Chapter 2

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“I promise, George!” Hermione smacked his bottom as he stepped petulantly toward the fireplace.

“Tomorrow. First thing.” He pouted and glared at the small witch. “And there better be strawberries!”

“If you’re appropriating my flatmate for pancakes, the best you’re getting is blueberries!”

Hermione swatted at Fred as he retreated a few steps, cackling in amusement. She shook her head and grabbed his twin for a hug. “I hope you’re not too mad at me, George. You know I love you, right?”

“Yeah, I know.” He pressed a kiss to her hair and squeezed her tighter as he glanced toward his twin. “Don’t worry. Just take care of my brother over there and we’ll call it even.”

Hermione’s perplexed expression lingered as he stepped into the green flames and spun away. She turned around, hands on her hips when she saw Fred fiddling with her stereo. “I swear Fred, if you fuck up my stereo again…”

The threat hung open ended as he twirled around boisterously, a large grin on his face as a pop-y melody filled the room.

“I do listen occasionally, you know. I won’t break your precious music box.” Hermione rolled her eyes at his intentional misnomer. “Now, come dance.”

“Are you mental?”

He laughed and wiggled his way toward her, the scowl she wore morphing into a genuine smile as he grabbed her small hands and twirled her around. Her shrieks of laughter trailed in their wake as they moved around the room, only heightening as Fred broke away from her to climb the couch as he ‘sang’.

“Get down from there, you goof!” Hermione tugged at his arm as he resisted. “You’re gonna get hurt!”

Fred grinned down at her and pushed her back a step to drop down to the floor. He cocked his head to the side as the music morphed into something softer and slower.

“My lady,” he bowed dramatically and extended his hand toward her. “May I have this dance?”

“Very well, good sir.”

They came together slowly and he pulled her closer as they moved in perfect synchronization. His hands rested in the small of her back as she leaned against him, the scent of peaches and honey filling his nose. The moments passed slowly and contentedly as they swayed together, both relishing in the perfect moment.

“Hey Mione?” She glanced up slowly, her eyes heavy lidded in the dim light. “Why don’t you ever want me to tell them?”

She froze, her hands dropping limply from where they’d previously been clutching his shirt. Her whiskey colored eyes met his cerulean ones, her gaze open and slightly fearful.

“Fred-” She stepped back and he felt strangely bereft as her warmth disappeared from his arms. “-I…I just…they already have this idea in their head that we’re together. Knowing that we already have sex? You know it would only add fuel to that fire.”

His brow furrowed as he closed the distance between them again. “Why is that a bad thing though? Are you ashamed of me?”

“No!” Hermione exclaimed, her arms automatically encircling his waist. “I just…it would make things difficult. That’s all.”

A moment of contemplative silence passed between the friends before Fred sighed deeply.

“Hermione.” His finger under her chin brought her eyes up to his and she sucked in a nervous breath. “Would it be so bad? Being with me?”

Her eyes widened at his words and she retreated once again, putting more distance between the pair than they’d ever seemed to have before. The air thickened with unspoken whispers and desires as the pair searched each other’s eyes.

And then Fred moved, surging forward and capturing her lips in a bruising kiss. Hermione moaned as her back hit the wall, unaware how far away she’d moved, as her tongue darted out to join the fray. Large hands gripped her waist hard enough to leave marks and her nails dug into his biceps, leaving crescent shaped indentations in the wake of her passion.

“Mione! Fuck!” Fred gasped as his hands lowered, gripping her arse as he lifted her higher. The new angle pressed their hips together, ripping a moan from deep in her chest.

Lost in the sensation, Hermione gave herself over to him. Trust mingled with desire as they fought for dominance of the kiss until they both broke apart, gasping in much needed air. His lips moved down her jaw, his teeth scraping her earlobe as she let out a strangled gasp that sounded suspiciously like his name. He trailed his lips down her neck, leaving open mouthed kisses along her skin and Hermione’s fingers carded through his thick hair. She tugged lightly when she felt him smile against her neck. A low groan rumbled in her throat as felt him nibble that one secret spot along her collarbone that never failed to make her wild.

So it came as a complete shock to Fred when she gasped once again and, rather than pulling him closer, shoved him away violently. He panted as his eyes swept over her, from her overly tousled hair and the disheveled state of her clothes to her swollen lips and flushed cheeks.

“We…we can’t!”

Fred growled, startling Hermione as he stalked forward again, caging her against the wall with his body. “Why?! Why can’t we?!”

Tears welled in her eyes and she choked back a sob, her heart aching with the night’s turn of events. His eyes were wild, a feral light gleaming out at her as he loomed over her, waiting for a response.

Instead, she ducked under his arm and sprinted away. The bathroom door slammed behind her as Fred gaped uncomprehendingly at the blank wall in front of him. He could only hope that he hadn’t ruined the very best thing he’d ever had in his life.

x . x . x . x . x

It was the sliver of moonlight that woke him.

It’d taken hours for Fred to fall asleep as he tossed and turned, stomach churning in sick anticipation of the morning.

He didn’t want to face her questions or accusations. He didn’t want to deal with the aftermath of his mistake. He didn’t want to admit that he may have irrevocably damaged his relationship with Hermione. And he really didn’t want to face the fact that, despite their insistence to the contrary, he’d really felt as if they’d been a couple.


He contemplated feigning sleep, though he dismissed the idea almost immediately. Without a word, he lifted the side of his comforter in a clear invitation.

She slipped in his room, the moonlight chasing her from the uncurtained window at the end of the hall. He noticed her choice of sleepwear, one of his shirts, and he fought down the giddy fluttering of his heart. She’d been wearing his clothes for years, ever since the night they’d lost their virginities to each other. It didn’t mean anything other than she didn’t own any other pajamas.

Her bare feet padded across his room, her footsteps muffled in the hideous orange shag rug he’d dragged from across the street. There was no hesitation in her movements as she gracefully slid into his bed and he sighed in relief when she snuggled against him.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

She shook her head violently and he reared back to keep his face away from the hazard that was her hair.

“Do you want to forget it happened?”

Fred regretted the quiver of disappointment in his voice as he asked, though he’d done everything he could to suppress it. She paused for a moment, then slowly shook her head again.

“Do you want me to stop talking?”

He felt her smirk against his bare chest as she nodded. Her fingers tangled in the drawstring of his pajama pants as she deliberated and he let her have a moment of silent contemplation. Then she pulled away, stealing her warmth as she leaned up to rest on her elbows.

His hand rose, seemingly of it’s own accord, and tucked a stray tendril of that mahogany mess behind her ear. She grinned, her eyes shining as she stared at him while she pondered something, though he hadn’t a clue what.

Fred let his eyes drift shut, content that his relationship with Hermione wasn’t destroyed from his impulsive actions. Then he felt it.

A small brush, light enough that he thought he might’ve imagined it. But her lips pressed against his once more, harder and with more insistence as she raised herself above him. He groaned, but kept his hands down, unwilling to take what she wouldn’t freely give.

Hermione, however, wasn’t nearly so reserved in her actions. Frustrated with the awkward angle and annoyed at the slight pain in her neck from craning in such an unnatural way, she slid across him to settle on top of his chest.

Her small hands fisted in his hair and she moaned as his tongue darted out, begging entrance to her mouth. That tongue could do wonders, she knew, and she had no intention of stopping…whatever this was.

True, they’d slept together on occasion. There was no rhyme or reason to the timing and never mentioned the morning after. It had never occurred to Hermione that it was anything out of the ordinary. She knew he’d never had another partner, nor had she and they had seemed content. At least she’d thought so. She loved him, that much she knew. He was one of her best friends and always the one she went to at the end of the day.

Pushing those thoughts deliberately away, she focused on the man beneath her. She reached for his hands, interlacing her fingers with his in a silent cue to move. He acquiesced instantly, his body surging forward as he shook one hand out of her grasp to pull her tighter against him.

They writhed impatiently as their hips ground together, sparking the pleasure they were so very good at creating. Fred gripped the shirt she wore, nearly ripping it over her head as she panted above him, his lips immediately finding new stretches of bare skin to explore.

Hermione balanced with her hands on his broad shoulders, relishing in the strength that lay contained there as Fred sought out one perfectly pink nipple. Her sharp gasp brought his eyes up to hers and he smiled mischievously against her. His fingers sought out the other raised peak, giving it attention as his other hand snaked down to run under the back of her knickers.

He squeezed her arse and she yelped in amused arousal, her nose wrinkling adorably as she tried to laugh through the pleasure he continued to bring her.

Without warning, he pushed her backwards and dropped her amidst the heap of bedding at the foot of the bed. She squeaked indignantly as he grasped the side of her lacy black knickers, pulling the scraps of fabric away from her body with one quick tug.

Then he pulled back, gazing down at the beauty laid bare before him. The darkness of his room highlighted the dips and curves of her body that he’d mapped years ago while the moonlight played over the delicate features of her face.

He started at her ankle, kissing and licking and nibbling up her leg, chuckling darkly when he tickled her lightly behind the knee. His tongue flicked out to meet the crease of her thigh, halting its progress just before he reached her core.

She whined as he pulled himself away, content to torture her as he started his ascent on her other leg. Her eyes slid closed of their own accord as she waited on bated breath for him to do something; anything to relieve the ache he’d sparked.

A harsh cry left her lips as his fingers probed her core, his tongue dancing wicked designs on the skin of her hip as he drove her to brink of insanity.

Fred groaned in frustration as his cock throbbed, eager to be where his fingers were playing. The soft cotton of his pajama pants seemed to rasp over the sensitive skin as he ground his hips into the mattress, desperately seeking friction.He’d never been with anyone to compare, but he couldn’t imagine a more perfect woman than Hermione.

She clenched around his fingers as he lowered his mouth, his tongue drawing intricate designs over her clit. This was what he loved best. Watching as she climbed higher, knowing it was his fingers and his tongue that made her shatter and break into a million pieces of ecstasy.

Time ground to a halt as Hermione’s world collapsed inward. Her orgasm surged unexpectedly, sneaking in to take her by surprise. Lights flashed in the darkness of her mind as her body trembled with uncontrolled desire. Her fingers fumbled through the sheets, clumsily seeking something to ground her.

His fingers grabbed hers gently, interlacing them with hers as she heaved in breaths choked with emotion. Hermione cracked her eyes open to see Fred sprawled lazily between her splayed legs, his messy ginger hair tickling her thigh as his warmth breath swept over her heated center.

“Fred…” her whimpered plea fractured the silence, pleading for something she couldn’t quite put into words.

He obliged her unspoken request and crept up her body, stopping to place strategic kisses just here and there to wind her back up. Hermione moaned, the sound seeping from her throat as she clutched frantically at his waist.

“What do you want, love?” His nose skimmed lightly along her neck, his whispered words grazing her ear as she shivered. Bare skin seared into bare skin as Fred draped himself over her, his lips brushing lightly over her jaw.

“You. Just…you.”

“You’ve always had me, Hermione.”

Her eyes welled with tears and she fought to keep them open. She recognized the words for what they were and her heart skipped a beat, “Really?”

His gentle smile calmed her nerves, his eyes shining with newly unleashed emotions. Hermione licked her lips in anticipation as she slipped one hand beneath the waistband of his pants.

“I need these off.” His expression morphed into a delightfully mischievous smirk at her words and he rose to his knees, shuffling the offending fabric down his thighs.

Hermione shifted restlessly, her hands clenching around empty air as she waited impatiently for her lover to divest himself of the ridiculous cotton obstruction.

“So impatient.” The husky low tone of his voice sent a thrill down her spine and she leaned up on her elbows to watch the shadows dance over his ivory skin.

She watched as Fred flopped backward, his hair splaying messily across his pillow; the pillow she’d picked out and always stole. “Come up here, love.”

Wordlessly, Hermione crawled up the bed. She giggled as she trailed her nipples lightly up his body, reveling in the deep moan that escaped as she paid particular attention to his overly sensitive cock.

She straddled his lap, her fingers tracing patterns over the light freckles that dotted his chest. Fred groaned again as she bit her lip, his cock jumping eagerly to join in the fun. But he waited. This had to be her choice.

It was mere moments and it was eternity; days dragged on and seconds flew by as he waited.

Then her whiskey brown eyes caught his and she sighed. “You know they’re going to be downright insufferable after this.”

Fred barked out a startled laugh and Hermione slipped off his body as he rolled to his side, clutching his ribs. The adorably affronted glare she tried to pull off just spurred him on and a moment later she joined, the tension breaking as they roared with laughter.

“Oh, don’t I know it!” He wiped a stray tear away from his cheek as he settled on his back, one arm bent behind his head. “I can’t really bring myself to care, though.”

“Neither can I.”

They giggled and nipped playfully at each other as Hermione rolled back on top of him, sliding her wet core over him teasingly. Fred swatted her arse and his hips surged forward, nearly bucking her off as she shrieked.

“Oi! None of that now!” He reached out and tweaked a nipple lightly and she squealed in mock indignation. “Come on, you tricky minx. Get on with it!”

She smirked once again as she raised herself to her knees, her lips hovering over his as she grinned unabashedly. A moment later they groaned in unison as she slammed herself down, taking him all the way in one swift stroke.

The couple moved together, their limbs tangling as she rode him slowly. His hand wove through her hair as it fell around them while his other hand guided her hip gently.

The moved in unison and Hermione leaned forward to press her lips roughly to his. A low growl ripped it’s way from his chest and she squealed in delight as he hooked a leg around her calf to flip them over.

He paused in his movements, resting nestled in the cradle of her hips as he stared down at her. Tears welled in Hermione’s eyes at the raw adoration she found as she gazed back at him.

She rolled her hips underneath him, urging, pleading for him to move. And move he did. His slow thrusts drew her pleasure out painfully, keeping a maddeningly leisurely pace. His lips curled into a smirk as he brought himself down to rest on his elbow, this free hand tracing the lines of her hips, the curve of her breast, the slant of her collarbone, until his fingers tangled once again in her wild tresses.

Her small hands clutched his shoulders, her face screwed into a mask of agonized ecstasy. She need more. Her teeth bit frantically at her plump bottom lip and Fred leaned down to reclaim it for his own, his lips molding to hers as their tongues mimicked the movement of their hips.

They climbed higher as their hips met in an erotic dance they had perfected years ago. A new layer of tension, of pleasure, washed over them as they moved faster. Their hips crashed together frantically and Hermione wrenched her head to the side, her back arching violently as she clenched tightly around him.

There had never been a more beautiful sight, not to him. His own pleasure forgotten for the few short moments, he stared in awe at the woman beneath him as she came with a sharp cry. His own end crashed over him unexpectedly and he gasped, his heart fluttering in his chest as he released inside her.

The air was heavy as he flopped forward, his lips finding her sweat slicked neck as he tried to hold his weight off of her. She seemed in no hurry to push him away, her feet twisting around his thighs as if to hold him in place for just a few moments longer.

“Did you mean it?” His whispered words sent shivers down her spine as his nose skimmed along her jaw.

She pushed him back and he hovered over her once again, the fear and insecurity blatantly showcased in his normally bright eyes. Her face split into a beaming smile and she nodded.

“You might regret this.” She whispered, her voice raspy and low in the darkness. He chuckled as he withdrew from her and settled beside her, tugging the wrinkled comforter around them.

Fred pulled her to his side, his arm curling protectively around her shoulder as she tangled their legs together under the covers. “If I haven’t gotten rid of you after all these years, then I don’t think anything could make me leave. Face it, Granger. You’re just stuck with me now.”

“So, we’re really doing this? You and me?” She reached across his chest and entwined her fingers with his, her cheek pressed against his chest.

He nodded, his eyebrows raising slightly as he heard the note of melancholy in her voice. “You alright, love?”

Hermione smiled and nipped playfully at his nipple. His fingers moved to her ribs in retaliation before they both settled comfortably, the long day and even longer night swiftly catching up to them.

“I’m perfect. Better than perfect.” His heart fluttered again and he wondered if it would always feel that way. “I love you. You know that, right? I loved you before and I’m swiftly coming to realize that I’ve been in love with you for longer than I would’ve thought. You snuck up on me, Fred Weasley!”

He squeezed her tightly as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head, inhaling the lovely peaches and honey scent that was purely her. “I love you, too. I’m just glad George knocked some sense into me tonight. I don’t know if I ever would’ve gotten the courage to tell you.” He freed a hand and she felt a finger tilting her chin up, his eyes gazing intently into hers. “You were far too precious for me to chance losing.”

“I’m just sorry we wasted so much time.”

x . x . x . x . x

“You’re late!”

Hermione froze, a pained grimace painted across her face as she clutched the platter of pancakes tighter.


George crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned against the counter. Ron popped up a moment later, his expression more akin to a bloodhound than a man as he sniffed the air.

“Do I smell pancakes?!”

Fred barked out a laugh, startling the few customers mingling around the shop. “Think of it as brunch, Forge. We were busy this morning.”

“What could possibly have been more important than making up for humiliating me last night?!”

Hermione flushed slightly and George narrowed his eyes.

“Guys, are we going to eat those pancakes or are you just going to taunt us with them?”

Fred snorted as George rolled his eyes. “Find Lee and have him cover the register. And make sure Verity knows you’re taking a break.”

Ron scampered away to do his brother’s bidding as George huffily led Hermione and Fred through the back room to the stairs leading to his flat.

“Go on up. I’ll be there in a second.” Fred pursed his lips to hide more laughter as George stomped away grumbling.

“Well, that bodes well for us. Come on.” Hermione sighed and led the way, feeling Fred’s heated stare burning her arse as she climbed. She twisted around and smirked playfully as Fred licked his lips lasciviously. “You’re impossible. Open the door?”

He blinked owlishly before he noticed she’d stopped. A moment later, he realized exactly what she’d asked and reached around her to grasp the doorknob, pressing his body along the length of hers teasingly.

“After you, love.”

Hermione shivered as she stepped over the threshold and crossed the small living room to set the tray on the small kitchen table.

A hard body pressed against her back, strong arms winding around her waist as a chin came to rest on her shoulder. “Are you nervous?”

“Not really.” She sighed and settled further back against Fred’s chest. “I just know this is going to be an extremely long afternoon after an already long morning.”

“I promise it’ll be fine, love.”

Hermione spun in his arms, her eyes wide and slightly manic. “Then kiss me to distract me.”

He obliged willingly, his hands descending to grip her arse firmly as his lips crashed onto hers. Her hands found their way to the back of his neck and her fingers twined lazily in the hair skimming his shirt collar.

“Oi! None of that now!” The couple broke apart and Fred groaned to cover the sound of their panting. They pulled back slowly, though Fred refused to relinquish his grip on Hermione’s waist. “I take it you guys figured things out?”

George grinned widely as he skirted around them to drop into a chair beside the small window.  

“Like she could resist me when I turned on the charm.”

Hermione’s elbow had just found Fred’s ribs as Ron crashed through the door, stumbling over nothing as he tripped over to the table. He brushed past Hermione and his brother, who had yet to sit, pressing a quick kiss to Hermione’s cheek.

“This looks delicious! Thanks ‘Mione!” His mouth was full before he’d finished speaking and Hermione recoiled in disgust.

“Lovely, Ronald. Show the manners I know your mother tried to teach you!”

Ron raised an eyebrow as he glared at her. “I’m hungry. George said you prats were gonna be here early!”

“I already said we were sorry, but being rude to the person who made you food and brought it over hardly seems fair!” Her hands fisted tightly as she glared back at her friend.

“Oh, sod off Hermione!”

“Oi!” Fred stepped forward slightly, pushing Hermione behind him as he snarled at his brothers. “I told her not to bother making breakfast for you lot, since I knew you’d weasel your way out of helping Mum and Ginny. But no, she rushed home this morning just to make you bloody prats a mountain of food and she went to three different markets to get you strawberries since she felt so guilty about last night! So lay the bloody hell off my wife!”

“You promised to be here first thing! And I thought you said blue-wait, what? Wife?!?”

Fred squeezed his eyes shut and sucked in a sharp breath as he spun slowly to face Hermione. “Sorry?” He grinned sheepishly down at her, hunching his shoulders to make himself smaller and, hopefully, more innocent looking.

Her narrowed eyes widened a moment later and she darted around him to slap Ron’s back violently as he choked. George continued gaping at his twin, a bite of pancake halfway to his mouth.

“Oh! Thanks ‘Mione! For a second there I thought Fred called you his wife!”

She huffed out an extremely put upon sigh as she held her left hand out. Ron’s light blue eyes bulged out as he grabbed her fingers and yanked her down to inspect the platinum band around her ring finger.

“Is that-? I don’t-I mean…”

“Eloquent as always, baby brother. Now I believe you have some explaining to do, Fred.”

The twin in question winced as his brother spoke. It was rare that the twins used each other’s given names and only in the most serious of circumstances. His hand reached blindly for Hermione and he tugged her down onto her lap, ignoring her squawk of protest as Ron tried to keep hold of her hand.

“I told you they’d take it well.”

Fred rolled his eyes at his wife and blew a raspberry her way. She snorted daintily as she leaned in for a kiss, forgetting the other two occupants of the table. A throat clearing brought her attention back to the matter at hand and she blushed as she caught sight of George smirking at her from behind his plate of pancakes.

“Seems as if you skipped a few steps, huh?”

Hermione blushed again as Fred tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear and nuzzled her neck.

Her eyes fell on Ron again and her brow furrowed in worry. “Ron?”

The redhead’s eyes were still wide as he stared into space. George wondered for a moment if this was what finally broke his brother’s already rather questionable brain.

“Don’t worry about him. He’s only mildly catatonic. He’ll be fine. By the way, dear sister,” George winked across the table and Hermione giggled, “these pancakes are divine. Are you sure you didn’t marry the wrong twin? You know I’m much better looking and obviously smarter since I was the one who pushed him into making a move.”

“You’re not at all bothered by this?” Hermione elbowed Fred lightly at his muttered ‘told ya so!’ and watched George closely.

He finished chewing, his tongue flicking out to catch a stray bit of syrup as he contemplated his next words. “I’m surprised, I’ll give you that. But-” He shrugged his shoulders and smiled at the pair. “-I expected you to get there eventually. And honestly, I’m quite pleased that you lot aren’t wasting any more time.”


Fred and George rolled their eyes identically as their brother stuttered. Hermione sighed and rose slowly after pressing another quick kiss to Fred’s lips.

“Ron, please. It’s really fi-”

The twins shouted in unison as Ron shot out his seat, his hand clamped around Hermione’s wrist as he dragged her to the living room.

He grabbed a handful of floo powder and tossed it into the fire, lightly singeing his eyebrows when he stuck his head in a moment too soon.


Hermione’s nails scratched frantically at her friend’s hand as he held her in a nearly crushing grip. “Ron! Stop, please!”

The twins, having finally gathered their wits, raced into the room as Ron grabbed another handful of powder. Fred tugged his wand from the pocket of his jeans and shot a stinging hex at his brother as George grabbed Ron’s wrist, his thumb hitting the sensitive pressure point.

Hermione fell backwards, thankfully into Fred’s arms and he swept her back, cradling her gingerly in his arms.

George’s sapphire eyes turned to find, and possibly maim, his younger brother-only he’d vanished.

“What the bloody hell?!”

Fred ignored the drama his family seemed to provoke at even the simplest of times and tugged Hermione to the sofa. He flopped backward and pulled her onto his lap as he buried his face in her messy curls. He murmured softly into her ear as she trembled, his lips tracing the line of her jaw softly.

George, meanwhile, paced in front of the fireplace as he waited to intercept whoever Ron dragged back with him.

Which is why he ended up in a tangled heap on the floor, with a very nearly naked Harry Potter sprawled across his body. The men yelped and fought to disentangle themselves, though the towel flung around Harry’s waist flapped dangerously.

Pansy stepped through the floo a moment later swaddled in a deep pink and hugely fluffy bathrobe, her hair hanging in soapy ringlets down her back.

“What’s wrong?! Where’s Hermione?! George? Harry, why are you on the floor with George? What is going on?!?” Her eyes frantically searched the room before they landed on Fred and Hermione cuddled together on the couch. “I don’t understand. We were in the shower! Why was Ron yelling about an emerg-ACK!”

Just as George had managed to escape from underneath Harry, thankfully with the younger man’s  modestly mostly intact, Pansy was flung forward. Three more bodies stumbled out of the fireplace and into the fray as confusion reigned in the small living room.

Everybody shut it!

The group froze momentarily and the new couple couldn’t contain their laughter at the sight before them.

Their friends and family were nothing more than a pile of limbs and bodies in various states of undress, all wiggling and kicking to get away.

“Would someone please tell me what is going on?!” Pansy pleaded, her voice slightly muffled from it’s position in the crook of someone’s knee.

Fred took pity on the poor girl and lifted Hermione gently off his lap, crossing the small living room to pull her out of the pile. He left the men to sort themselves as he escorted Pansy over to the sofa.

As the writhing pile of bodies worked to disentangle themselves, a sharp squeal sounded from the two women. Harry glanced up from where his head was suspended upside down beneath Ron’s elbow to see his girlfriend jumping spastically all over his best friend in a stunning display of feminine excitement. “Aw man! I can’t even say I told you so!”

“Would someone please tell me why the Weasel King barged in to drag us here?”

Hermione perked up at the voice and giggled lightly. “I’m sorry, Theo. Once you all get unraveled we’ll explain. Although this really is one of the most spectacular display of bad judgement I’ve ever seen.”

“He’s not the only one, Granger! You’re still not off the hook for sending my lover home three sheets to the wind last night!”

Fred smirked at the former Slytherins words as Hermione just rolled her eyes.

“Not to break up this little bonding session, but I have sensitive parts that are being squashed. Fred, a hand?” Harry grimaced as another knee came dangerously close to his nether region, his eyes pleading for mercy.

A few moments later, the friends were all gathered around George’s small living room, most of them glaring at Ron. Theo crossed one bare leg over the other as Draco laced their fingers together. The blonde’s bare chest was particularly distracting and he only hoped they’d be allowed to leave before his boxers became even more strained than they already were. Draco, on the other hand, was battling a headache of epic magnitude. Not only was he hungover, but he’d had to listen to Theo’s lecture on the evils of Firewhiskey for over an hour the night before.

George had magnanimously fetched Harry a pair of his pajama pants, which had Pansy in a tizzy once her boyfriend emerged from the bathroom. Given Harry was about six inches shorter than the Weasley twins, the pants dragged comically, though she rather liked the way that his perky bum filled out the back.

No one missed the fact that Hermione was once again on Fred’s lap, his fingers laced with her own as his other hand twirled small sections of her hair. It was also blatantly apparent that Ron was extremely unhappy with this for some reason. The younger redhead had flung himself into an overstuffed chair as soon as he’d gotten free of the pile, his arms crossed over his chest as his face grew progressively redder.

“Would someone please explain? If this is only about Fred and Hermione finally getting their heads out of their arses, it really could’ve waited until we’d finished our shower.” Harry glared at his friend as his girlfriend bit her lip to suppress her grin.

She and Hermione shared a secret look and broke into a fit of giggles that had the twins chuckling along with them.

“Weasley, if you dragged me away from my office just to tell me that Granger and Twin One are dating, I’m going to be highly upset.” Draco nearly growled as his boyfriend calmly stroked his bare arm.

“This is what you wear to the office now, Malfoy?” Hermione smirked at her friend, her eyes devouring the very nice view of the two half dressed men seated across from her. “And we’re not dating.”

All eyes turned to Ron as he scowled. “Bloody right they’re not fucking dating! The fuckers snuck out this morning and got married!”

There was a beat of silence before Harry cleared his throat. “I’m sorry. I thought you just said Fred and Hermione got married.”

The twins smirked at the nearly identical reaction to Ron’s. Fred grinned broadly and tugged Hermione further against his chest, much the same as the night before.

“No joke, Potter. You yourself pointed out how much time we wasted being thick.” He glanced at his wife and brushed his nose to hers gently. “We figured there wasn’t a reason to keep wasting time when we both knew it’d end like this eventually.”

Draco’s mouth had formed a perfect ‘O’ as his jaw dropped, his slate grey eyes wide and startled. Theo, however, had no problems with brain function and he popped off the sofa to grab at Hermione.

“Oh, this is wonderful!” He twirled her around, ignoring Draco’s yelp as Hermione’s feet swung into his shins. “I’m so happy for you, darling!’

“So am I, though I’d be happier if we could’ve spent our lunch hour alone.”

Hermione giggled at Draco’s muttered words as Theo let her go. She threw herself onto her other friend’s lap and threw her arms around his neck.

“I’m sorry about that. We were going to invite you over for dinner tonight, but someone decided to be a massive git and blow this out of proportion.”

Draco smiled tightly, his hands settling firmly on her hips as he held her at the end of his knees. “Uh, watch the goods, love. Theo might be brassed off if you incapacitate me a second time.”

Her face flushed scarlet as she hopped up and retreated back to Fred. “I’m so sorry, Draco! And Theo.” They just laughed, though the blonde’s sounded slightly strained as he shifted uncomfortably. “Will you come round tonight, then?”

They nodded and Hermione dismissed them with a sharp smack on Theo’s arse, leaving the rest of the group roaring with laughter. The floo roared a moment later and they were gone in a flash of green.

Fred glanced over to his wife’s pseudo-brother. His face was still frozen in a disbelieving expression as Pansy tried in vain to bring him around.


Emerald eyes blinked behind round wire rimmed glasses and the redhead cringed backward at the slightly murderous glint in Harry’s eyes. Hermione stepped between the two men and glared at the dark haired man.

“You wipe that look off your face, Harry Potter. Right this moment!” Pansy sat back to let Hermione take her boyfriend to task, a small smile pulling up the corner of her mouth as her friend continued. “Weren’t you the one who pointed out how stupid we were being?”

“Yes, but-”

And weren’t you the one who pointed out how much time we’ve wasted?”

Ron sneered triumphantly as Harry’s mouth opened, clearly prepared for his vindication as Harry tore the couple a new one. Therefore, he was caught completely off guard as his friend sighed heavily.

“You’re right. Congratulations!” He shot to his feet and stepped forward to pull Hermione into a hug. He buried his face in her neck as he sighed. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

Hermione’s heart fluttered in her chest at Harry’s whispered words. She nodded and hugged him tighter. “This is the most sure I’ve ever been.”

They separated after one more tight squeeze and Harry stepped around Hermione, his hand extended toward Fred.

The twin smiled, ecstatic to have Harry’s approval. He knew if anything would ruin this drastic chance they’d taken, it’d be disapproval from him.

“I like you, Fred.” Harry pulled the older man in for a half hug and angled his mouth up toward his ear. “But that still won’t stop me from killing you if you hurt her.”

Hermione rolled her eyes as she caught sight of her husband’s pale face and Harry’s beaming smile. “Boys!”

Pansy laughed in agreement as she stood to hug the couple before gracefully pulling Harry back toward the fireplace to finish their shower.

“That’s it?!”

George groaned. He’d almost forgotten about his little brother and the stick up his arse. Hermione raised an eyebrow at her friend as her arms crossed over her chest.

“Excuse me, Ronald?”

The twins stepped toward each other and shuffled back toward the small dining room, their cerulean eyes wide as they ping ponged back and forth between two thirds of the Golden Trio.

“I bring a girl back to the house and get a two hour lecture from Pansy and a visit from Mum! And you sneak off to get married and everyone’s perfectly fine with it?”

She didn’t know which twin the low whistle came from, but Hermione huffed and glared over her shoulder. At their faux innocent expressions, she turned back to Ron.

“First of all, the tart you brought back tried to crawl into Harry’s bed after you started snoring. You’re actually lucky a lecture was all you got, considering Pany’s rather violent proclivities toward Harry’s fangirls.”

Fred grimaced and George shuddered. The small Slytherin was vicious when it came to protecting what was hers. She had no trouble putting anyone in their place, especially girls who only wanted one thing from her boyfriend.

“And second of all, aren’t you my friend? One of my best friends?”

Ron blinked and George had to wonder if Hermione possessed enough skill to cast a wandless, wordless Confundus without meaning to. With a defeated sigh, Hermione’s arms dropped to her sides limply, the fight all but fleeing her.

“Can’t you just be happy that I’m happy? All Harry asked was if I was sure.” She glanced over her shoulder at Fred, her lips pulling automatically into a smile. Ron noticed the change as she turned to face him once again. “And I am sure. I’m more sure of this than I’ve ever been. Fred is my other half and has been for more years than even I realized. Please? Just be happy for me?”

Defeated, Ron stood to pull her into a hug. His chin rested on the top of her head as they embraced, though a chuckle rumbled through his chest as one of his brothers cleared their throat pointedly.

“Alright, alright. Take the ball and chain back!” He shoved her playfully toward Fred, who swept her into his arms and planted his lips on hers almost violently. “But uh, one other thing.”

The couple broke apart and Fred lowered Hermione to the ground as George cocked an eyebrow when Ron stepped toward the fireplace once again.

“I’m telling Mum!”

Hermione collapsed in a fit of laughter as the Weasley twins shot forward in a mad rush to stop their brother. She watched the brothers try to yank Ron forcefully out of the green flames and felt her heart squeeze tightly at the sight.

Her life wouldn’t be boring, but it’d be pretty damn perfect.

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  1. love this story!!! its wonderful how harry and the others care for hermione and the way they end up married, lovely, i just hope mrs.weasley wont has a heart attack because of it 🙂

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