Draft 2

Okay, so this doesn’t even have a title. I think this was just something I rattled off…it’s dated April 12, 2004. Non named characters and I’m typing verbatim, so forgive any errors. The only thing I’m changing is breaking it into paragraphs. Apparently I never did and it was one huge block of text which made my head hurt to read. :)

x . x . x . x . x

She watched from the corner as he changed out of his drenched jeans and sweater. Every glimpse of his once sparkling emerald eyes, now so dull and holding so much pain, was like a dagger twisting through her heart. A long moment of silence passed before he broke into racking sobs.

Sobs like these weren’t human. There were cries from the furthest depths of the human soul. She longed to reach out, to offer even a small measure of comfort, but she knew it wouldn’t accomplish anything.

She wrapped her arms tighter around herself, trying to evade the ever present cold. As the rain pelted the windows, time stopped, everything frozen nightmarishly into place. Then he moved and the trance broke. He settled under the navy comforter and his hand automatically moved to the vacant side of the bed.

With an almost inhuman scream, he clenched his fists and gripped the pillow. She watched, watched and waited until his cried subsided into suppressed sniffles and then into the quiet, rhythmic breathing of sleep. She crossed the room carefully and stood over his sleeping body. She reached a hand out to gently stroke his soft, brown hair, but thought better of it.

A tear slid forlornly down her cheek and dropped unnoticed on the floor. She deftly tiptoed to the opposite side of the bed and slithered under the comforter. She watched him sleep all through he night, until rays of early morning sunshine fought to overtake the dreary room. She spied his alarm clock, about to wake him from his much needed slumber.

With a sad sigh, she placed a single kiss on his warm, soft lips.He shivered. His eyes fluttered open, momentarily shining just like they’d used to.

Then a shadow passed and the shine vanished. He pulled himself up and smacked his clock unenthusiastically. He began the early morning bustle of getting ready for morning classes. His movements were stilted and mechanical and her heart broke as she sat alone on the bed. Tears welled in his eyes as he pulled his shoes on. He sat on the bed and leaned his head in his hands. She places a gentle hand on his shoulder, trying to ease any small measure of his pain. He shivered.

Then he stood up, squared his shoulders and walked out his door, never looking back.

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