Movie Night

I have no idea where this came from but it’s incredibly dated. You’ll see why. I think this was a throwback to when Mike and I began dating…

x . x . x . x . x

Movie Night

I wander aimlessly
through the store,
romances, comedies
and dramas galore.

I can’t decide,
it’s just too hard,
but I’m ready with
my Blockbuster card.

Action and horror,
Fantasy and shows,
I’ve no idea
and God, it blows!

So many cases,
So little time,
Should I choose this,
Oh, this one’s mine!

I picked a horror
With blood and guts,
What was I thinking
I must be nuts.

The movie is on,
We’re bundled up tight
And I have no idea
What’s up with this fight.

There’s zombies and swords
And explosions and gore,
He laughs even though
I can’t see what for.

The credits have rolled,
The DVD’s done
Never again
Oh this wasn’t fun.

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