going to slowly drive me to madness, but before I could open my mouth to snap at her, the door swung inward almost violently.

I jumped backward as a man shot out and grabbed Pam in a vice-like bear hug, lifting her completely off her feet. She squealed in protest and lightly tried to bat him away. I smirked at the spectacle. I blanched however when those chocolate eyes turned to me. He quickly set Pam on her feet, slightly more rumpled and indignant, and stalked quickly toward me. I backed up until I’d nearly climbed over the railing to get away, clinging to the porch post for dear life.


The air whooshed out of the man-Lafayette apparently-as he backed up, a huge grin on his face. Amelia appeared in the doorway and smacked him on the arm lightly.

“I’m sorry about that. His boyfriend has been trying to break him of that habit for ages. He likes to make people uncomfortable.”

I gulped and tightened my grip on the post as Pam smoothed down her blouse. “Well, I do believe you succeeded with my brother. Is that an Armani shirt?”

I rolled my eyes as I tried to convince my fingers to loosen their grip. The duo walked in the house, Lafayette’s arms gesturing wildly as Amelia sauntered over to my side as I lowered my feet gingerly to the porch.

“So. Sookie’s in hiding. She caught a lot of grief over what she did to you today.”

It was my turn to snort. “Uh, she should. That was barbaric,unnecessary, and rude.”

The small brunette hopped up on the porch railing I’d just occupied and swung her feet lazily.

I motioned over my shoulder to the door that still stood wide open. “Are we going in?”

Her nose wrinkled and she shrugged. “Nah, they’ll be fine for a few minutes. I needed to talk to you privately.”

“If this is the whole ‘what are your intentions’ talk then there’s no need. I have no intentions of having anything to do with your moody…friend. I’ll be polite tonight and then you won’t have to worry about me.”

She sighed, fiddling with a loose thread on her pants. “What if I told you that I think you’d be good for her?”

I raised a brow in disbelief. “I’d say you’d lost your mind. Was it your doppelganger that was in the bookstore with us today? Cause Pam will be delighted if there’s two of you.”

This brought a laugh and she took a moment to compose herself. Then she raised her eyes to mine and I nearly staggered backward at the emotion in them. “Please Eric. I know I don’t know you and I really have no right to ask anything of you-especially after earlier. But…I’m losing her. She’s falling so far in this abyss she’s created for herself that I’m not even sure if we can get her out. And I need her. She’s-” She took a shaky breath and I noticed her eyes were watery and red-rimmed. “-she’s my best friend and I owe her everything. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t at least try?”

I shifted restlessly on my feet. Crying-or nearly crying-women made me extremely uncomfortable. And regrettably my first instinct was to do whatever the fuck they wanted…just so they’d stop. Unfortunately, this meant I’d just nodded my agreement to trying to befriend the Super Bitch from Hell.

“Awesome!” She perked up immediately and leaped off the railing with surprising agility.

I narrowed my eyes at her upbeat attitude-a complete 180 from a moment before. Either she was bi-polar or I’d been played. “How much did Pam tell you?”

She paused mid step and glanced over her shoulder, a sheepish grin on her face. “That you hate crying females. But I was serious. I really do need help with her. She needs to face reality and accept that she may just be blind. She may get her sight back tomorrow too. But we don’t know.”

I pursed my lips as she started walking again. “Wait!”

She spun around, a hand on her cocked hip as her toe tapped. “What now?! I want to get inside. The damn skeeters are eating me alive!”

“Why is she so…bitchy?” Her face fell at my words and her arms crossed over her chest reflexively.

“Ever had someone you really thought you’d spend your life with?”

I cringed. I did in fact have a person like that. But that ship sailed long ago. I nodded sharply, the frown on my face a clear indicator that I had no desire to talk about it.

“Imagine you’re in the most horrific accident you’ve ever seen, wake up blind, that one special someone who was supposed to stick by you through thick and thin leaves, and-” She gulped and stopped herself mid sentence. Now I was really curious. “Anyway-that’s her story to tell. You’ll have to work on that Thor. Now come on. Dinner’s almost ready.”

I rolled my eyes at the lack of actual answers I’d gotten. People get dumped all the time-it was no reason to go off the deep end. There had to be more to it than that.

I shook my head again as I pushed myself off the porch rail and walked toward the front door, dreading what the rest of the night would bring.

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. Aww, they suckered Eric! His reaction to Lala was hilarious! I wonder what’s gonna happen when these two meet and Eric tries to be nice. :)

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  2. This is going g to be a fun ride before they figure out they can help each other be happy! Can’t wait for dinner and them meeting properly, but I have a feeling Sookie is gonna need coaxing to join in the dinner.


  3. I Started Reading This Story When It First Posted And Loved It Then Now I Just Re-read The Whole 4 Chapters And I Want More , Please Keep It Going I Would Love To See Where This Is Going,

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