Silent Resignation

I wrote this waaaaaay back in high school. I think I was a junior…? So yeah. Again, non named characters. And I’m actually typing this verbatim so all the mistake were already in the text. But this little thing is kinda sacred to me so I don’t even wanna fix it. So yeah.

x . x . x . x . x

“What in God’s name were you thinking, you whore? You could have screwed everything up!”

Her eyes glazed over as she sat placidly on the Argyle sofa, back ramrod straight, knees straight ahead, trying to hide the tremble of her hand, as he berated her once again. Her mind drifted to the groceries that needed to be bought and the dry cleaning that needed to be picked up, all the while maintaining the lifeless expression.

“Are you even listening? You could have ruined me today!”

It was only after she was dealt a stinging slap in the face that she snapped out of her reverie and back to the situation at hand.

He began to pace back and forth, slowly wearing the carpet away. She just sat, following him with her eyes as he ranted and swore. He flailed his arms emphatically and cast glares in her direction, but she never really saw him.

He suddenly stopped pacing and she sense the argument rising to dangerous levels. It was a phenomenon that had never occurred and she was terrified to admit to herself that she had no idea what to expect. When she finally gathered the courage to look him in the eye, what she saw instilled in her a fear far greater than any she’d known before.

The eyes that had once been filled with nothing but love and caring were now filled with hatred and judgement. A new fire gleamed in them and she wanted to push the pause button on reality. It was clear how angry he was and she knew that she had done nothing to invite any of the anger he conveyed so harshly.

“I don’t know what to do with you anymore. I thought we had an understanding! I give you everything you want. .A home, money…EVERYTHING! And this is how you repay me? By trying to sabotage everything I’ve worked to create?”

It was almost comical how vividly she could imagine a Loony Tunes scenario of his face building color until he was lobster red and steam jetted out of his ears. Breaking out of her trance, she registered the image of his bulk charging at her and she felt herself being yanked roughly into a standing position.

“You want it your way? I’ll give it to you your way!”

His large, genteel looking hands shoved her forcefully to the white Berber carpet. Immediately, he pinned her down and clamped his hands in a vice-like grip around her neck, never giving her a chance to gasp for breath. With silent resignation she accepted her circumstances and laid still. Her eyes traveled the room, settling on the gaudy, overstuffed sofa, lingering on the glass coffee table, still shattered from their last spat and finally back on the face of the monster she barely recognized.

Only after a few moment did she completely comprehend what was going to happen to her. And it was only at that point that she began to frantically claw at his hands, his eyes, his neck-anything within her reach. He jeered and smiled a cruel smile for his success as he watched her life drain away.

She felt her heart slow, painfully delaying every beat, and her lungs scream for much needed oxygen. Slowly, she arms stopped clawing and came to rest at her sides. She stopped fighting. She looked one last time at the man she thought she’d loved.

“I should’ve done this long ago.”

And her heart stopped, in one ear splitting instant of silence.

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