Plot Bunny Palace

In an effort to inspire everyone’s plot bunnies and keep everyone writing (in whatever fandom you prefer) I bring you…the Plot Bunny Palace. Whenever I see something that looks awesomely inspiring I’ll update.

*Note: Some-most-will be VERY general. But if I find a fandom specific one, please know you are free to use it for any fandom/pairing you prefer. Some of them are simply too good too pass up though. :)


*Two strangers locked inside a grocery store at 3am together

*I’m mute and you’re the lead singer of my favorite band. You just pulled me on stage to sing with you.

*Who can sell the most cookies contest.

*I’m a fisherman and you’re a mermaid who got tangled in my net.

*I purposely get your coffee order wrong just so you’ll talk to me again.

* “I just committed a crime and I need to use you as a hostage. I am so sorry.”

*You were my rival in first grade and damn you’ve gotten really hot since then.

*I was shrunk to 4 inches tall by a witch. Now I live in your kitchen without you knowing.

*I am actually really good at math, but the math tutor is really hot. So I’m pretending to be dumb.

*We’re both sick and we both grabbed for the last can of soup at the store.

*Tree climbing contest. But we both get stuck in the top branches and have to wait for the fire department to get us down.

*You’re singing my favorite song, but you’re singing it wrong.

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10 thoughts on “Plot Bunny Palace”

  1. This is such a fun idea! Not that I’m gonna use any cause I don’t write but I’d love to read any stories that come from these ideas. Can we somehow have any links to authors who decide to use one of these?

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